Stretch SPINE – feel GREAT!

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Dear Reader,

Got a great great workout in today in my living room – straight out of one of the routines  mentioned at the back of 0 Excuses Fitness, and once that was done, I trotted out to the “great outdoors” for some pull-ups and what not.

Ended up feeling GREAT – a feeling that lasts until NOW (about 3 or so hours after my actual workout) – and on the way back, I met another fellow exerciser.

I nodded at him briefly before my jaunt on back home (sort of my way of saying “Hiya!” while working out).

And his reply both surprised and pleased me – – or should I say ASTOUNDED me – – when I thought of it later!

“You’re feeling good!”

“So I am, my friend”, I replied, with a huge Cheshire cat grin. “So I AM!”

Now, at the time I didn’t think much of this, and as we shook hands, he proceeded to tell me he’d just gotten back from the gym – an hour there, and was now in the middle of a “run” to “stretch things out” apparently.

“All good, my friend”, I responded, still feeling as “high” as a kite (or daisy, or sunflower, or what have you, hehe). “If it works for you, keep doing it!”

“Yeah, but am I exhausted, man!”

And as I took a closer look at him I realized he wasn’t just exhausted. He was beat down. No sparkle in them eyes – – and while he wasn’t nearly as beat down as marathon runners often are, there was no real “joie de vivre” there, if you get my drift!

Now my French ain’t the best, hehe – – but here’s the point.

If a guy that I don’t even know walks up to me and says I’m feeling great (which I am) after my workout – – on a sappingly hot and humid morning by the way – – the sun is literally BEATING down here – – then I must be REALLY feeling good, eh?

It’s vibes, vibes, and more vibes – that pesky little “vibe” I keep referring to in all my writings – – something you can’t fake, my friend. You just can’t fake how you feel – it’ll show through and shine through no matter what.

And if I’m feeling THIS great hours later, well, I must be doing something right, eh?!

Most people believe the point of a workout is to “exhaust” you – – or to burn calories – – or to “train the muscles” – – or to “lose fat” – – and so forth – – and while all of this is NOT necessarily something I disagree with or is wrong, how often do we hear it being said that the point of a workout is to feel GREAT?

To feel on top of the world – birds singing – endorphins ROARING – and a great feeling that lasts ALL day long?

Key to this is not just the exercises I do – it’s HOW I do ’em (yes, yes – more on doing things a certain way! Hehe).

And the “how” here isn’t just about passion – it’s that – but it’s also about STRETCHING – WHILE I train as opposed to what most people think of stretching i.e. a separate activity altogether.

When you do the Hindu pushups, for instance, you stretch your entire spine and hamstrings (and body) in a way that CANNOT be duplicated with other exercises.

Each repetition simultaneously stretches and strengthens not only your arms and shoulders – but your core – and the muscles along your SPINE as well – and along with this, these cat like stretches release “feel good” endorphins like you’ve never felt before – and sure as heck ain’t gonna feel in the gym or while pounding the pavement to “burn dem calories you piled on last night”.

The same holds true for REVERSE pushups – – or the best darn exercise ever, for that matter.

Each of these exercises, and most of the others I do focus on stretching the SPINE – CORRECTLY – and this, combined with the fact that they are overall body stretches means they do the trick in terms of endorphin release as well – that LAST.

Your spine, my friend is where it all starts. Think of your body as a machine – – and the spine being the battery for that machine.

You’d best keep it CHARGED – all day long – and stretching / strengthening it the right way (which I haven’t seen most folks do) is how it’s done.

Now, last, but not least – am I against the “traditional” stretches that most people think of when it comes to stretching?

Not a bit, my friend. Not a bit.

If touching your toes 100 times works for you – so be it. If “opposite” toe touches are your thang, go for it. If “airy fairy” yoga stretcccccchhhhhhhheeeeeessssss “ignite your battery” (NO puns intended, hehe) – then by all means throw on saffron robes and have at.

I ain’t against any of that – but do any of those movements hold a CANDLE to what I’ve just mentioned?

Not a chance, my friend – not a chance – and the proof is well and truly in the pudding here.

Ok, so that’s all for today! Have a great Sunday – – and don’t forget to get in a 0 Excuses workout at the very start of your day to make sure you have a wonderful Sunday ahead!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Another oft overlooked exercise to stretch the spine out is this – PULL-UPS. Yes, these done correctly make you feel like a zillion buckolas as well, but the problem is MOST people don’t do ’em right. Bad form galore if I might say so. Good news is YOU don’t have to be one of those people – and neither do you need to feel “stuck” when it comes to this excellent exercise. Learn more on how to do it right HERE – –

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