“God” – – or the “Universe”

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Dear Reader,

I’ve received a lot of feedback over the past few weeks about a lot of the messages I send out in my daily blog posts and newsletters.

Lots of folks enjoy this stuff – and one post I got a LOT of good feedback on was the post about “doing things a certain way“.

Being a lot of my messages are esoteric in nature (although paradoxically enough though what I write about may SOUND esoteric – it’s really not – I’m simply repeating Nature’s laws verbatim – much as folks over the years have done before me!).

None of what I write about with regard to belief, faith, the Infinite etc is “manufactured”. It’s all true – it’s all stuff that successful people over the years have read up on – and UNDERSTOOD – in order to be successful and enjoy CONTINUED success – – and these are all things that will help YOU too!

Now, one long time reader of this newsletter Charles recently asked me (in a response to a post about me being a “modern day Gandhi” I believe it was) if I believe in God or not.

My response was as always – NO. I’ve never been a believer in God (I first realized I was an atheist for life at the age of 4, I believe – about the same age my daughter is right now) – – but on the flip side, I DO believe, as y’all know, in a “higher power”.

I believe in UNIVERSAL ENERGY. I believe in the Universe itself – and I believe that absolute faith combined with BELIEF, PASSION and PERSEVERANCE can indeed move mountains and cause “miracles” to happen – but those “miracles” are aided by none other than the “higher power” I’m referring to!

So that’s my take on it – and while no, I don’t believe in God – the reason I don’t do so is because of what modern religion has turned into.

Religion seems to have turned into a tool to incite the masses (just look at what is happening all over the world today) and while I’m not a “Marxist” by any stretch – Karl Marx did have it right when he spoke those famous words “Religion is the opium of the masses”.

My other issue with religion as it is today are the associated “beliefs” and practices one MUST follow “in order to be considered religious” or even “to be religious”.

Now, why should that be, I ask?

If I sit at my desk and communicate with the Infinite – does that make me any less (or more, for that matter) “worthy” or spiritual than someone who wears saffron robes and long necklaces, and goes from door to door asking for “alms on Saturday” (don’t ask me – thats apparently one of the things in India – there’s apparently a “Saturday God” in addition to the plethora of Gods and Goddesses they have here!).

If I quietly meditate in my room – does that make me any less spiritual than someone who goes to church every Sunday morning?

If I fail to take my shoes off while entering the Taj Mahal – does that mean I’m disrespecting the monument – – or disrespecting those that believe in what it “stands for”?

Not in my book – but perhaps in other folks books – yes – but that is the entire point!

FAITH – which is the state of mind that comes about through a relentless “tap tap” repetition (Claude Briston spoke about this in his bestselling “The Magic of Believing“) does NOT require you to “take your shoes off” or “prostrate yourself before a temple high up in the Himalayas” or “stare at a wall for 8 years as Bodhidharma is reputed to have done” – – or anything of that nature!

Faith simply requires you to get in touch with the Infinite via the methods I talk about – and STAY in touch that way – and NOTHING else!!

I suppose THAT, along with the question I’ve often asked when I was young “If there’s a God, where is he/she?” is what crystallized my beliefs into what they are – and curiously enough the answer I’ve received MOST often vindicates what I’ve said all along about religion.

And what might be the answer I receive often?

Well – it’s this – that “God resides in your heart!”

True indeed – and I’d wager several bets that the person(s) saying this really mean “mind” when they say heart … and that to me is the entire crux of my belief.

Now, on that note, I sent out an email yesterday about “an absolute state of faith“, and received an interesting response from Charles (who I mentioned above –  a customer – and someone I’ve been communicating with back and forth over email for a while now).

Let’s take a look, both at his email – and my response …

Great message!  Once again, thanks.  For someone who does not believe in God, many of your messages carry a strong spiritual content.  Personally I do believe in God, but I do respect who you are and what you are doing and pray for your continued success.   – Charles Mitchell

My response beneath –

Hey Charles –

Thanks for the nice message! I don’t personally believe in God yes, but I have absolutely nothing against folks that do. Personally I believe one could interchange the terms “God” and “Universe” as well.  .  .

My wife believes in a barrage of Indian Gods/Goddesses, and there’s a lot of (what seems like to me) strange “customs” and “rituals” she follows before her prayers (it’s not like what you and me are likely used to, haha). Ditto for China – – they have their own customs and Gods as well (although yes, Buddhism as well as Bodhidharama did originally come from India, but despite the “Communist” image that China has, Buddhism and even Christainity etc are alive and “thriving” there).

I guess the point I’m trying to make is that we all have our own beliefs – – and those beliefs (God included) combined with a relentless “tap tap repetition” are really what enable that (subconscious) state of mind called ABSOULTE FAITH. So I may “talk to the Universe”, while another person might “pray” – – but at the end of the day we’re getting in touch with our inner selves, and an Infinite Power (God, Universe, insert term of choice) – – and we’re imbibing that inner self with a sheer sense of FAITH – and passion via said beliefs. At least, that’s my take on it.

The only issue I have on occasion is that folks occasionally “pray” only when “all seems lost”. This then puts the mind into a state of fear, and fear and faith cannot co-exist. So, the results in most cases end up being what the person is NOT looking for. Now only if the vast majority of folks would “pray” (i.e. get in touch with their inner selves) on a regular basis including when life is GOOD – – then their lives would be even better!!

Thanks again for the message – – yes, I do indeed hope these messages cause people to think and become more attuned to their inner selves – – as that is what is ultimately drives success in any field, fitness included.

Best of luck to YOU as well!!


The only thing I’d like to add to all that I’ve said above is this – is that faith – or prayer – works BEST if you do it on a daily basis, much like eating, sleeping, breathing etc.

You do NOT just “pray” when all hope is lost – as that prayer comes from a mind filled with “despair” as opposed to FAITH – – and THAT is ultimately what you’re communicating to the Infinite – or God – or what have you.

You want to be communicating good things – good vibes – and good, positive emotions when you pray. Remember that prayer is but a medium – it doesn’t “force” you to communicate positivity – it’ll carry and DELIVER whatever you send out – right back at you if you’re not careful!

Ok, that was a long enough message on God, haha. I’ll write more on this later – but for now – don’t forget that there is a time and place for the spiritual – and then there is a time and place for the PHYSICAL.

The more physical activity (and the right forms of it) you get in during the day – the more attuned you’ll be to your spiritual self – and that, my dear reader is a fact that no-one can dispute.

So without further ado, crack open the 0 Excuses Fitness System, and get a brief little mini-workout in after you read all this.

You’ll be all the better off for it – that I DO guarantee!



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