NEVER settle for second best!

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Dear Reader,

This morning while I was browsing through my emails, I saw a reminder from Amazon about an item I had placed in my cart, but for whatever reason never ended up buying.

I keep getting these “reminder” emails (for those of you in ecommerce – hint, hint! THIS is one thing a lot of people fail to do correctly, and this causes a LOT of lost revenue) from them, and though I usually and summarily delete them, that didn’t happen today.

I fired up the ole laptop, and jumped straight into the email – and presto – the reminder from Amazon was about a phone I was planning on buying, but “saved it for later” (for whatever reason).

But it wasn’t about THAT phone. It was about another similar phone – but with BETTER specs – and better features – and AS SOON as I saw that phone, I knew I was gonna buy it (and may do so shortly after writing this).

I can’t explain the “why”. It’s a feeling you get when your tuned into the Universe and your subconscious, and a LOUD “command of sorts” jumped into my mind.

“Forget the other phone! THIS will be yours!”

While this might sound strange to a lot of people it won’t if you’re in tune with your subconscious.

It also brings to line a quote from a famous arm wrasslin movie in the 80’s (I believe) “Over the Top”.

It’s a typically “over the top” Stallone flick (well, at least the flicks he starred in back THEN!) and “Bull Hearley” – an immense giant of a man and the arm wrestler Stallone eventually defeats to wrest the “world title” from him states this before the final.

“There is no second place. Second – SUCKS!”

So true, my friend. So true – and the point of me saying this here is this – that never, ever, EVER settle for second best – either in terms of fitness – or life.

You should go for the best. You DESERVE the best – and if you do all  you can to GET it – GET it you will. There simply isn’t any other way.

Along the way, remember this too – when setting any goal, one key thing to remember is this – “keep your eyes on the prize”.

What does this mean?

Well, as Napoleon Hill famously said in his “Laws of Success” book (a highly recommended read along with the others I’ve mentioned before”, a “mind tightly CLOSED against negative emotions of ANY sort (and he mentions all the emotions in writing)” is KEY to achieving the goal itself.

Our subconscious minds are like gardens –  and are EVERY ready to “accept” negative thoughts and negative emotions. That is what I wrote about once in a prior post “Focus on what it is that you DO want” (search the blog for this, and you’ll find the post) – – and that is how the human mind functions, my friend.

You have to actively WORK to foster the positive emotions and thoughts in your mind until there is NO room for the negative.

The two cannot co-exist. If you have made up your mind to succeed – then remember the above truism as well, as these words of wisdom are as true as they “sound” on paper.

Is it “easy”? No – but nothing worth ever having ever was, was it?

Now fitness wise, what does all this mean, you may ask.

Well, when I was young – I was told repeatedly by my mother that “he thinks he’s so strong” (when I was at the age that most young kids start to “flex their muscles”).

Now that comment in itself might not mean much – – but the EMOTIONS behind it meant a LOT – – and I struggled with the negative image I had of myself for YEARS. In fact, I ended up being extremely unfit at a time I should have been my fittest – and while that was no-one else’s fault except mine (in terms of “doing”) – the fact is this – the subconscious memories were what were causing me to “go back to what I was programmed to do” regardless (in this case get unfit).

Ponder that last bit above, as it’s damn important!!

When I was growing up, the concept of working for oneself was alien – and still is. The “9-5 slavery” concept is what was hammered into my brain since I was a “young ‘un”.

My writing and other skills (and other sports I had an aptitude for) were usually all brushed under the carpet – – or never ever acknowledged in the first place. To this day, it’s been friends and customers (and past customers) that really got me started doing writing FULL time – and enjoying what I do so much that I don’t even call it “work”!

Now, why do I state all this?

Because here’s the point – MOST people go through life with some sort of “baggage” in their minds.

Visualization – – repeated and emotionalized visualization is key to removing those stored memories that quite literally DIRECT your life, but the other key is to keep your mind TIGHTLY closed against all negative influences when you set goals – and just do it.

If your goal is to lose 50 kgs within a couple of months, those you mention it to – including family and friends – might “scoff” at the idea. The Doubting Thomases might send all the negative vibes and “can’t do it’s!” your way galore.

And they likely will – whether they know it or not. That is just how it works in terms of goal setting. Until you ACHIEVE the goal – – there will be few, if any that support you – so it’s best not to MENTION that goal to anyone at all from the get-go.

That above bit reduces the work you’ve gotta do to keep a mind “tightly closed against all negative influences”. It also frees your mind up to focus on settling for NOTHING but the BEST.

Settle for nothing but a FITTER you, my friend.

In fact, let’s go one step further. Settle for NOTHING LESS than getting into the best darn shape of your life – starting TODAY!

My pathbreaking 0 Excuses Fitness System and other products have shown plenty of folks the way to get there – and it behooves YOU too, my friend to take that first step on the “journey of a thousand steps”.

It truly does begin with one single step, and it gets easier as you do it.

Dip your toes in right here – – – –  and let’s GO!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – I was advised when I was young to lift “5 kg dumbbells” repeatedly for 15 minutes on each arm to “get stronger”. If there was ever more cartoonish fitness advice given – – I’d like to see it. Oh wait. I DO know … the muscle mags with all the ‘roid boys preening and posing galore with their “lat spreads” and “striated shoulders” – – and yet, they’re ALL missing it. Get ’em to do a single pull-up or even get into a handstand – – and what price BE those huge muscles, my friend?

You get the point. Meanwhile, if you’re truly to looking to broad massive shoulders, and a  back that looks like you’d have to turn around to get into a barndoor – well – pull-ups – done correctly are the way to go. And our cracking “Pull-ups – from DUD to STUD – within a matter of WEEKS!” will get ya there, my friend. Click on over now, and get access to the info folks all over the world have been RAVING about.

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