Personal training VS Personal “Ego Boost”

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Dear Reader,

My, my, my. What is the world coming to, eh?

A couple of months ago I was taking a quick walk around my apartment complex in China, and I was taking note of the various gyms around me.

I was having more than a quiet giggle as well to myself at their prominently displayed ads right outside the establishments – most of which featured muscles head and roid monsters in all their glory, posing and preening, muscles oiled and such.

Being I had some time that evening, I figured I’d go in and take a quick gander to see if things had changed from the LAST time I was at these sort of places.

And before I finish – quick spoiler – yes – they have – apparently for the worse!

The first place I went to was apparently hiring for personal trainers.

The gal at the front counter looked at me with a bored glance, and waved me on, as if to say “another applicant”.

A dude in a “figure hugging” T-shirt greeted me and said Hi, as I looked around.

“Are you interested in personal training?” he asked

“Nah. I’m just here to take a quick gander”, I responded.

And as I walked away, I took more than a quick gander – at one of the PT’s there – a young Chinese lady working with another young client.

The young client was apparently suffering from a severe case of “bingo wings”. For those that dont know, thats about as embarrassing to some as a case of the “turkey neck” – or “junk in the trunk” might be – and so she was trying to get rid of it.

And how?

Well, she was lifting pink dumbells of all things – which weighed about 5 kgs at most each – and doing so while seated on a comfortable looking chair (not even a bench!).

After each set of 5 reps she’d stop, look in the mirror (conveniently placed near her), flex her non existent biceps, and pretend her underarms weren’t “wiggling” – and ask her trainer a question.

“I’m getting slimmer, aren’t I?”

And almost before the poor girl could respond – she’d nod and say yes, as the trainer would then agree.

As I was walking out the door, I saw said trainer massaging the client’s shoulders as she was “lifting weights” (though to call it that would be a gross disservice to said weights!) – and looking at me out of the corner of her eye with an embarassed look in her eyes.

Mmm Hmm … I wonder why?

After this I popped into another place – again a place that was supposedly hiring personal trainers, and I was AGAIN asked if I was a trainer.

“Yes, but I usually train people online these days”, I responded.

“Oh”, responded the guy, looking me over. “Well, thats good. We don’t want lean and fit folks like you in here anyway”, he said (he actually DID say that!).

“Uh huh”, I responded, not believing what I was hearing. “Well, who DO you want in here?”

“Strong guys …like THAT!” the dude responded, pointing out a picture of a bonafide roid crazed monster on a poster situated conveniently right above the pec deck (complete with the mandatory grunt and snarl, hehe).

“Strong? How many pull-ups can he do” I asked.

“Who cares about that stuff” sniffed the dude. “So long as the muscles look good – and look big – thats what our clients care about!”

Uh huh ….

Things sure have changed – for the WORSE, my friend, when it comes to personal training – and I’m not even going to get into the story of the PT I saw her in India in a park who was not only on the phone during a personal training session, but also incorrectly advising others on how to do pull-ups in a sad attempt to gain more biz.

Sad, sad, sad, and whats more, personal training seems to have turned into a farce these days – a personal ego boost of sorts from what I can tell.

And I’m on a mission to counter this – with other serious  folks that I train (either online or offline).

You’ll get NO ego boosts if you come train with me, my friend. In fact its likely you’ll be eating humble pie the first week – or perhaps even month of your training.

There’ll be no pink dumbbells or machines of ANY nature. And the only weight you’ll be pushing, pulling and pumpin will BE your OWN, my friend.

There’s be no LSD cardio done with personal trainer ready to “cool you down” once you’re done. More likely a heart pounding session from start to finish that won’t leave time to BREATHE – let alone anything else!

And so forth – and most of all, no ego boost whatsoever!

It’s the same as when  I was teaching English in China. I’d have many a student come in and tell me “how to teach”, and my response was always the same.

One, to respect the instructor. The student does NOT instruct the instructor on “how to do” – and when this was countered by “I’m paying, so I’m the boss”, I’d tell said student to take their money and go home – or elsewhere.

Two, and more importantly, I’d reiterate that my goal was to TEACH – and achieve results – not play the dancing monkey – and I take this same philosophy into my TRAINING sessions as well.

I’m here to help you improve – and get results. 

I’m there to get you through and guide you through some of the most grueling training sessions you’ve ever been through – NOT to hold your hand and “commiserate”.

I’m there to help you ACHIEVE – not complain.

And so forth – and guess what – you’ll thank me for it when it’s all said and done, and you’ll see yourself achieving the very results you invested in me for – as opposed to all the other time wasters out there.

So if that philosophy appeals to you – well – we’re definitely a good fit, and my coaching services are definitely for YOU!

Apply right now – – and be prepared to be “whooped” into the very best shape of your life!



Rahul Mookerjee

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