When – and how OFTEN to train?

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Dear Reader,

Many years ago (’twas the year 2005, I believe), a 24 year old was furiously making his way up the stairs of his favorite Qi Feng hill (or “mountain”, as the Chinese love to call it, hehe) at around noon in the middle of July in Southern China.

Now, I probably do NOT need to tell you that the Southern China can get hot and humid – – and in those days, before it turned into a rainy “paradise” of sorts (which it has over the last few years – climate change, anyone??) there were actually four distinct seasons in the city I lived in – and July was definitely SUMMER at that point.

God yes it was – and I still remember the DESERTED hill – and the sun literally BLAZING down with each step.

It felt like I was breathing fire into my lungs, and exhaling smoke – so hot was it, but I did it at that time regardless.

Just a few months ago though, things were different.

I was working a 9-5 (8??) job at the time, and I had made a switcheroo in terms of routines. I’d do the same thing – except on a CROWDED hill – after 830 PM at night, and return home around 10 exhausted – – but exhilarated – – for having gotten ANOTHER GREAT workout in!

Man, I remember them days …

Fast forward to NOW, and I usually wake up at 11 – and get my workout in – WITHOUT doing any of the things the so called experts on the Internet rant and write looooonnnnnggg articles about with pages of meaningless mumbo jumbo in terms of “proof”.

I don’t ask others – or care about what they think either. Case in point being when I was getting pictures taken for Advanced Hill Training – – if anything, I ENJOYED the incredulous looks on folks faces while the pictures were being taken, hehe. 

I eat nothing before my workouts – – and get this – – I generally work a couple of hours or less before my workouts, so it’s usually noon or so when I start my routine – – a time when most people are either snoozing or stuffing their gullets full of unhealthy fattening stuff.

And yet, despite this unconventional style – – does it WORK? More so than the “traditional” routines most folks follow?

Heck yes, it does – – and why – – because I do it my way – – and that is how each of YOU should do it too!

Hell, I’ve even worked out TWICE a day – – and have felt none the worse for it either. When I was making the 0 Excuses Fitness videos, Cindy didn’t have time in the mornings to do ’em – – so I got my own routine in in the morning – – and then 250 more pushups WHILE I was filming – – as I say in the video, a sum total of 500 for the day (and a combo of pushups which would flatten most gym goers for DAYS, believe me).

So at the end of all this, let’s get to the two questions.

First off, when is it the best time to train – – the answer is, it DEPENDS.

Some people do well when they train in the mornings. Others like me are NOT morning people – and prefer other times – but yet, if morning is the only time we have to train, we wake up at 530 AM in the morning and just do it.

I never asked for “advice” – EVER – before figuring out my fitness routines. I never got into long winded discussions with “experts” on the Internet that claim to know it all. And so forth. I just did what worked best for me – and am sharing it with you now through my System – and you’ll note there is NOT ONE PLACE – either in the book or the video where I lay things down as “gospel”.

You’ll never hear me telling you to train at a certain time – or eat certain things regardless – or even “how often to train”.

What I’ll do is give you the basics – what I’ll do is give you the exercises that work and add VARIETY into your routine, but I’m not gonna lay down the law, my friend.

Ultimately thats up to you – and on that note – how often to train?

Well, here is the stark naked reality of it all – – the MORE the better is what is applicable for the modern day “man” (and I use quotes there for a reason).

As I note on the Battletank Shoulders page, modern day man has turned into a pale, pathetic and sniveling imitation of what he was SUPPOSED to be.

He prefers to be handhelp as opposed to finding his own way – and making his own decisions. He prefers to moan and groan about hangovers – as opposed to waking up and pounding that “hangover” right out of the system.

He sits all day long in front of the computer at work – comes back home (driving generally) and then crashes in front of the couch with a bag of Doritos and six pack before calling it a day (and mentally telling himself “I deserve this. I’ve had a rough day”).

And when it comes to working out, most modern day folks tend to find excuses to workout LESS than they should.

I could tell you work out at least three times a week – but would it make an iota of difference if you had made up your mind to find excuses regardless?

So the answer to that one is this – the more the better. And a more detailed answer is this – do SOMETHING – everyday!

It’s the little things that keep that “bank deposit overflowing,  my friend. Put a dollar in a bank account for 10 years, and watch that account swell before you know it.

It’s the same with fitness.

You don’t go for broke daily (unless you want to) – – but you do something daily – – and what you don’t do this – you don’t get on the Internet looking for advice to things you’d be best served figuring out yourself!

So thats the “long story short” on both those fronts. Hope you enjoyed this little blast as much as I did sending it to you – and be on the OUTLOOK for another blast – this one dealing with yet another misconception that folks have.

In the meantime, if you’re looking for advice on the BEST exercises to do – ones that’ll give you the MOST bang for your back – well – now THAT is a sensible question, my friend. And the answer is available right HERE – – http://0excusesfitness.com/0excusesfitnessystem/

Click on now, and watch a whole NEW world of fitness open up to  you- one you never imagined possible.


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – As Emerson said, “do the thing and you shall have the power”. So do it NOW, my friend. Click on over and place your order sooner rather than later – and get started kicking some MAJOR LEAGUE rumpus rightaway – – http://0excusesfitness.com/0excusesfitnessystem/

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