The FINAL hurdle is often the TOUGHEST!

Dear Reader,

I recently received an email from someone whose been making progress after he purchased my book on pull-ups.

He was at the point he couldn’t do a SINGLE pull-up – – and even hanging on to the bar was tough for him.

Slowly, but surely, he made progress – – inch by painstaking inch.

And he is finally at a  point where he can do 1 (maybe 2 on a good day) pull-up during his workout and not have his triceps “scream” in agony – – and he’s got a goal to do ‘em 5 at a time.

He’s getting frustrated because while it was relatively easy to get the “first pull-up” in, anything beyond that seems to be a REAL struggle.

And today’s email is for HIM.

If you’ve been trying to accomplish goals of any nature – – or if you’re moving closer to a goal you have – either fitness related or LIFE related, well, this one is for YOU!

If you’re looking for a bit of motivation along with REAL LIFE advice coming from someone that’s been in the trenches – – this one is for YOU!

And it’s for you as well even if you’re just starting out and haven’t made much progress towards your goal at all.

Those that know me KNOW that “working for someone else” has never ever been for me.

Though yes, I’ve done plenty of “jobs” in the past – – I’ve never been happy at any of them (regardless of the money etc) – – and although I gave them all my best shot (hence the sales etc I talk about, and what I spoke about in my last email on “giving more than we receive) – – I always knew deep down inside that it wasn’t for me.

Working for “someone else” and doing the same humdrum things that “most” people “believe” they have to do was NEVER for me, and my life changed MANIFOLD in many regards once I came to this one realization.

It took me a while to fully arrive at this conclusion, but arrive I did – – and so can YOU – – if you know how to.

Knowing what you want out of life is key, of course, in order to arrive at this decision. And it’s amazing – astounding, even – but when you ask folks the question “What is it you want out of life” – – the vast majority of people are unable to answer this in any sort of concise manner – – and moreover, with any sort of real gumption behind the words!

Now this is fine. Most of us have been sold a bill of goods on life in general (not to mention fitness) and the whole concept of NOT being able to have what we really, really want in life.

And that’s where I come in – to motivate you – and tell you in my typically blunt manner that anyone who tells you anything remotely resembling the above is so full of it that he or she might as well bed down with the nearest skunk if you get my drift.

That’s pretty strong stuff, you might say, but it’s TRUE – – and NOTIHNG is strong enough for those that try and keep you from achieving your dreams, my friend.

You only have one life – ONE SHOT!

And I should know. Boy, I should know!

EVERY TIME I’ve tried to accomplish something of note, I’ve never got the sort of support you’d think would be necessary and yet – I went out there and DID IT regardless.

Making sales at the company I spoke about was greeted with nothing but derision (except from the company, of course) from my family members, for instance.

“Oh, that’s just sales. The real job is something else … “

Huh??? Are you telling me that sales don’t matter? That most company heads don’t focus on sales?

‘Tis strange, but a fact – – that at that company I’m referring to – the OPERATIONS was the real issue – – as opposed to the sales – – which were rolling in plentiful!

When I first had dreams of doing my own thing – – and unfortunately shared those dreams – – same thing.

“You’ll never be able to do anything on your own!”

And so forth.

But this isn’t merely about what I had to go through – and what a LOT OF US have to go through when we’re setting out to achieve something.

It’s part of why I keep telling you not to announce goals to the world. It’s also why Napoleon Hill made the famous comment “Tell the world what you’re going to do – but SHOW ‘em first!”

In other words – Go and tell no man! (Claude Bristol, the Magic of Believing)

WAY, way too many folks will try and stop you from doing what you really, really want – – and achieving anything of note – – and in this regard, about all I can say is to give them the bird figuratively speaking.

Now, what AFTER you set after a goal? What if you do it all right, but encounter hurdles aplenty – – hurdles that you’ve never encountered before?

Well, know this – – it means THIS – – you’re on the right path!

Nothing great was ever accomplished without struggle. Nothing of note was accomplished without hardship aplenty before the “bounty”!

You give before you receive, and you give aplenty – – and you keep giving until the “Gatekeeper” of the goal decides it can’t “break” you any longer – – and gives in!

And the final hurdle is OFTEN the toughest, my friend. Often the toughest.

It’s like climbing a particularly hard mountain. Such as K2 for instance. Let’s assume you’re ABOUT to reach the top, and encounter the most perilous stretch of mountain you had for a while.

What do you do? Do you just up and give up – – and ensure that the rest of your efforts have gone in vain?

Put another way, do you stop just short of the line when you’re SPRINTING to win a RACE? In this case, the race of life?

What do I mean by all this?

Well, simple – – and it can be summed up by what Napoleon Hill said in “Think and Grow Rich” – – most people give up JUST ONE STEP before the final goal is achieved – – before the final hurdle is overcome, and the BOUNTY is within REACH!

Regular readers of this email will recall the case of the famous insurance salesman I mentioned R.U. Darby – – and his uncle – – and the story I told you about them stopping JUST short of gold before another more “canny” prospector came along and made the most of their mistake.

That email can be accessed here – but for now – don’t make the same mistake!

Remember that ANYTIME you’ve trying to accomplish a goal that means something to you – – there’ll be a TON of opposition – – and the hurdles will become progressively tougher.

And it really boils down to this “Can you take it?”

And if you can – you’ll be well rewarded, my friend – – so well that you’ll start to wonder if the “tough times” were ever there in the first place!

And again, I should know.

Fitness wise, this has a real impact as well. I’ve mentioned before the opposition people encounter (either knowingly or unknowingly) whey they tell others their goals – – and along the way to the goal as well.

Heck, I’ve been called crazy – – a loon – – someone that “over exercises” – – and all sorts of thing along MY OWN fitness journey to where I am – – but RIGHT NOW?

Most people wouldn’t dream of saying anything to that effect now – – as opposed to BEFORE.

And fitness too throws up final hurdles of various natures. I still remember the “breaking point” where I was stuck at sets of 10 pull-ups for a LONG time – – before I finally broke free of that point, and it became progressively easier after that.

The key is this – – NEVER give up – – and always remember this – – the less support you have – – the BETTER you’ll do overall, and why?

Because it forces you to dig DEEP DOWN and do it YOURSELF – – and at the end of the day, my brother, there is NO greater satisfaction than that – – either fitness wise, or otherwise.

So that’s it for today! Plenty of messages to be had in that email above – – see if you can spot ‘em – – and once you do, remember that you’ll do a LOT, LOT better along the way if you mix in a healthy dose of 0 Excuses Fitness along with what I’ve said above.

Try it – – and see the results for yourself!


Rahul Mookerjee

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