The importance of a CHIEF AIM in life!

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Dear Reader,

One of the main reasons (by FAR) why a lot of folks fail to achieve their goals – both fitness and otherwise is this – lack of a primary chief GOAL – and failure to stick to that “chief” goal even if they’ve got it mapped out in their minds.

Lots of folks visualize. Set goals. But when it comes time to doing – and “walking the talk” – they back off.

And this is in part due to the fact that they haven’t really decided upon their CHIEF GOAL in life!

I cannot tell you how many times I’ve spoken to people who vacillate between opposite ends of the spectrum galore.

Almost like the pendulum of a grandfather clock – so extreme can the change be – and so drastically opposite in nature the goals seem to become.

For instance, a good friend of mine and me were discussing goals – and what we want out of life – but the problem is with his intentions are these – although well intentioned – he doesn’t have a CHIEF goal in life to which he is committed no matter what.

The goal he states – – and other accompanying factors change daily – – almost like the weather and believe me you – – I’ve spoken not just to ONE person like this – – but PLENTY OF people from ALL walks of life who have this mentality!

Curiously enough – – or not – – these same people keep getting back into the same situations they were in – – and keep getting frustrated at not being able to achieve their goals.

Those who know me in person know that I’ll always do my best to help a buddy out – – and I’ve been advising people I know to have a PRIMARY goal in life – – a CHIEF primary aim – – and then cast EVERYTHING by the wayside as they proceed to achieve that goal.

In other words, as I said in a prior email, burn all bridges of retreat. Focus on a goal – and make success a NECESSITY as much as BREATHING  is!

This takes work, sure. This takes gumption – focus – especially during the tough times, and it’s often during times like this I get comments about (and I got a comment like this today) “I don’t understand”.

Why – apparently because I’m “making it”.

Huh?? First off, while I might not be living in my car – – or begging for food – – I sure as heck ain’t Bill Gates – – or Donald Trump – – or anywhere near that – – as yet!

I KNOW (and I’ve said as much publicly) what it means to scrounge around in my pockets and look for that last dime to spend on food. I KNOW what it means to keep on in the face of resistance – -and I also know how sweet that success tastes when it finally comes!

And I know all this from experience. Life, my friend can be and is a great, great teacher!

Funnily enough, my students that have invested in my books and courses (and in some cases fitness coaching) KNOW this – – and they listen.

Which of course brings me to another truism in biz – “Ears that pay listen a heck of a lot better than ears that DON’T”.

The above ain’t mine – but it’s true.

In the timeless Think and Grow Rich, as well as the other classic “Outwitting the Devil“, Napoleon Hill stresses how important it is to have a “chief primary aim in life”. In fact the very first part of the book – – even before the “preface” has the following headline – – “WHAT DO YOU WANT MOST?”

There is good reason behind this, methinks – – and Hill of course goes on to explain it in his own classic style giving examples of countless successes before him who did precisely the same thing.

Now, some people might chime in at this point saying “sometimes goals change”.

“Can’t we simply focus on something else”?

Yes – you can – goals do often change – but you then focus on the NEW goal to the exclusion of the old one – and believe me, if you’ve got a PRIMARY goal that you’re taking care of  – a lot of the ancillary goals fall into place automatically.

Now, what does this mean fitness wise?

If you’ve got a primary goal of dropping X amount of flabbage, for instance, then your goals of doing more pull-ups – – or achieving the “magic 500” in pushups, for instance, gets a heck of a lot easier.

If you’re primary goal is to “build huge arms” – – then guess what. Follow the routines in Shoulders like Boulders – – and you’ll not only build huge arms – – but you’ll also lose excess WEIGHT around the midsection as a result!

And so on and so forth.

So this, my friend is today’s tip. Take a minute or two to ponder it – and then IMPLEMENT into your own life.

I guarantee it’ll change your life for the BETTER.


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Thats another thing I admire greatly about the African Silverback Gorilla I spoke about, hehe. Marc knows the power of setting goals and focusing upon ONE primary goal at a time – and he’s on the right track for sure in all regards! If there’s one person amongst all my friends at this point that I believe has it in him to SUCCEED – – it’s HIM!

(I’ll be sharing more from Marc as we go along – stay tuned!)

P.S. #2 – Lots of people have the goal to lose weight – – or to get fit – – or to build “beach muscles” or so forth. Good news is this – – focus on ONE of them – – and use the right routines and … you’ll literally accomplish all the said goals via ONE investment! Learn how to do so right HERE – –

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