Take STOCK of where you are – NOW!

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Dear Reader,

I’ve often spoken about the importance of visualization done correctly, as well as making sure you focus on what you DO WANT – as opposed to what you do NOT want.

Both great topics, and both topics that though oft ignored, are vital to success in any endeavor.

But today I’ll talk about something else altogether – – something that is often ignored as well when talking about visualization, goal setting etc.

First off, the reason I encourage you to repeatedly go into your memory banks and play past scenes of success isn’t just because I believe in the esoteric – – the Universe – – or the Infinite, for that matter.

While the topic itself sounds esoteric, the applications are just about as PRACTICAL as it can get.

And practically speaking, visualization allows you to UNDERSTAND and FEEL  TWO things at a deeper level – –

One, that the past, future, and present are all really “factors of time” and the infinite if you look at it one way. If something has “already happened” – – or “will happen” in your memory banks – – then you can bet your bottom dollar it’ll happen in your reality as well IF you put enough passion and emotion into the thoughts and emotions of that “thing”.

Second, and more importantly, the EMOTION is what allows this “magic” to take place.

Ever visualized a goal which you didn’t really “have much emotion for?”

Something that you “didn’t really care much about” either way? (and no, I’m not talking about “letting go” here – – that is a different topic altogether – – and that has got to do with “not caring WHEN or how it happens” – not IF it happens!).

Well, I’ll bet you have – – and I’ll bet that goal didn’t materialize either; or if it did, you weren’t entirely satisfied with what manifested.

The above bit is key.

The emotion, my friend, is how we influence our subconscious into acting on our behalf – – and to go to work pursuing those goals EVERY minute of our lives (even while we’re sleeping) – – and part of the “how” in terms of generating the emotion isn’t just the emotion you get when you’re thinking about past successes.

When I visualize, I often have TWO visualizations going on in the “same screen” with regard to one goal.

The screen on the left shows where I am NOW – in the HERE AND NOW – with regard to the goal, and the one on the right shows where I WILL be in the future.

Note that I didn’t say “would like to be”, or “perhaps will be”. I said WILL be. There is a reason behind this!

While watching one screen amplifies an already present desire to new levels, watching BOTH screens rachets up the “tension” to previously untouched levels, my friend, because I’m constantly figuring out (or trying to) HOW to best get to the goal – BOTH on a conscious level as well as subconscious – -the former heavily influencing the latter as well if I might say so.

And once you perfect the art of doing THIS – watch out. Your results will materialize even faster than if you were to just visualize that ONE screen, and in terms of fitness?

Does it apply?

Oh boy. Yes it does, YES, it does, and then some!

When you’re confronted with the obese you – – and the NEW you – – both “staring” at each other, then it’s one thing to let your subconscious work on the “plans” to morph into the new you.

It’s quite another though to work on these plans consciously – and believe you me, that white hot flame of desire to be a BETTER – and FITTER you will be rekindled GALORE every minute you perform this split visualization.

Similarly for pull-ups – – dips – – handstand pushups – – or any other “tough goal” you’re looking to accomplish.

When you’re looking at a picture of yourself unable to get into a handstand, for instance, and then another one on the right pumping out slow reps effortlessly – – ‘tis but natural to DO – and DO all you can in order to morph into the right picture – – at the soonest!

And so it goes, my friend. Moral of the story?

Well, simple – keep track of not just where you want to be in the future – – but the here and now as well!

Revisit both scenes regularly in your memory banks, and I’ll bet you anything the results are OTC (off the charts, hehe).


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – To get OTC fitness results, you have to follow a fitness routine that is tailored to bring you said results as opposed to the “run of the mill” or humdrum stuff. Move over long and fancy routines, or looooong runs outdoors. There’s a far, far better way – – a way that has worked for me, and IS WORKING right now for a whole bunch of folks out there – – and a way that’ll work for you too – – and the way is right here – https://0excusesfitness.com/0excusesfitnessystem/

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