Listening to the right type of music when training

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Dear Reader,

I’ve written before about the park I used to workout in in China (back when I was in China – which by the way is a place I plan to return to in the near future).

I’ve also written before about the “melodies” that often play in the park on public announcement systems and speakers located strategically throughout the park – something which I didnt quite understand the reason for back when I first showed up in 2003, but do now.

My previous writings on this can be found via a search on the site, but for now, one of the MOST poignant melodies – or songs, if I might say that – that I’ve EVER, EVER heard anywhere in my life was in this park!

It was a Chinese song that used to play around 3 P.M. or so every afternoon for a while, and they stopped it after a couple of months and replaced it with something else, but man that song was something else!

I’d be training outdoors – – doing pushups – squats – pull-ups – – and what not – – and as soon as that song started, I’d stop what I was doing and rush on over closer to the loudspeakers so I could “imbibe” every tune, every “sound bit” and every  little melody of that wonderful song into my ENTIRE system!

Believe me now and trust me later, on some days that song was the highlight of my entire workout there – and made the already enjoyable workout all that more enjoyable.

Now what sort of a song was it, you might ask?

Well, I’ll tell you what it was NOT.

It wasn’t rock. Certainly not punk – – or “gothic” – – or heavy metal — and NOT rap either (neither the rap we find in the U.S. or in China for that matter).

No, it was just a slow melody – accompanied by a man singing, but the sheer lyrics and “lilting” tune of those songs hit me at the very core of my HEART, my friend.

Nowadays, I’m in India – and I hear music being played all around me in the park I sometimes train in – though NOT through the loudspeakers, of course (there are none here).

What sort of music do I hear here?

Well, it’s usually something along the lines of heavy metal – – or Bollywood “favorites” – – or perhaps even “Indian rap” – – all played through smartphones – – and all equally annoying and distracting.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had this urge to tell people to just “bottle it” and TRAIN – quietly – minus all the annoying chatter as well (thats more “background music” I do NOT need, hehe) – – but I haven’t done so. Thank God for that, or we’d have a battle on our hands for sure!

The point of me telling you this though is this – that song, along with a few others I like in China (and elsewhere) is embedded into my system forever – and EVERY time I need “a boost” – I instantly play it in my memory banks for a while – and voila! I’m a new man almost without doing anything else at all.

That, to me is a prime example of visualization done right. When you visualize, you don’t just “see”. You see – with FEELING!

The more emotion you add to it, the better. The more REAL you make your pictures, the better it is!

And in my case, it sure does work – – combined with all other visualizations I do on a regular basis.

Not only this – I feel an even closer connection the Universe — and the spiritual realm in general as I train with this sort of music around me.

It makes me THINK – – at a deeper level. It affects all the cells of my body at a deeper level as well – – and believe me, this ain’t just esoteric stuff either.

Despite the popular trend of having loud, annoying music blaring our from car speakers, home audio systems, smart phones and so forth — studies have proven that this sort of music is not good for our health, period.

Hell, studies have been done with plants – – and it’s been found that classical music and other “slow melodies” (as I say) have been proven to make these plants grow faster and healthier than their counterparts exposed to other forms of music!

Plants – birds – nature – the Universe – the list goes on and on and ON!

When I train, I don’t just train the body. I train the body – the mind – but most importantly, I train so I can FEEL GREAT – while connecting with the Universe on a deeper level – and this, my friend is something I highly recommend you to do as well!

There’s nothing wrong with the occasional heavy metal blast (I still remember a 16 year old girl waking up to it on Sat mornings in an apartment complex I once lived in in India – Haha, that was an experience for sure!) – – or going to Bon Jovi concerts if you love ’em – – but when you train, and in general – – thats NOT the sort of music you should be listening to if you want to feel uplifted at a HIGHER level.

I’ll write more about this later, but the takeaway from today’s post is this – if you listen to music when you train – listen to the right kind of music, my friend. It truly has the power to change your life – – for the BETTER!

Last, but NOT least, always remember that along with the right kind of music, the right exercises are KEY to connecting with the Universe at a way, way deeper level than you ever thought possible. Hindu pushups, reverse pushups, and pull-ups, for instance, are all GREAT exercises if done correctly with the right sort of BREATHING – – and anyone that’s done these for any length of time (especially Hindu squats – my, my – now THAT right there is a prime example) KNOWS how “connected” and “whole” you feel after a workout.

That is NOT a feeling you can replicate in the gym – or during yoga sessions – or via other forms of exercise.

Gallop on over to the 0 Excuses Fitness page then, and grab your copy of the System today – – and start experiencing these same benefits NOW.

It will truly be the best investment you ever make, my friend. Make it right here – –


Rahul Mookerjee

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