The Magic Power of WORDS

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Dear Reader,

A few years ago, I was going through an emotional crisis – one of the severest tests, if not THE severest in that regard that I had experienced in my life.

I had no clue on how to process a lot of the feelings running through my mind at that time. At times I didn’t want to wake up to a new day, and the thought of “staying in bed and forgetting it all” would often run through my mind.

I’m not going to get into what exactly caused that here – – but suffice it to say that it was one of the most powerful emotions known to man that was at play here – – big time.

Now, I eventually rose UP and BEYOND that experience, and when I look back upon it, I’m damned grateful I went through it, and why?

Because it made me a better person in all regards.

The “battle to overcome”, and the emotions that POWERED that battle (yes, it’s emotions that win the game, my friend!) made me a better person mentally, physically and even financially – so in retrospect, this trough was a GOOD thing for me.

But either way, today’s email is not about that.

Today’s email is about words – – and the way to communicate them emotions to our subconscious (as well as conscious minds) is through repetition – – both of EMOTIONS and of words.

In fact, if I were to think about it, “words that are emotionalized” have the greatest impact upon our subconscious and our lives – and therefore our subsequent achievements.

Many of my MOST significant achievements came after “troughs” in my life, and though ’tis but  natural to feel down at times, I didn’t let this feeling become “all encompassing”.

In fact, I’d battle the negative feelings every time they sprung to the fore – and the way I did was with WORDS – empowering WORDS.

“You CAN do it!”

“This isn’t you, Rahul! You can get past this – bigger and better!”

And so forth – and every time I’d utter those words to myself, my resolve to overcome just got stronger – along with the mental picture I had in my mind – and overcome I finally DID!

Claude Bristol gives us a few excellent examples of how words can be used to influence entire populations in his bestselling “The Magic of Believing”. From the World Wars to the “repetition of certain words” in religion and ancient cultures  – to the modern day “We can BEAT ’em!” in sports – – and so forth – – words, my friend are the medium via which you  or those around you communicate your mental pictures (in part) to yourself.

Ted Nicholas speaks about the power of words in his great book “Magic words that bring riches” – – a book that has worked for darn near everyone that’s read it – – and continues to do so for those who read it – – and apply what has been said.

And so forth.

Using the right words, my friend –  is AS important to your success as the emotional and mental part.

I’ve written before about how I hate the word “work”, and have explained why. And there are several other words I don’t like to use.

One of those being “spend”.  I’d rather use the term “invest”.

If I’m buying a new phone –  or clothes – to me it’s more of an investment in myself than mere “expenditure”.

If I’m going to a seminar – – or reading inspirational literature – -I don’t look upon the time and money as being “spent”. I’d rather use the term “invested” – – with greater returns to come.

And fitness wise, I’d rather use the term “investing the time” as opposed to “putting in the time”. You invest time – energy and effort – and do so correctly – – and then the results come down the pike. ‘Tis just that simple.

On that note, a lot of you will recall that I spoke about a workout routine from one of my buddies Marc (currently in mainland China) a few weeks ago (I think it was a fortnight or so ago if I recall correctly).

This immensely popular email was titled – “A Silverback Gorilla speaks” – and for those that haven’t read it – do a search on the blog, and you’ll find it. Highly recommended!

Anyhow, that post received some great, great feedback, and Marc wrote back to me as well about it.

Here is what he said : –

Haha! Silver back gorilla! I like it! Thank you Rahul for this awesome introduction.

I have had the luck to meet Rahul in real life and we immediately formed a strong bond. We both share a ZERO EXCUSES life philosophy. Yet, it’s so easy to fall back to apathy. I have done it many times, have these extended periods of laziness and letting myself go.

To the point where I would look in the mirror and wonder who was staring back at me. Don’t think you are the only one living through your difficult times. Everyone else does.

here comes a time in our lives where it’s time to stop playing the victim hood card and take responsibility for our actions. I cannot stress enough how important it is to surround yourself with good supporting people. If your thing is running, join a club, if it’s working out, get a workout buddy. It will get you out on those rainy days.

But I digress. I wanted to share a fairly simple concept with you readers today. Words.

Words have power and energy. Words can enslave entire populations or free your mind. Using the proper words can change your whole energy level and motivate you. One word in particular I started using about a year ago. INVEST. I don’t SPEND time at the gym anymore. I invest time at the gym. I don’t spend time on the saddle, I invest it. Do you feel the energy shift just by using this word? Say it out loud. I choose to invest in myself. FEEL IT. ABSORB IT. USE IT.

Investments give returns. Investments create wealth. They are not a waste of time, you don’t spend (waste wealth), you invest in yourself. Even use it with your friends; “I invested an hour at the gym today”. You will create positive energy around yourself and it will pay off dividends.

Again, such a simple concept and so powerful.

I want to thank everyone for the overwhelming positive feedback about my last participation and if I guided one of you to get off the couch and get things done I am very happy. I hope I can share more inspiring experiences with you in the future. And I want to thank Rahul for giving me the opportunity to share with all of you.

Thank you


My response – 


Thanks so much for getting back to me on this – – ’twas a pleasure to share your fitness journey with the 0 Excuses crew on this list and elsewhere a few weeks ago – – and it’s as much of a pleasure to share your thoughts NOW!

Words definitely DO have a hypnotic and motivational effect, both upon the person that’s said it – – as well as the recipient. I agree – – the word “investment” is far better than “putting in the time” or even “buying” something. That’s what I tell everyone about the fitness products I’m offering – – that it’s an INVESTMENT as opposed to a “purchase”.

One invests in self help. One invests in fitness and whatever physical or other tools one needs to in order to get to the goal. One invests in knowledge (before applying it judiciously). And so forth …

One word I hate is “work”. I love to use the term “practice” – – be that in terms of getting fit or writing or whatever. I’d rather say “put in hours of practice at something” rather than “worked hard” for it – – and why

Well, we willingly practice what we LOVE for the most part – – as opposed to work which is something we “have to do” (for whatever reason). And once we put our hearts and souls into something, whatever that something might be, faith and belief blended in with regular PRACTICE and a VISION of what it is we want in front of us ensures we eventually do get to our goal – – at least, that is my belief, and that is what successful people have proven to be true over the ages!

Regular repetition of anything causes us to BELIEVE, and that belief is indeed what moves mountains. Words are the medium through which that repetition is accomplished – – and therefore, belief (whether good or bad, positive or negative) instilled in the “masses” and this too, has been proven true repeatedly throughout history.

Thanks again for sending this in – – keep the thoughts coming in – – ‘tis much appreciated and I’m sure our fellow crew members on the “0 Excuses Ship” find it just as motivational and true as I do!



P.S. – You might want to “copyright” this one – – “Words can enslave entire populations or free your mind.”. Hehe …

Indeed, my friend. Indeed – and straight from the horse’s – -or should I say “gorilla’s” mouth.

Can’t get any crisper and clearer than that, methinks!

Without further ado then, if you’re interested in getting fit – losing the extra pounds – gaining CONFIDENCE (let’s face it – the better we look and feel, the MORE confident we are) – and generally achieving success in all areas of your life, then the 0 Excuses Fitness System is an investment you simply must make.

Go right here to invest in yourself – – TODAY – –


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. –

 The singlemost important activity of your life is the ability to communicate. Unlimited success and wealth is as simple as using the right words as revealed herein. These words work as if by magic!

Ted Nicholas, “Magic words that bring you riches”.

P.S. #2 – Along with words, the right way to visualize – – and the right THINGS to DO are crucial as well. Learn more on this in Zero to Hero available right HERE –

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