Giving MORE than we receive

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Dear Reader,

Not so long ago, ’twas another world for me in terms of “what I did for a living”, and today let’s flashback to when I taught English in China – something I’m not a huge fan of as I’ve stated, but something I’ve done a lot regardless.

And being it’s Saturday night tonight (well, at least in my neck of the woods, hehe), the one memory that springs to mind is … well, the Sunday morning “class” I had – bright and early on a Sunday morning in a little learning center tucked away neatly amidst a bunch of cafes, restaurants etc.

I’m not going to “name” the center here, but suffice it to say this – Rahul Mookerjee ain’t a morning person –  and Rahul Mookerjee doesn’t like ESL – and if there is ONE thing he doesn’t prefer to do – it is wake up “bright and early” on any morning, let alone Sunday morning, haha.

My own preference is to wake up late and work until late – and hence my choice of “work” etc – where I can do what I like on my own times.

But, at that point I was teaching and – ’twas the call of duty as it were, so I woke up, and off it was to the races in that regard.

Now, the class at that point was an adults only class – and a fairly receptive class as well in terms of learning. I’ve spoken about how a lot of students would do anything BUT learn in these classes – but yet – these adults I had at the center actually WANTED to learn – and that was probably one reason I stuck with them as long as I did!

My Twitter account has some pictures of me doing an “outdoor” class with these fine ladies and “occasional” gent – but here’s the point.

The pay wasn’t great at all – in fact, it was way less than what I’d normally charge.

The timing wasn’t good either – as I’ve mentioned above!

And all things said and done, they didn’t offer me enough biz to keep doing it long term – but yet – NOT a single one of those students would move from their seats during my class there.

And why?

Because I didn’t just teach them what they signed up to learn, which was basic English. I went WAY above and beyond the call of duty here – and literally “sweated” blood teaching them English as it should be taught, and again, one of the reasons I was able to and interested in doing this was because they were receptive to it.

As the Chinese say, you can take a horse to water – but you cannot FORCE it to drink.

‘Tis true, my friend. ‘Tis true.

Today, not only am I STILL friends with most of these ladies – but one of them, a lady I hadn’t seen for years ended up helping me take the videos for 0 Excuses Fitness – out of the blue – at a time I couldn’t “recruit” any of my other students.

Not only that – I’ve received so much biz from these other ladies throughout the years – that all I can say – and do – is doff my hat – and say THANK YOU!

I’m indeed grateful, but this brings me to my main point.

Giving, as Napoleon Hill correctly puts it “Think and Grow Rich” is required BEFORE we can get what we want.

“Give before you can receive”, in other words.

It is only after we GIVE – and GIVE WELL that we can receive. Hill provides an example in one of his books of doing unpaid work for a legal beagle one fine Saturday afternoon where everyone else was off to the football game – and doing it of his own accord, with a cheerful disposition.

Hill was asked how much he’d charge for this job – and he laughingly quoted a figure of a grand – which was worth way more back then than it is TODAY.

A few months later, he had forgotten about this altogether – when this same man contacted him – and not only said he’d pay the thousand bucks – but he also made him an offer to HIRE him full time – at a salary which was a full thousand more than what he was getting at the time!

The wheel DOES indeed come full circle, my friend – and it did for me back in the day so many times that I cannot mention them all here, and if there is one takeaway from today’s email, it is what I’ve stated above.

Along with that, you’d do well to remember Hill’s Law of Compensation as well or the “Law of Increasing Returns” as he calls it.

This law basically states that if you GIVE – and give MORE than what you’re being paid for – in good faith, spirit and heart – then you’ll naturally RECEIVE – and receive MORE than what  you thought you would for your initial service.

And this has proven true for me over the years many, many times over, my friend.

And the SAME THING applies to fitness too!

You can’t just hope to read 0 Excuses Fitness and get fit. You can’t just expect to crank out a few workouts and get to be a stud at pull-ups.

No. It don’t work that way!

You can’t just expect to “fall into a handstand” – or back bridge – or what have you from the word go.

You have to pay your dues – and you’ve got to DO the thing in the RIGHT WAY – but heres the point of all this.

Once you DO all of what I’ve said – you’ll naturally get returns – manifold, and ever increasing.

My dedication towards my hill climbs is, much like my biz issues I’ve mentioned above STILL paying off today – THAT is an example of how powerful this law is when applied practically!

Last, but not least, in case you don’t know – I’m STILL incorporating this philosophy into my biz life today. When you crack open 0 Excuses Fitness – what you’d expect is a book and videos on purely exercise – but that is by far not all I’m giving you.

I’m giving you everything I’ve got in that regard – way more than your investment in the course – and I’m doing it to inspire you – and help you get in the very best shape of your life!

As they say – underpromise – but OVER-DELIVER!

So that is today’s tip. Remember that you have to GIV

So that is today’s tip. Remember that you have to GIVE before you can receive – but remember too that the laws of the Universe state that once you give freely – you shall receive freely too – and MORE than what you originally “budgeted” for. 

Thats just how it works, my friend.

To your fitness – and getting you in the BEST SHAPE OF YOUR LIFE, then!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – My Twitter account has some pictures of me teaching English to these ladies – “follow” me if you’re so inclined, and you’ll be receiving regular updates etc from me there as well!

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