10 characteristics of a TRUE entrepreneur

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Dear Reader,

We hear the terms entrepreneur and entrepreneurship being tossed out so casually these days – but there are precious FEW people who  understand the REAL meaning behind the word entrepreneurship.

We see glossy pictures galore on social media of “so and so” taking “so and so out for dinner” to discuss “X amount of investment” or “the latest idea” – followed by pictures of said “entrepreneurs” discussing things over one drink – and then another – and then another, and …

We see folks post memes and quotes all day long from the ones that have actually been there and done it – but do these people even understand what they’re posting a lot of times?

And I don’t mean understand the words themselves – I mean the meaning behind the words.

Social media like many things these days has become increasingly FAKE, and so have a lot of the tales been spread around.

So anyway, if you’re an entrepreneur – or consider yourself one – take a gander at whats beneath, and let me know what you think!

(Note – there is more to all this – I’m merely talking about the first 10 things that come to mind. If there is interest,  I’ll write more on this later!).

The ability to dare to dream – and dream BIG! –  Are you confident dreaming BIG – and NEW? More to the point, do you have the faith that your dreams will come true if you apply yourself correctly?

Are you willing to take the path less trodden – or barely trodden for that matter to achieve whatever it is you set out to?

Marconi, the inventor of the wireless was once sent to the looney tune bin for treatment when he first proposed the idea of communication via radio waves, and I’m sure others such as the Wright brothers etc met with the same sort of initial “derision”.

This didn’t deter them or the other achievers of yore – and today – what about YOU?

An overwhelming and all consuming DESIRE to achieve one’s goal to the exclusion of everything else –  I’ll condense this into a one liner – if you don’t have a white hot FLAME OF DESIRE brewing underneath your goal – then it’s likely – very likely – that it isn’t going to happen.

Do you live, breathe, eat and sleep your GOAL? Or do you simply entertain the idea of doing so before moving on a few beers and complaining about your day job – or worse still, uttering the “it is what it is” line and letting the status quo remain?

Do you wake up in the morning and think about your goal the first thing in the morning – and the first thing before bed?

And so forth …

SINGULAR FOCUS – Way too many people flit around from one idea to another, not really giving enough time or energy to any one idea to find out if it has value – – and more importantly, to give it time to “sprout”.

Big, big mistake. The real achievers in life focus on ONE thing – and ONE thing alone – and its only after they’ve either succeeded or decided after long trials etc that “that one thing” isn’t worth it that they move on to the next thing (but it’s usually a case of the former with them).

It’s the same thing in term of fitness. Way too many people focus on doing the “next new thing” out there and then complaining about how it doesnt work – as opposed to STICKING TO what has been PROVEN to work – and DOING IT over and over again!

 The “git her done NOW” mentality – Those that seem to find every excuse in the book to get it done “tomorrow” aren’t priming themselves for success. It’s usually the exact opposite, and I’ve seen this first hand with folks that claim to have goals.

These people not only flit from “the next big thing to the other” – but when you ask them about any actual progress on the goal – from month to month – or even year to year – it’s always a big fat ZERO, and the same old tale about “the time is never right”.

Newsflash, folks – the time is usually NEVER right. If you’ve got an idea – and are willing to put weight behind it – then do it – NOW! 

Lots of folks talk about building a new website – or starting a new biz – or “doing something new”, but you’ll find that when it actually comes time to DO that new thing, for whatever reason, you’ll find them doing the “old thing” all along.

Not my idea of someone that’s priming themselves for success.

A business “financed by Mommy and Daddy” (in other words, a “zero risk” business)- Doesn’t cut it, my friend.

True entrepreneurship in any business requires guts and going it alone. If you’ve got the “cushion” of family or others to fall back upon (note – this is different from getting INVESTORS) – then you’re likely not even in the state of mind where you’ll do what it takes to GET where you want to be.

Case in point being both the online fitness businesses I started – in both cases I pretty much started with zero, and therefore had no option but to …

And that brings me to …

LEAVING YOURSELF WITH NO OPTION BUT TO SUCCEED – Napoleon Hill spoke about this in Think and Grow Rich. He cites an example of a general who ordered his troops – way outnumbered in terms of equipment and manpower to literally BURN their ships once they reached shore.

The troops were left with 2 options.

Win or perish – and win they did!

Precious few people have what it takes to go it wholeheartedly, and BURN all bridges of retreat behind them. Those that do, however, usually make the cut at the end of the day.

FAITH – A topic which most folks pay lip service to, but don’t usually believe themselves. It is one thing to SAY you’ve got faith in your venture – – but deep, deep down inside when you think about it – – do you really have faith?

Are you willing to put everything at stake to achieve your goal? If you want to do a 100 pull-ups, are you literally ready to “forget the world” as you embark upon this goal?

If so, chances are you’ll GET there.

Are you willing to literally burn all other options of retreat behind you, leaving you with no choice but to succeed or else?

If so, chances are you’ll SUCCEED.

Hard questions, and ones you don’t see asked a lot, but they are ones EVERY entrepreneur should ponder at length.

PERSISTENCE  – This ties in what I’ve said above. The vast majority of men that set goals – of any nature give up at the first sign of obstacle or impending obstacles.

As Napoleon Hill once said, “Before Success comes in any man’s life, he is sure to meet with much temporary defeat and perhaps some failures. When defeat overtakes Man, the easiest and most logical thing to do is to QUIT. That’s exactly what the majority of men do“.

Want a few examples of how persistence can literally skyrocket you to dizzy heights? Look at Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, and Edwin Barnes, to name a few … if there was ONE thing in common all these men had (apart from what is above) – it is PERSISTENCE, and the desire and gumption to “keep on keeping on” even during the rough times!

To keep on keeping on when others question your desires – or refer to you as an idiot – or worse.

To keep on believing when everyone around you URGES you to STOP believing, and “get back to the grind” – and so forth.

QUICK DECISIONS – Research any successful man’s life and you’ll find that he has one thing in common with others of his ilk – that being the ability to make decisions on the SPUR and change them SLOWLY.

This alone sounds like anathema to most people, but there is immense value in trusting your gut, my friends – and if you research the lives of anyone you consider even remotely successful, you’ll see this as a common thread.

RISK TAKING – This is again a common thread in the lives of all mega achievers. From Ford to Edison to Napoleon Hill to any modern day achiever – you’ll find nary a person who didn’t take “on the spur of the moment” risks, and do so all the time.

‘Tis true, my friend. Unless you’re willing to take the plunge, you’ll never prime yourself for the ultimate reward.

So that’s my top 10 list of “determining” factors …

Some of these pose uncomfortable questions. None of these are politically correct. But if you look beyond the “uncomfortable” and abrasive nature of the questions themselves, you’ll find great value in the answers you do come up with – if you do.

And by the way, ALL these questions are JUST AS applicable to your fitness goals – as they are life themselves.

Run them by yourself once, and let me know how you do!


Rahul Mookerjee

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