Your personal cocoon of SUCCESS!

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Dear Reader,

Just spotted a lovely yellow butterfly that suddenly and somehow made it’s way into our home – curiously enough while I was talking about the subject of royalties and associated monies with the wife.

If there’s one reason I LOVE communicating back and forth with the Infinite – the Higher Power – and the Universe – it is this – SYNCHRONICITY – at just the right times!

And it isn’t just about what the yellow butterfly signifies or if you even believe in them.

There have been times I’ve done what I said above – – and ideas – – or should I say COMMANDS have been issued to me – – seemingly out of the blue, yet the force with which these ideas materialize seemingly out of nowhere definitely prove that there is more to it than “rational thought”.

In fact, and Napoleon Hill writes about this in “Outwitting the devil“, rational is often the LAST thing you’d associate with some of said ideas – or commands – or “decrees from the Infinite” – and yet, believe you me, they turn out way more rationally than those ideas you’d “ponder for hours” – – and in a wondrous way you’d never ever dream would happen.

Now, I realize there are those that will dismiss the above as hocus pocus and bunk from the looney tune bin, and thats fine – I’m not out to “preach to the converted”, as a biz contact of mine recently put it.

But, as we leave this subject, and “drift on” (much like said butterfly) to other topics, including what I’m going to talk about today – remember what Thomas Edison once famously said.

Ideas come out of space“.

Henry Ford once said that “Thinking is the hardest thing to do – which is why so few people engage in it“.

With the above in mind, let’s proceed.

We all have rough days – rough times that we have to get through – some rougher than the others.

And a common “gripe” (or perhaps “source of confusion” would be a better term) amongst many folks when I talk about visualization and how it seemingly “instantly” removes the blues is this – – HOW can I “visualize” and feel good amidst what feels like a sea of crap?

How can I feel “rich” when I’ve got bills staring me in the face?

How can I feel “uplifted” when I’m experiencing “negativity” around me all day long?

And so forth.

And hey, I understand. Not only have I BEEN there – but Ford correctly pointed out what he did about thinking – and the only thing I’d differ with him on is how EASY it is to visualize – – when you do so correctly.

In Zero to Hero I give you an example of how an English student of mine (back when I taught ESL, hehe) literally improved her English abilities by leaps and bounds using THIS ONE trick alone – – and no additional homework or extra practice (although yes, I did give her more HW etc at a later stage).

And for now, if you’re surrounded by negativity?

Well, a good way to think of it is this – – you’re a moth – – or a caterpillar – – weaving that silk cocoon around yourself that NO-ONE can breach.

An inner sanctum that not only is PRIVATE and yours only – – but an inner sanctum where you completely ignore the outer world during visualizing – – much like a caterpillar might en route to it’s “butterfly” life.

That last line has powerful symbolism too, by the way.

Visualize not just positive things in your cocoon – – but visualize GOOD Things happening in the future. Much like a caterpillar turns into a butterfly – – so shall YOUR fortunes change – – for the better- –  only if you let’ em mentally!!

I’ve said this in the past often and it bears repeating. Our mental movies dictate our outer reality, and its TRUE, my friend.

Along with the cocoon mentality – the other things you want to THINK ABOUT in your cocoon -are past successes — and TRANSMUTE that same energy into the future!

And don’t tell me you’ve never had any successes, my friend. I dont know where from people have this idea that being a multi-millionaire is the only sign of success, but it sure as heck ain’t the only yardstick in my book.

Sure, it’s certainly perhaps “one of the things”, but not the only thing by far.

Being able to do a 100 pull-ups, for instance, per workout – – and the entire journey of getting there from ZERO, to me is a resounding success!

Going down from 120 kgs to 60 kgs is quite literally a success that few others would be able to match – – especially if you’ve done it in a short timeframe.

Cracking sale after sale in a company where others haven’t been able to do so before you? Success again, my friend.

Going on the trip with someone you really, really adored a couple of years ago? Memories that last forever?

Success again, my friend!

And there you have it. I’ve just listed out four or so different successes that most people will have had – and truth be told, if you look beneath the surface, you’ll find plenty more.

So that’s today’s tip. When visualizing – make sure to go into your cocoon (or a “private room in your mind”, as Dr. Maltz pointed out in Psycho Cybernetics) – – and make sure to relive ALL past successes (or as many as you can) while simultaneously porting these successes over to your future goals.

See it – FEEL it – and it’ll happen, my friend. It’ll happen — and believe me, the results will be nigh astounding if you apply what I’ve just told you in all areas of your life!

All for now. While you’re at it, don’t forget that the RIGHT FORM OF physical activity is key to getting the endorphins going – – and keeping them at an all time high, all day long – – so be sure to crank out your pushups, pull-ups and squats per the 0 Excuses Fitness System – – which, by the way is as much of a “must include” in your daily life as all the above it.

I’m out – be back later again!


Rahul Mookerjee

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