The two BIGGEST productivity killers

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Dear Reader,

If there ever were two inventions that I sort of wish weren’t invented – it is the very same ones that in my unbiased, politically incorrect and “typically blunt” opinion are the ones that are TWO of the biggest productivity killers, bar NONE.

What might these be, you ask.

Well, here they are – in no particular order – the Tee Vee, and the dumbphone. 

Again, not in that order. I’ve often thought about which one is the worst affliction of the two, and I haven’t been able to come up with a conclusive answer, so they both take the top spot in my life.

Take a minute to ponder about it if you would.

What do the above two gadgets actually ADD into your life – meaningful stuff that is.

I recently saw a great meme posted somewhere which was about a coffee shop proudly displaying the following outside it’s windows (or perhaps it was inside? I can’t quite remember) “We don’t have WiFi. Talk to people around you!”

Yes, true indeed … and the MINUTE I saw that meme was a minute I silently high fived and applauded.

I’ve got no idea if the above is actually posted somewhere in a coffee shop someplace – but ’tis true, my friend.

Think about the following for a second as well.

Joe Blow comes home from work, tired and irascible at all the going on’s around him. He had a plan to “go to the gym” tonight, but for whatever reason, he “doesnt feel like it”.

But he reasons he’ll do it anyway – with will power. He reasons he’ll “work the heck out of the bench” (which is a bad idea anyway) and “feel good” later. Perhaps catch a few birds working out on the treadmill. And so forth …

Naturally, he believes visualization and the like is a crock of you know what, so he doesn’t attempt to do any of this to “visualize the blues away” (which by the way is very possible if you know how!).

He decides to take a minute or so of “me time” before heading out to the gym. Great idea.

As he sits down on the couch his mind wanders – and so do his hands – as they make their way to the Tee Vee remote.

He turns it on, and he’s soon lost in the negative vortex of “schnews”, soap operas, “what the latest football players did with their girlfriends”, and so forth.

Before he knows it, an hour has passed. He looks at the clock.

Oh, it’s almost such and such time. I can’t go to the gym now!

And further he sinks into the couch, and so does his subconscious mind, programmed as it is repetitively by a bunch of a meaningless garbage that adds nothing to his life in any regard.

Yes, the “tap tap repetition” technique that Claude Bristol spoke about WORKS – either in a positive or a negative sense!! And the example I gave you above is a prime example of it working in a negative sense – and is unfortunately more the norm these days then the exception.

After our “hero” is done with the soaps, news etc he gets up. Figures he might as well end the day with a six pack.

He pops one open, loses himself in the “elixir”, and is soon calling the pizza place for takeout.

And so forth. So much for good intentions of going to the gym – all put paid to by the Tee Vee in most part.

The same thing can be said about smartphones. The first thing most people do is wake up to meaningless Facebook, Twitter or Wechat updates – and while those are good in very moderate doses, folks choose to focus on these things exclusively rather than focusing on what is IMPORTANT in life.

It is astounding, but most folks actually feel way more depressed internally than they are to begin with after an hour or so of Facebook browsing (which is super addictive btw) – and this is reflected in further procrastination, nay saying, and “it won’t work” mentality.

And I should know. I see it around me in my daily life all the time – ALL over the world.

Believe me now and trust me later, the IMAGES you feed your mind with (ever wonder why selfies are so the rage all over the Internet?) are what your mind goes to work upon – – and the image you’re feeding your mind with as you “salivate” over other’s selfies etc (usually doctored) are images of LACK in your OWN LIFE – which is then reflected back to you in some way, shape or form or the other.

Anyway, I hope that explains my take on the two most useless things ever invented.

Sure, they’ve got certain uses. But by and large, and overall – were we better off BEFORE these two things were invented.

Me thinks so, my friend.

We used to pick up the phone to make a call – rather than text. We used to MEET people and talk to them – rather than browse through our Wechats while “dating” (and if you’ve been to mainland China – one place amongst many – you’ll know this is as much of a reality as I’m writing about).

We’d READ uplifting stuff as opposed to watch a bunch of garbage on the Tee Vee and make the media companies a ton of moolah while doing so.

And so forth.

What I’d recommend in YOUR life then, my friend (if you’re indeed truly interested in improving your productivity levels manifold) is this.

First, ignore the above two banes as far as possible.

I  mean really, really do so! Right now, when writing this to you my smartphone is “turned over on it’s tummy”. I care NOT what notifications I’ve got – they can wait until I feel like it looking at ’em, and even then I’ll ignore the vast bulk of them anyway.

My apartments in China never once had a functional TV – and never did I care, though I DID care about plenty of other things!

Second, replace the above two with READING – something uplifting – and then DOING.

The next time you feel down, don’t do what Joe Blow did above.

Pick up an uplifting book – something inspiring – something that has the potential to change your life – something much along the lines of Zero to Hero, for that matter.

As you read, you’ll feel the electricity starting to course through your veins.

You’ll find old ideas – and desires – “springing to the surface” all of a sudden, and before you finish the book you’ll likely be injected with so much enthusiasm to DO that you’ll be wondering where it came from.

Once this state of mind is accomplished, instantly grab your copy of the 0 Excuses Fitness System, and start pounding out a workout or two or an amalgamation of what I’ve given you in the book.

Once you’re done with the above two things – either go to work on a goal – or resume your read – or spend QUALITY time minus the Tee Vee and dumphone with those you care about.

And if you do all this, my friend – and do it regularly, YOU, not me will soon be writing back about how the tee vee and dumb phone are the banes of our lives – and rightfully so!

Ok, so thats the missive for now. I’ll be back again later!



P.S. – Zero to Hero contains not one, not two, but 25 productivity tips that you likely haven’t seen anywhere before. These tips are outrageous at times. They reveal a side of me both personally and professionally you likely have NOT seen, far less imagined before. But the key thing is this – they WORK – and you, my friend will find this out for a FACT once you crack open the book and start implementing what is being taught. Here is where you can grab this little gem of a read – –

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