The value of doing SOMETHING daily

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Dear Reader,

I’ve often spoken about how fitness is like a bank balance.

The little deposits are the ones that add up over time – – especially if the deposits are made on a DAILY basis.

Think about it – if you had a savings account where you started off with a big fat ZERO, and put in $2 daily into it – – what would the balance look like at the end of six months – – or a year?

Replace that $2 with an occasional $1 – and the occasional $5 – – and you have an even bigger and better picture at the end of the day!

And these benefits comes from doing something religiously – – and doing that “something” daily!

This ties into what I’ve been saying all along about PERSISTENCE being the key to real and lasting achievement in any sphere.

Napoleon Hill once famously wrote “if you can’t do great things – do small things in a great way!

The only thing missing from that quote is “everyday”.

And this applies to life as well as it does fitness, my friend.

For instance, most of my blog posts are between 650 – 1000 words in length the last time I checked. Way more than the average of “500 or so” words that most “pundits” talk about – – and despite the length, I make it a point to send ‘em out DAILY.

And on the rare occasion that an email doesn’t go out from 0 Excuses Fitness HQ – – you can bet your bottom dollar its either server issues or something I can’t control that’s at play – – and you can also bet I’ve DONE my writing regardless – – offline!

When you pound out a bare minimum of 2000 words a day, writing books becomes EASY. Writing – – of any nature – – which is the hardest things for most people to do, btw – – literally becomes second nature.

And so it is with fitness, my friend.

When I first set out to lose weight and get myself into the sort of “cut and chiseled” shape I’m in now, I made it a point to do what I had to do in that regard EVERYDAY.

That entailed five hill climbs a day amongst other things, and I did so EVERY DAY.

Regardless of the weather. Regardless of the fact that I had a full time job ahead of me after my workout.

Regardless of whether or not it was Sunday. Regardless of whether or not I “felt like waking up” or whether I “had a few beers the night before”.

And so forth.

And the results are there for all to see!

Ditto for my efforts at pull-ups. When I started out doing pull-ups, getting to 5 in ONE set was a chore, my friend.

In fact, to be honest, 3 was a chore at times, but one of the keys to achieving what I have in this regard isn’t simply “doing the thing”.

It’s “doing the thing” – – on a DAILY basis!

I’d do pull-ups daily. Some days were brutal, some better. Some days were GREAT days, but regardless, you’d see me out there doing the thing, and doing it daily!

It’s the same with any endeavor I’ve ever participated in. If it’s anything important to me – – I make sure to do it daily!

So don’t listen to the “pundits” and “so called experts” who tell you to “exercise three times a week so the body can recover”.

Or, those that tell you “working out daily will tire you out way too much”.

Or, that “you need to take it easy. Daily workouts are too intense!”

Or any of the associated BALDERDASH we hear in that regard.

The bottom line is this – if you really, really want to get into the best shape of your life from the INSIDE out – – and stay at that “level”, well, then follow Nature’s rules, my friend.

Animals in the wild don’t do curls on Monday and bench presses on Wednesday, do they?

You don’t hear a giraffe complain about it’s “sore neck” because it stretched it a bit too much to eat leaves, do you?

Neither do you hear an ape complain about it’s “sore arms” from swinging a tree branch too many!

Sure – – these are somewhat extreme comparisons, but the fact is this – modern day man needs MORE exercise – – not less.

Following Nature’s way doesn’t mean turning into a human equivalent of the sloth bear.

It means turning into a human equivalent of King Kong – – if not in terms of sheer muscle – – then certainly in terms of health, strength, fitness and INNER VITALITY – and that combo is something you can only get by doing something every day, my friend.

As I’ve said in the past, you don’t have to make every workout an ass kicker. In fact, you’d be well served to go “light” somedays – – but the point is this – – you make sure to do SOMETHING daily.

Adopt this little practice in your life, and watch the results literally FLOW before your eyes.


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Plenty more such fitness tips are mentioned in the 0 Excuses Fitness System – – including a tip about how to recover much faster and more efficiently from workouts that leave you GASPING and in a puddle of sweat. Hint – getting your breathing back to normal isn’t about gulping down as much air as you can. If anything it’s the exact opposite – – crack open the System, and you’ll see what I  mean – –

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