The chinning bar – of LIFE!

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Dear Reader,

It may sound strange, but there are a lot of parallels between “real life” and the good ole PULL-UP.

Both can be tough. Both can look daunting – especially when starting out to achieve a goal.

Both don’t “give it up easily” (no puns intended, hehe) when it comes to that elusive thing called “true success”.

In terms of pull-ups, that is getting your chin above the bar from a DEAD HANG – and keeping it there a bit before slowly going back down – which is a feat 99.9% of the male populace today cannot accomplish.

‘Tis a fact, Jack – the vast majority of males out there can’t do a proper pull-up to save their life, instead preferring to focus on hoisting heavy weights and the lat pulldown machine – all of which do exactly squat all in terms of actually being able to do pull-ups well.

Sad part is, it’s astoundingly simple if you only know HOW – but why am I telling you this, you might ask?

Well, because of this – the pull-up done correctly builds MANY if not ALL of the same qualities that’ll make you a success in life, my friend. 

Perhaps this is why it’s one of my favorite exercises (along with high rep pushup workouts which do much the same thing) but these days, I seem to doing pull-ups almost exclusively to the exclusion of other upper body stuff – dips being the notable exception, and I’m getting growth in my arms and shoulders – as well as more of that “s-e-c-s-y back taper that women love” I referred to earlier by the DAY.

But either way, consider this.

The pull-up builds CHARACTER. The pull-up, when done correctly builds far more than pure physical strength – it builds MENTAL strength in spades, and anyone that’s ever gotten through a 100 pull-up workout knows exactly what I BE referring to here.

The pull-up breeds toughness. The pull-ups breeds MASCULINITY. The pull-up above all builds PERSISTENCE, and an attitude of “keep on going no matter what!”

If Rocky Balboa (him of the famous “No-one will hit as hard as life will” lines) were to recommend ONE exercise, then I’m pretty sure the pull-up would be it – and indeed, we see him pounding out one arm pull-ups in Rocky II and “old man pull-ups” in Rocky Balboa as well.

And if there was ONE exercise I’d recommend – after pushups, of course – it is the pull-up – for precisely the SAME reason.

Now take a look at the qualities above. Do you think any – or some – or ALL of the qualities apply to life as well?

I’ll bet the answer is the last, and you’re not alone if you’re thinking that way.

When I created the 0 Excuses Fitness System, the major reason for me doing it was not just to inspire you to get fit – the fittest you have ever been.

No, if there is ONE major reason I can pinpoint and that I did not think of before it is this – to INSPIRE!

To inspire you to get fitter – get BETTER – a BETTER you – a VASTLY better YOU – in ALL Regards!

That is the reason behind the somewhat “unconventional” and brutally honest nature of the writing in that book – all my others, and these emails.

The point is to inspire YOU – and if you’re one amongst the many that feels uplifted – and INSPIRED – after reading my daily emails, well, thank you – that, at the end of the day is what it’s all about!

Back to pull-ups – if there was ever a non physical reason or a host of them – for dropping the weights and the monkey pulldown machine (ok, I’m kidding, but whatever) – well – read above, and you’ll find ’em!

Make up your mind to get good – VERY, VERY good at pull-ups, my friend. You’ll thank me for it later!



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P.S #2 – Any exercise System works best with a foundation – as does LIFE itself – and here is the best foundation you can build in terms of fitness – –

P.P.S. – The above headline gave me an idea for a new book … Hmm!!

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