Going ABOVE – and BEYOND – the call of duty

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Dear Reader,

A few posts ago I wrote about the value of “giving more than we receive”, and I received a couple of interesting responses to this post.

I’ll discuss this more later, but first off, and right off the bat – let me clear two things up.

Here is what the above does NOT mean –

  • It does NOT mean “giving the house away for free”.
  • Neither does it mean “offering services but expecting no compensation for them”. Although you CAN do this on a “case by case” basis if you so choose – Napoleon Hill did it on more than one occasion, it still isn’t a rule written in stone and isn’t what I was referring to.

So, other than what I mentioned in that post – what exactly WAS I referring to?

Well, I’ll give you an example – a current example.

Back in the day, one of  the things I used to do was be a “geek”. Which I still am in part – while this might come as a surprise for those that know me as  a “jock” –  I’m the one that got the 0 Excuses site up and running, and I have my “geek” background – as well interest in many things tech related to thank for this, hehe.

Now while doing this, I naturally had folks coming up to me and asking me to build their websites for them – which I happily did for a fee.

I no longer do this, of course – but I’ve STILL got clients from them days, and one of these guys is facing an issue with his site (an ecommerce site of all things, wouldn’t you know, hehe) that he doesn’t know how to solve.

I built the site for him, and then offered to host it for him – which I have been for years. I’m basically his “hosting provider” of sorts.

He’s not much of a techie – and the issue is that his site was recently hacked – and while this is an issue for him as a site admin, I’m helping him out with it – including doing a few things that certainly aren’t on my “list of responsibilities” as it were as a hosting provider – including apply to Google etc to get the site removed from a blacklist – and so forth.

Now, all of this is time consuming – and it doesn’t fall within my forte.

I’m certainly not going to get paid for this.

So, why am I doing it?

In the 0 Excuses Fitness book, and my other books – I could well have just provided the fitness instruction part of things and presented it to you that way.

After all, it’s a fitness book, right? And the exercises themselves along with the instruction are WELL WORTH the investment one makes, so …


In BOTH the above cases, the point is this – going ABOVE and BEYOND the call of duty – and here’s the key, again.

I’m not doing it “so I’ll get paid down the line”. In fact, I’m not going to get paid anything extra for either of the two endavors – but I AM doing it for the above reasons – to put more GOOD VIBES out into the Universe – for those that DESERVE it, as opposed to cheapskates and freeloaders and the like, of course.

Put more good vibes out into the Universe, and you receive more good vibes BACK.

‘Tis just how it works, my friend. ‘Tis just how it works. There’s no two ways around this – and as I sit here, I’m feeling GREAAATTT … ready to rumble as it were, inspite of the fact we woke up at 645 AM today (remember the part about me not being a morning person? hehe) – bright and early – ready to take the daughter to school – only to be greeted by an overflowing drain amongst other things, hehe.

Well – so thats the update for today – I’m off to clean my drain soon – – but for now, remember this – if you workout today – impart the SAME spirit to your workout, my friend.

While doing your pushups, make sure to not just ” do ’em”. As I mention in the System, do them the RIGHT way – with the PROPER breathing!

While doing your pull-ups, don’t just settle for second best. Give it your all – like I said – workout like today was to be your last workout!

And as you do all this, don’t worry about “results”. As Wallace D Wattles famously said and as I’ve repeated so many times over and over again – if you “do the thing the right way”, the results will a-come, my friend.

They’ll come. For sure. There ain’t no two ways about it!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Here is the link for the course on pull-ups – a course that will literally take you from a big fat “ZERO” to “HERO” in pull-ups – – http://0excusesfitness.com/pull-ups-from-dud-to-stud-within-a-matter-of-weeks/

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