An abundant state of mind

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Dear Reader,

A few emails ago I wrote about the power of gratitude, and how it was one of the most important “tools” in your “Success” toolkit – bar none.

In that post, amongst other things, I wrote about how vitally important it is to infuse GRATITUDE – both towards others and the Universe, as well as the MOST important person – YOU – into literally everything you do – or think – as well as the way you act, react etc towards others.

For those interested, you can read that particular post here – – , but for now, let me start off by saying that though gratitude is of PARAMOUNT importance, it can sometimes be “hard” for certain people (actually, a lot) to feel grateful.

And though I personally don’t find this hard at all, and never have for that matter – I can understand where a lot of people are coming from on this one.

When you’re dead broke – and have run out of the last few bucks you borrowed from friends and family (or are about to – and staring at “seeming” dead ends no matter where you look or what you do) – it can sometimes be somewhat hard to stay positive and feel grateful.

When all you see in front of you is debt – it can be hard to stay positive (although yes, if you VISUALIZE abundance – you’ll feel better instantly – and that’s yet another benefit you can get from this immensely useful activity EVERYONE can do, regardless of their current situation!).

It can also be hard to “practically” feel grateful when you’ve got family – and those close to you – castigating you for the route you chose to take in life.

And it can be REAL hard to stay grateful in the face of  50 kgs or so to lose, and slow progress at the  beginning.

Hey, I understand. I’ve been there. I know exactly what it feels like, for instance, to scrounge about in my pockets looking for loose change so I could eat – and even worse, I’ve had situations where I wasn’t single when this happened – it happened when I had a baby on the way – as well as AFTER my little girl showed up.

Those times never lasted, and why?

Because even during the tough times I had faith – I persevered – – and along with all that, I ALWAYS had a sense of abundance, both in terms of money as well as other things – – and believe me, the “other things” were what allowed me to actually progress financially! 

For those that don’t believe this – and are currently “debt abundant”, well, take a look see around you.

You have plenty of air to breathe, don’t you?

You’ve had times in your life when things “just went right no matter what you did” (perhaps the opposite of what you’re experiencing now) – but regardless, wasn’t that an abundant time? Did you stop and “give thanks” for it?

If you’ve hit dead ends everywhere today – it doesn’t mean you’ll hit dead ends TOMORROW, my friend – and one of the ways to practically make that reality manifest is to dismiss “fear and frustration” from your mind as quickly as they arrive, and make space for an ABUNDANT mindset – regardless of your current situation.

Along with visualizing, it may be beneficial for you to remember that as Napoleon Hill correctly stated in Think and Grow Rich, “fears are nothing more than a state of mind”.

So is frustration, my friend. So is a feeling of “perennially being in debt” or “zero abundance”. It’s all a state of mind, and the sooner you realize this – the better off you’ll be for it!

In “Think and Grow Rich“, Hill goes on to state the following –

When riches begin to come they come so quickly, in such great abundance, that one wonders where they have been hiding during all those lean years.

And it’s true, my friend. ‘Tis indeed true. When you finally do end up getting out of the trough – you’ll be surprised at how quickly things happen – and how EASILY they happen as well!

Yet something else to remember on this journey is that everything happens for a reason.

If you’re currently going through uber tough times, you’ll appreciate the good times even more when they come – and hold on to them ever so tightly the next time they come.

Perhaps you made some foolish decisions in the past – but you’ll be thinking about that the next time you make any sort of decision once the good times DO return (and believe me, they will if you do the right things) – this I DO guarantee!

And so forth. It all happens for a reason, and it all happens at a certain time. It’s all “relative”, if I might say so, my friend.

In terms of fitness, you might be staring down the barrel right now – but does it mean it’ll LAST?

No it doesn’t – and what this means is this – you pick up the 0 Excuses Fitness System – and get to work – with an ABUNDANT mindset!

You think fitness – muscle – ripped abs – whatever your poison is – and PLENTY OF IT – because – “you already have it!”

If you think abundance and fitness, you’ll get exactly that. If you think the opposite, then you’ll get that as well.

‘Tis just the way the Universe functions, my friend. There are no two ways about it!

Embed that above philosophy into your mind – read it over and over again until you assimilate it – and do what you gotta do to make it part of both your LIFE – and fitness routines.

You’ll be nigh amazed at the results.



P.S. – Plenty of folks have gotten the course on pull-ups, and have been raving about the results they’ve got from the BEGINNER’s course. You too, can be one of these people if you take action. You TOO can be pounding out hundreds of pull-ups per workout if you so choose. And if that vision inspires you – well – take action right now – right here – –

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