Focus on what you CAN do – NOW!

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Dear Reader,

When you first start on your fitness journey – or start to achieve a certain goal, that certain goal may seem daunting at first.

And along with the reactions you’ll get from others (the more ambitious the goal – and thats a good thing, btw! – the more “astonished” and negative the reactions likely will be, and I’ve written a lot on this before).

But this email isn’t about blocking all that out. I mentioned a fair bit on that in the last email, but this email is about (and in addition to this) focusing upon what you CAN do – in the PRESENT – in the here and now.

So let’s say you’ve got a goal to drop 50 kgs within a couple of months (I believe I mentioned this in the last email, so we’ll go from there). You’re about 80-90 kgs overweight (believe me, this isn’t as uncommon as you might think), and really, really need to drop said poundage for your own good.

You then invest in the 0 Excuses Fitness System – but suddenly doing pushups seems too daunting.

Heck, forget a 100 – or 50 – or even 20 pushups. The entire idea of doing even one pushup seems incredulous, and when you get down on the floor and try ’em, perhaps your physical reality “verifies” your thoughts in this regard – for now.

Squatting might be nigh impossible. Pull-ups? HA! Climbing hills? Ho!

And at this point, you might be tempted to throw in the towel and just give up – – and if you do, it would be a sad, sad thing – – not just because the “babel of negative voices” out there “willing” you to fail would triumph but also because you didn’t do the one thing that would have got you started.

That being, focus upon what you CAN do – NOW to make the situation better!

Perhaps you can’t do pushups – – but you can walk, eh?

Perhaps you can’t sprint – – but you can walk slowly, eh? You can walk slowly for at least 10-15 minutes without stopping, right?

Right. So you focus on that – begin there – and keep at it for a week.

Soon, before you know it, that 15 minutes turns into 20. Then 25. Then 30 and … before you know it, you’ve even lost a kg or two.

At that point, you feel GOOD – and you aim for more – and guess what – you eventually GET there – as opposed to “feeling down initially and not doing anything”!

If you’ve got a goal to do (and many do), 50-100 pull-ups per set, but are currently stuck at 1 – or half – or a big fat ZERO?

Well, you can hang on to the bar, can’t you? You can do the supplementary exercises I mention in the book, can’t you?

And so forth.

You see where I’m going with this, my friend?

There is almost always something you CAN do – NOW – and it’s up to you to DO that thing – and build upon each small success as it comes your way.

I speak about holding past successes in your mind a lot (as you go to work achieving new goals), and the bottom line is this – the more “small” (or even daily) successes you have, the better you’ll feel about your overall goal – and you’ll achieve more as well.

Hey, when I first started the site, there was little to NO support from ANYONE – friends and family included on it. If anything, ’twas a huge “ho hum”.

When I made the huge mistake (that I haven’t, hehe) of telling my family (apart from my wife) about my writing, an even huger “ho hum”. (and I’m not just talking writing fitness wise here).

It was the old thing of, “so what? He may or may not be good at it, but let’s show him what he CANNOT do!”

And at every step and turn, I was confronted with folks that consciously or usually subconsciously made it a point to point out what I could NOT do – as opposed to pointing out and “harping upon” what I could – – in other words, completely obliterating the positives (and there are many) and emphasizing the few negatives that every situation has (especially when you start).

Big, big mistake, and one I fell for for a while. If you constantly focus upon not being able to do handstands, for instance, then chances are excellent you’ll never ever be able to do ’em – and regardless of your current physical conditioning.

Other hand, focus on working UP to the point where you CAN do ’em – and the ACTIONS you CAN take in order for that goal to become a REALITY – and watch how quickly things fall into place.

Fast forward to when I started the 0 Excuses Fitness site, and let alone support – there was derision aplenty from many.

How dare I dare to make an income doing what I like?!

How DARE I  leave the “9-5” world behind forever!?!!

HOW dare I … ah, but you get the point. One enterprising soul even compared me to a “porn star” (on the website, of all things!) for whatever reason, but at NO point astoundingly enough did anyone step in and say “Hey, you’ve made a success of plenty of things before – – there’s no reason why you can’t do it with this!”

And the reason I mention it is this, my friend – YOU too have likely gone through similar situations in the past, and if you’re arisen above ’em – as I have and continue to – well, kudos to YOU. You deserve every bit of your accomplishment!

And if not – well – make your mind up to not only take stock of the small successes, but GLORIFY them along the way to the ultimate goal.

You’ll find this philosophy helps you not just to achieve your fitness goals – – but life goals in general as well!

Ok, thats it for now. I’ll be back later!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – If you’ve got goals of becoming a “SUPER STUD” at pull-ups – – one that crank ’em out in various shapes, forms and guises almost at will – – well, hats off to you, for one. And fear not in terms of the “how” that’ll happen. I’ve got that all covered – – right down to sample workouts (each of them will give you a royal kick in the can if I may say so) and minute details – – and you can access this treasure trove of information right HERE —

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