Are plans overrated?

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Dear Reader,

When I was a callow youth of about 20 or so, and about to graduate college – I had NO idea what I would do with the rest of my  life – even my “immediate life” beyond college.

I had been told galore to “pursue further studies”. To “get an advanced degree”.  To “find a job”. And so forth.

And while all of that wasn’t necessarily “bad” advice, I never did any of that.

As I was about to graduate (or I believe in the weeks leading up to it), an Uncle called out of the blue.

“So, Rahul, whats the plan?”


“What will you do after finishing school?”

“Uh …. ”

“Your plan A. Plan B. And plan C, of course …?”

Truth be told, I HAD NO plan – not because I didn’t want one – but a) because all the advice I was being given was completely contrary to the PICTURE I had of myself in my mind (and yes, despite lack of a “plan” – I had pictures GALORE in my mind even then!) and b) I’ve never ever lived my life according to a plan anyway.

Hey, a few months later I ended up in China – something I was roundly advised against – where I spent some of the most enjoyable years I’ve ever had – and met some of the best people I ever have – so I guess the “no plan plan” worked out fine then, huh?

Fast forward a couple of years, and I lost my first job in China.

“Whats the plan” my (ex) girl friend at the time shrilled.

“Uh, I’ll look for a job … ”

“OK, but how? Where? This market … how will you … what if … ”

“Uh, I don’t know. I’ll just … ”

Strangely enough, I landed a position within a month of losing that last job – a BETTER position at that.

Sure, I sent out job applications and all that, but did I have a plan A, B and C?

Nada. Hell, I didn’t even know half of the job sites I was supposed to be applying to at that point. We hear a lot about “making your job search a job”, but truth be told, for me it was something I did “when I felt like it” …

And yet, can you argue with the result?

Was it painless? Did the journey have nil bumps? NO, and no.

But the result?

Again, I doubt you can argue with the results. 

And this is how I’ve lived my whole life, my friend – and continue to do so.

I didn’t “plan” on having a kid (which alone is a mind bender for most folks). I didn’t plan on “which job I’d get next”.

And I sure as heck don’t plan out these emails/posts either. We hear so much about “planning and scheduling blog posts”, and “how difficult it is to maintain posting frequency”, but truth be told, nothing could be easier for me.

The minute I “plan” it, though, is the minute I run into TROUBLE – with a capital T.

Many of you will be surprised or even shocked to hear that my ideas for these posts are not only not planned – but that they “come out  of the blue”.

Perhaps while working out – or after waking up from a nap. Perhaps (and usually) at odd times during the day. And even after I’ve been sitting on the throne a while – or the shower, for that matter.

Key is this though – I ACT upon that idea as soon as I get it – – and here’s the thing – – I act upon it a certain WAY!

And the end result, my friend, has always been far better than if I were to meticulously “plan” out my life in detail. Or “plan before doing”, as they say.

This may sound astounding to you, and there are those that will term me a “drifter” – but hold on a minute.

You’ll recall the part about having pictures in my mind above?

Well, there was never a lack of PICTURES in my mind – the point is this though – those pictures weren’t backed up by inner, subconscious CONFIDENCE at that point – which is why a lot of it didn’t happen then, but yet, even without that – can’t argue with the results, can we?

A drifter is one without a PURPOSE – not necessarily one without a current PLAN.

Now on the other hand, don’t get me wrong. If plans work for you, great – and I have NOTHING against plans anyway.

Let me repeat this – – I have nothing whatsoever “against” plans – or planning for that matter. It in fact is one of central tenets to success – as Napoleon Hill notes in Think and Grow Rich, an organized PLAN is of the utmost importance if you are to succeed.

However, he also notes in “Outwitting the Devil” that PERSISTENCE in applying a plan, which may not be well thought out – or may not even be the most practical one available – usually trumps everything else, including one WITHOUT a plan.

Claude Bristol makes an EVEN better point in the “Magic of Believing“.

He talks about commanding the subconscious to provide you with the right plan (as Hill does, and anyone whose achieved anything of note does) – – but he ALSO NOTES that that plan may not come through as “A -> B -> C … “.

It may come across as random “things to do” while in the flow – – and yet, when you look back and connect the dots it all makes sense – and this, my friend, is EXACTLY how my life has proceeded until now.

I wrote about “General” Michael – a good friend and a man I’ve always admired – him of the “I could eat a couple of Lieutenant’s for lunch” post and while you may hear him utter the words “inspiration” – or “do now” – or “in the mood for it” – or “just do it” (aha!) … you probably won’t hear him use the world “plan” too often.

This from a man with military background – and yet, HIS life was the one that greatly impressed me and provided the most “pictures” for me to work upon when I first met him in China all those years ago.

And today – what I’m doing today – right now – is in part, or more than in part, due to those pictures I first got in my mind when I met him!

So thats my take on plans – controversial or not – take it or leave it – this is how it’s worked for me so far, and I’m not likely to make any changes either!

Now, in terms of fitness, what does this mean?

Does it mean you just “jump in” headfirst with no plan – or proven exercise system?

Not in the least, mi amigo. Not in the least!

What it does mean is this – you approach each workout “in the flow”, as it were!

While you may write down your workout results – – and I highly recommend you do so anyway in the System – – you may also find that your workouts “change” on the spur of the moment once you go in with this mentality – and yet are just as productive, if not more.

Not to mention they’ll be a heck of a lot less boring than if you were to “follow a script”, doncha think?

So thats today’s tip. Get into FLOW – and try living in the flow.

Breathe deeply – inhale what you want to bring INTO your life, and exhale the negative – and let things HAPPEN, my friend.

Try it for a while, and let me know how it goes!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – We’ve all heard that saying about the best laid plans, haven’t we? Right about after my Uncle called me that afternoon all those years ago, I learnt that I flunked out of a course with a D – and wouldn’t be graduating anyway. Huh. Coincidence? I don’t think so!

P.S # 2 – The BEST plans often come when you “let them come to  you” with little or no “conscious” thought. And THAT, in part was how I got to over a 100 pull-ups per workout with little apparent effort. Apart from the physical, read how I did it right here – –

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