More on doing THINGS – a certain WAY!

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Dear Reader,

A few weeks ago, I wrote a post about how successful people (or those that understand what it TAKES) don’t just “do the things” that people think make ’em a success.

They do those things in a certain WAY! And no, this wasn’t something I invented – I learned this a long, long time ago after reading Wallace C. Wattles great little book (written in the early 1900’s) “The Science of Getting Rich“.

Now in case you’ve forgotten what the initial post referred to, a quick look see might be helpful as you proceed through the rest of TODAY’s POST – – so here is the original post I’m referring to – –

Anyway, so I was browsing through my LinkedIn and social media this morning, and past all the usual rubbish (LinkedIn from what I can tell seems to be turning into more of a Facebook the more I look at it – whether or not thats a good thing – y’all decide!) … and I saw an interesting post (or rant, should I say, hehe) made by someone who took a Uber.

Apparently this dude took an Uber, and the first thing the driver did when the passenger entered the car was to offer him a biz card and say “Hey, this is not what I do. I’m a life coach!”

The person responded with this “But, you’re doing it right now, ain’t you?” (I’m not quoting verbatim here).

“Yes, but it’s not what I do! I’m a life coach! And so on and so forth …. ”

Apparently this ticked off the passenger who then felt inclined to put up the LinkedIn post I’m referring to – and though I don’t generally link to external sites, I’ll do so now – –

Here are the words that really stood out from his post –

Every day I cross paths with some broke ass life coach. LinkedIn profile says Life Coach; Speaker; Thought Leader. Dudes hanging out in Starbucks doing their initial introductory “coaching” session because they can’t afford offices. Broke nobodies going to Broke Nobodies International meetings doing their 60 second intro about how their coaching program can change your life (but they haven’t particularly done shit with their life).

Jumped in an Uber this morning and, wouldn’t you know it, dude was a life coach! True story. Within 60 seconds of getting in the car, he made a point to tell me “This [meaning Uber] isn’t what I do. I have a life coaching business.” Lord forgive me, but I just couldn’t let it slide.

There was more – and you can click the link  to read the post in its entirety if you so choose, but despite the plethora of comments he’s gotten that “disagree” with what he’s saying (maybe that was the entire point? hehe) – I’d say I agree in general with the sentiments he’s espousing.

When I was in China, I cannot tell you how many times I’ve met foreign English teachers there that do pretty much the same thing.

I’ve spoken about my dislike for the ESL industry in general before, and this is but one of the reasons – most of the English teachers in that industry not only hate what they’re doing with a passion – but seem to make it a point to “go into work” with that same “hateful” and negative attitude.

Sometimes consciously, sometimes unconsciously, but the result is the same nonetheless.

Most of these “fine folks” also do the same thing as the Uber guy apparently did – which is to constantly “be in your face” about “this is not really what I do”.

The next big thing. The plane that’ll take you from Earth to Mars. The “most original ideas”. And so forth. If you’re searching for a category of DREAMERS (and I don’t mean PRACTICAL dreamers) – the vast bulk of ESL “experts” in mainland China would fit the bill perfectly.

Anyhow, this isn’t about ideas – or anything against ’em. Everything starts in an idea – but here’s the thing.

The KEY to getting those ideas off the ground (or one of the keys) is a PLAN – and that plan might necessitate you have to do “other things” for a while until you GET where you want to be!

I’m not saying it HAS to – but it MIGHT!

Personally, when I set a goal – and make a plan – I go for broke. I burn all bridges of retreat, thereby making it imperative I succeed at whatever it is I’m doing – and the results speak for themselves.

That is one of the keys Napoleon Hill mentions as well in his timeless classic “Think and Grow Rich“. He mentions the case of a General that went into battle with his troops way outnumbered – and the first thing he ordered them to do “upon reaching shore” was to BURN their ships so there was NO source of retreat.

No retreat. No alternative income. No Ubers! No … ah, but you get the point.

Win or perish – and they WON.

But what if you have to drive an Uber – or teach English – or work a job you don’t like – while you pursue your dreams?

Well – you do the THING IN A CERTAIN WAY! 

That certain way, as I said in the post above means you do it with passion – enthusiasm – FEELING – and why?

Because everything you do while you’re doing whatever it is you’re doing RIGHT NOW will lead you to your goal – but only if you do it the right WAY!

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with driving an Uber to make ends meet, but getting in a passenger’s “face” seconds after he enters the vehicle and then “pushing” his “real work” on said passenger?

Nah … that to me is not only “in your face sales”, but smacks of DESPERATION – and is guaranteed to drive AWAY customers rather than attract ’em!

Back to doing things a certain way – when I had the goal of getting in the best shape of my life – or doing a 100 pull-ups per workout – or whatever it was – the LAST thing I did was mention these goals to all and sundry.

When folks would look at me and shake their heads and say “What the hell is this guy doing”, I’d smile and let ’em go about their biz – as I went about mine.

Ditto for when I taught English (and yes, I did it in in a previous “life”). Though I didn’t “like” doing it – I did do it for years for a variety of reasons, but I did NOT “push” my “real” business on all and sundry — until and unless I was ASKED!

That reminds of a person I recently worked with at (well, in the recent past, at any rate) at a language center in China – this person was a teacher – and yet he spent the vast bulk of his time trying to “convince” the owner of the center to invest in some “diet pill” (or something to that effect) scheme that would bring him riches (so he thought).

I still remember the look the lady gave me as she dropped me home, and the conversation thereafter.

“Rahul, I was trying to be polite to him, but you know – it’s really not my responsibility to grow his business!” (he was trying to get her contacts basically so he could “market” himself to them).

Not only that, he also made her sit through an hour long or so video “in between classes”.

Ugggggghhhh … if there was ever a way NOT to achieve one’s goals – this is it!

Anyway, enough of ESL in China. Back to the pull-ups … and people looking at me as if I were stark raving BONKERS as I went about  my biz – doing so with a “smile inside” and completely ignoring the outside world.

Guess what though.

As I achieved my goal – these same people came BACK to ME – and the tables were REVERSED!

I cannot emphasize this enough, my friend – the importance of doing things a certain WAY. And if there’s one thing I’d recommend you to do today – it’s this – read this post over and over again until you understand what – and WHY I’m saying what I do.

In the interim, don’t forget that this same thing applies to your fitness as well.

Simply pounding the pavement in a lackluster, “when can I get it over with” manner ain’t gonna cut it. Simply doing half ass pull-ups and then starting a discussion about how many beers you pound every night (believe me, I’ve seen this happen at gyms!) ain’t gonna cut it either.

Select a goal – a fitness goal if you so choose – and work towards that goal in a CERTAIN way as I say – and if you do things correctly – there is virtually NOTHING that can stand between you and your goals.

That’s just how it is – and thats today’s message for you – albeit a bit of a long winded one.

I’ll be back again later. In the meantime, don’t forget to order your copy of the 0 Excuses Fitness System – which is not only the BEST investment you’ll make fitness wise – but is also a prime example of “doing things a certain WAY!”

Rise UP – be HAPPY!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – If you’ve got a goal to do a 100 pull-ups per workout, then here is the course that’ll get you there – –

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