Keep ON “keeping on”!

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Dear Reader,

When I first started to do some of the exercises that I currently teach via the 0 Excuses Fitness System, some of them were somewhat easy for me.

I was hardly an exercise novice before that – – but regardless, SOME of the exercises were tough for me as well when I first started (WAY before I even came out with the System as it is now).

When I first came up with the goal of doing more than a 100 pull-ups per workout – there was NOT one single person I could think of that had accomplished this goal – or come even close. In fact, ALL the people I knew that did pull-ups didn’t use proper form – let alone do 100’s of them in proper form during a workout!

This, of course isn’t something that will astound you (that last bit) – – even my buddy Vincent, an ex-Marine (and you KNOW Marines pride themselves on their ability to do pull-ups) once remarked that a 100 pull-ups per workout was tough for ANYONE.

I mentioned that conversation before, of course, so won’t get into it again here, but the point of me saying this?

Well, I could have easily quit the Hindu pushups after a certain point. I could have easily said it was too hard on the chest and shoulders – – and similarly, I could have simply given up on the 100 pull-ups goal as well once I reached 40 or so per workout – – after which each additional rep became EXPONENTIALLY harder.

And don’t me wrong. I had my goals in mind, and was pursuing them with passion, but the point is this – there comes a time in every man’s life that if he’s pursuing a goal that REALLY means anything to him – he’ll meet with obstacles aplenty of every nature, albeit temporary ones.

As Napoleon Hill correctly notes in Think and Grow Rich, there is an “unseen guardian” that guards the door to success. This guardian seems to take great pleasure in hauling men with goals over the COALS – – BEFORE they achieve success.

As Hill so succinctly puts it, “There is a price to be paid, and those do not make the grade are turned away“.

Now in that book, there was a story about R.U. Darby, the famous insurance salesman who sold millions of dollars worth of insurance during his life time (part of a very select few, by the way, who managed this).

In the book Hill described how Darby’s Uncle were bitten by the “gold rush” back in the day, and how they rushed to search for gold – – along with plenty of other gold seekers (NOT to be confused with gold diggers, hehe – pardon the pun there – just had to say it!).

And dig they did – with pick, shovel and axe – until they found the ore they were looking for. Those weeks of labor had paid off!

Now, they needed machinery to extract the ore – and young Darby (still a young man then) procured this somehow via relatives and neighbors, banking upon their faith in him.

They started drilling – – mined a bit of ore, and were overjoyed. FINALLY, their persistence was about to pay off. . .

Or was it?

SUDDENLY, all of a sudden, they continued drilling – but the vein of gold ore was no longer there! It just disappeared – – and as they made this shocking discovery, they tried to pick it up again, but failed.

Finally, they GAVE UP, despite their initial success.

They sold the machinery off to someone – – a smart someone, who then hired an engineer to come and look at the mine with an “unbiased eye”.

This engineer looked at the map – -and told the “someone” that there WAS INDEED ore – and plenty of it left – – just THREE FEET from where Darby and his Uncle stopped mining!

The “someone” then did what was necessary, and took home a LOT of moolah – – millions of dollars – – in THOSE days, at that! – – from the mines – – and if this is a story that sounds familiar, and a story that “syncs” with what I said about it getting exponentially harder after a certain point before success appears – – all of a sudden – – well – – I don’t blame you – – and it’s TRUE!

Success permits no man to taste it before he has been put the WRINGER in every way imaginable, my friend!

‘Tis a truism, and one you’d do well to bear in mind as you progress through your fitness journey – – or set out to accomplish goals.

It’s those who not just persevere in the face of all odds – – but those that KEEP ON persevering in the face of all odds that finally make it – – in WHICHEVER endeavor they choose!

Read that above line carefully, as it’s very important!

If you’re currently stuck at a certain number of pull-ups, for instance, the last thing you want to do is give up.

What will happen is one fine day you’ll shoot past that number and higher numbers will suddenly start to appear – – and your body will start to change shape almost accordingly and about as dramatically.

And how do I know this?

Well, I’ve been there – – and it’s only after BEING there that I’ve got accolades such as the “X Taper I have”, or that I “look like a movie star“, or that “I’ve got that nice shape to my back that chicks dig”.

I say all of the above NOT to blow my own bugle, but rather to show YOU, my friend, what is possible – – but only IF YOU KEEP ON persevering – – or in other words, as Napoleon Hill put it – – “Keep on Keeping on” – – inspite of,  despite and in the face of ALL ODDS!

Ditto for pushups – – weight loss – – or building that gorilla grip – – or the barrel chest – – or shoulders like boulders.

It’s all very possible – – but GUMPTION — and “keeping on keeping on” in the face of all odds is what at the end of the day will make those odds disappear — almost miraculously.

So if you’re currently stuck on a certain fitness goal – – or a certain number of reps – – or something to that effect – – do NOT just give up!

There are ways around it – ways mentioned in the System, but the #1 way, and one far more important than anything else I can tell you is what I just told you above.

And you, my friend, would be well advised to read it once – twice – several times – or however many times it takes you to truly grasp the drift of what I said.

Once you do, implement said philosophy into YOUR life as well.

You’ll be nigh SHOCKED at how quickly the seas of your life part!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Despite hectic schedules and other drawbacks when I worked full time, I ALWAYS found time to get a full workout in – – so much so that the fitness experts back in the day actually featured me in their daily write-ups and emails. And YES, ’tis true indeed – just like the other “tales” I tell you in the 0 Excuses Fitness System while going through the 10 Commandments of Physical Success. If you’re interested in success at all in any way, shape or form – – then this is something you’ll certainly want to INVEST in – –


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