Imitation – the best form of flattery?

Dear Reader,

Ok, so there’s something I’ve been meaning to get off my chest – something that I believe is important to YOU as a reader as well – both in terms of life as well as fitness, and if getting better – and cracking open and blasting past barriers/goals you’ve set for yourself interests you – well – READ ON.

This might well be the best missive you’ve read in the above regard, and I ain’t kidding.

As of late I’ve been noticing something online that I’ve often noticed offline – – that being certain folks “surreptitiously” (yet all so noticeably) trying to copy either the 0 Excuses “brutally honest” style – – or perhaps my marketing methods for that matter.

I’ve mentioned before I have another non fitness related biz, and I keep getting Twitter requests etc from folks with questions – – and many of these people end up changing their avatars etc right after chatting with me – – as if they were a different “facsimilie” of who I am online (or what I’m promoting!).

This has often happened to me in the offline world, but I never really thought much of it (well, I did, actually, but ’tis only  NOW that I’m writing about it to be honest!).

For instance, I mentioned something about accounting a while ago to a certain person who had NO idea about how ’twas done, and funnily enough – while said person didn’t directly acknowledge or otherwise “thank” me for the info – – a few months later he comes back to me, and starts a convo.

What was the convo about, you ask?

Well, this new method of accepting payment (new to him, hehe) – which was supposedly working well and which according to certain other people (I got this from a reliable source, btw) – – he had “promoted” and advised as his own as well.

“Wait a minute” I said, laughing just a bit, but trying to control myself. “I know about that. Hey, I was the one that mentioned it, eh?”

Now don’t get me wrong. All this imitation (and a couple of “pirated” versions of my 0 Excuses book – as well as a few others) don’t really bother me in terms of folks copying me.

Hey, I understand – there are people that would like to do what I’m doing and do it THEIR OWN way (as I do – my way) and in this regard, I don’t blame ’em one damned bit.

But here’s the thing.

If you were to ask me, if (for me) imitation was the best form of flattery – – I’d respond with a NO.

And why?

Because pure imitation, my friend can be seen through – – and is not “real”.

Ok, so I’ll say it like I always do – – and I’ll give it to you straight.

If you’re “copying” someone either online or offline – mostly because of the way the person is – or perhaps because you admire him or her – and conduct your entire biz or personal life the way THAT person is – -you probably won’t be too successful at what you’re trying to do – – if at all.


Well, because the “real you” shines through no matter what!

My style of writing is direct – – and from the heart – – and I’ve often been told as much, but it wouldn’t matter an iota to me if not one single person on this (or other, haha) planet told me!

But when I see someone that copies my – or other people’s styles – it shows through immediately. Insincere and fake is the vibe I get from that post, and if there is ONE thing that makes me click away – it is that.

As Dr. Maxwell Maltz mentioned in Pyscho Cybernetics (I highly recommend you pick up a copy – – and no, I do NOT get anything from promoting that book) “You are YOU. No-one else”

He goes on to state certain universal truisms – – one of which is that you are neither “better or worse” than anyone else. You are YOU with unique talents –  and there is always that ONE thing you’ll be able to do better than anyone else – – again, simply because you – – are YOU!

And thats why, to me imitation is not the best form of flattery – although I must admit it’s kinda interesting seeing folks copy me (never thought it would happen, but happen it is and has been for a while now!).

To me, I’d rather see you SUCCEED. If you were to ask  me, I feel flattered when people take my advice – or buy my products – and then go for their goals with vim and vigor – – and make progress – and ultimately SUCCEED!

THAT, my friend to me is flattery. I realize many may disagree, and thats fine, but ’tis what it is for me.

Now the other side of the coin – which you’ve likely been waiting for.

Is LEARNING from successful people and/or trying to duplicate their methods “wrong” or “harmful”.

Here is the answer to that as well – -not AT ALL!

But you still have to be YOU. There still has to be something different.

What do I mean?

Well, fitness wise, there’s nothing new about writing fitness books, for instance. There’s tons out there – -but none written (as far as I know) with the unique slant I provide (and you’ll know what I  mean when you read the book!).

In Zero to Hero, I mention that you could learn a certain exercise, for instance, from a mentor – – but if you were to blindly promote it as HE or she does – – without developing your own unique slant on it, and letting it shine through – – then it likely won’t work.

There’s a fine line between “imitation” and “adapting an idea”, my friend.

Reverse pushups, for instance, are NOTHING new (although there is not much out there on them – I admit).

What IS NEW though is folks that can bang out 100 plus of the “very best darn exercise there is” (a derivative of the reverse pushup) per workout.

What IS NEW is someone that can do over 200 of them per workout, and still bang ’em out galore beyond that – and make great gains.

You get the point. There’s something unique about it – – a case of the “trainee either surpassing the mentor, or tweaking what is being done until it develops into it’s own “brand”, so to speak!”.

So that’s basically it, my friend.

Long story short?

If you’re looking to get ahead – DO by all means study how people that have “made it” before you or “are making it right now” have done things.

Emulate – – but don’t COPY. And last, but not least, always, always be yourself – and authentic and genuine to a T, fitness included.

‘Tis but one reason why the 0 Excuses Fitness System gives you so many different exercises and routines – – all of which can be adapted by YOU – – as works for you – – and as you see fit!

Incorporate the above philosophy into your life – – and who knows – – YOU might be the next “big” unique thing out there!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – There’s nothing all wrong with having unique goals either, no matter how impossible or improbably they might seem at the outset. Hey, I had one in terms of pull-ups – – that being to bang out hundreds of them per workout. And being that’s a goal YOU probably would LOVE to achieve as well – – well, delay no further, my friend. Get the course that’s been rocketing folks from “Zero to Hero” in terms of pull-ups right HERE – –

P.S #2 – Don’t forget to check out the testimonials page as well – – as I like to say – – real people, real words – and real RESULTS!


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