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Dear Reader,

A while ago (a few months ago to be precise) a BATTLE ROYAL was being waged – between two good friends.

One a version of King Kong – and the other diminutive in comparison. David VS Goliath you might say, hehe – – and this “war between two great friends” was none other than the “war or words” between my buddy from the Marines Vincent – and myself, hehe.

And as astute readers of this list might already know – it was about an issue of “utmost importance” – that being the old “lion VS tiger” debate.

Hell, I even did up a blog post which caused more than a few readers to spit out their morning coffee – – here it is – –

(That above link is a great read if you’re interested in cat like flexibility and strength, btw!)

But, the point of me saying this in a “master mind email”?

Well, there’s a good point actually – but consider this, my friend.

As we all know, the tiger is the biggest, baddest (tho my buddy may disagree, hehe) and the meanest of all the big cats out there.

Though the lion is no slouch, give me the tiger anyday over a solo battle with the lion.

The tiger is also a SOLITARY beast – while lions live in prides, which might be one reason why my buddy then told me “Hmm, thats another reason you identify with the tiger more!”

And upon thinking about it -he was right.

I’ve always been a “lone wolf” in many regards throughout my life – regardless of where I was or what I was doing.

I’ve always  been “that mysterious guy” until a certain point (or more accurately, until I started my online businesses etc) – and even then, those that know me in real life know that I don’t have many CLOSE friends.

There’s a good reason behind this.

I choose to surround myself with a select few people that UPLIFT me. A select few people that I can bounce topics off of – – and always rely upon for practical advice when it’s required.

And a few select people whose brain waves mesh with my own to create what Napoleon Hill famously termed as the Mastermind.

Put simply, and as Hill correctly explains it in his path  breaking books – – a Mastermind is a group of people all working towards the same aim – and on the EXACT same wavelength in terms of everything required to achieve that goal.

That means no negativity. 100% and more focus on what is required to achieve the goal – and mutual “harnessing” of talents – and most importantly, BRAIN WAVES to achieve that certain goal.

Throughout the ages, great inventors, biz men and people of note have made use of this principle.

Henry Ford never reached the astounding levels of financial and biz success he did until he allied himself with Edison and other leading minds of the century – and their combined brains did FAR more for them than either one could as a “lone warrior”.

And I should know, my friend.

I should KNOW – boy should I know!

For far too many years in my life, I labored on as a solitary beast – both in terms of biz and fitness. It was only a few years ago that I started to understand the VITAL power of having the right “group of people” around you – in other words, a MASTERMIND – and this one trick alone can propel you to greater levels of success than anything else you could achieve “as a lone wolf”.

And I’m telling you this because – in terms of fitness, chances are EXCELLENT, and SECOND TO NONE that you’re “laboring on”as a solo warrior as well in that regard.

Well, I’m here to tell you this – align yourself with the right group of people, and you’ll find them goals becoming that much easier to achieve when you’ve got the right people to encourage you – support you – give you PRACTICAL advice – and most of all, give you a kick up the ole rumpus when you really NEED it (and believe me, we all need a kick up our backsides on occasion – yours truly included!).

In terms of fitness, lets say your goal is to pound out 500 squats per workout.

A great, great goal, and one you’ll accomplish a lot sooner than you think – – but only if you ally yourself with the right group of LIKEMINDED people whose energy you can feed off – – and whose brains will automatically align with yours in terms of reaching your fitness goals.

The same thing goes pull-ups – handstand pushups – or simply losing weight as quick as you can pile it on, for that matter!

In “Outwitting the Devil“, Napoleon Hill states how he constantly rose to great heights of success, only to fail just as spectacularly – – in cycles, as it were – – peaks and troughs — until he realized the one thing that was holding him back from PERMANENT success – – and that was the lack of a Mastermind in his life.

There were other reasons behind what I mentioned, but THIS was the primary reason – and once he incorporated this one principle into his life, his success grew wings almost instantly and took off like never before!

And the same thing holds true for any successful person, my friend. Look at their life, and you’ll likely find a MasterMind of some nature in there.

The same holds true for YOU as well in terms of fitness, my friend.

Getting the books and courses is great – a great, great investment you’ll never regret.

But for those that want to go the extra mile – and achieve way more than they ever have – well, the MASTERMIND principle is something you might want to consider.

That is what I currently offer through my coaching sessions, my friend. I’ve been there – done that – and learned through “the school of hard knocks” – and if you’re in the least bit interested about getting fit from the inside out – and STAYING that way – well, you can use all the help you can get in this regard!

So there’s two choices for you. One is to remain a lone wolf, go it solo and catch all the “tough breaks” that come your way, with the associated hardships etc.

And hey –  if you choose that route – no problemo, amigo. Hell, I’ve done that myself in the past – like I said – I should know!

But if you truly want to accelerate the gains you make in health, strength and fitness – – and ally yourself with minds that are IN TUNE with what YOU want to accomplish, well, then my coaching services would be a great start.

Apply here if you’re so interested – –

I look forward to serving you.

To your SUCCESS,

Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Something else that has been in the works for a while now is a “0 Excuses Ship” – an “inner circle “of sorts – or an online fitness Mastermind of sorts, if I might say so – where not only ME – but others with the same goals etc will be present. It’s a select group of DOERS – and these DOERS will push, motivate, kick, punch, scream (ok, I went overboard there, hehe) and generally do whatever it is they have to do in order to help YOU SUCCEED! You’ll see what I mean if you click the “members” link up top – – signing up is highly recommended if any of what I said even remotely interests you (and it should!).

Here is where you can sign up for the MasterMind, then –

If you prefer one-on-one coaching for now – – no problem – – here is where you apply for this – –

P.S #2 – We’ve got plenty of “goodies” in stock for those that do sign up for the above link – stay tuned for that one!

P.P.S# – And if you haven’t made the investment already in the best fitness system out there on the planet – what are you waiting for? Pry thy mind open – and then thy wallet – and do so right HERE –

You won’t regret it for a minute – that I DO promise!

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