An instant self confidence formula

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Dear Reader,

During my days in mainland China, I often witnessed something that at times I thought was funny – even a curiosity at times.

I’d see folks that were going to work – perhaps at the nearby barber’s salon – or the real estate agencies – or sales reps (primarily) in any sort of shop, biz etc line up “army style” in front of the establishment early in the morning and their “leader” would be standing in front of them.

Being that women make up the majority of the workforce in this regard (sales, customer service etc) here in China, I’d see these neatly dressed ladies – being led by one of their own – and this leader would be BARKING orders to them in a crisp tone of voice, while the rest would stand (literally!) at attention, and repeat what she said verbatim.

It was not unlike in the Marines and other branches of the army where the Sergeant General – or other trainers bark out LOUD orders and affirmations and these are repeated by the cadets – over and over again – in strict letter perfect military style.

Now, in the past I found this way of doing things to be comical (I’m not talking about the Army here; I’m referring to what I said about the civilian businesses in China).

Upon asking a couple of these ladies why this drill was partook of every morning, I got this answer “for more sales”.

OK, so how would barking out orders and standing at attention and repeating them increase sales?

Little did I understand back then – – but I do now.

What they were doing was using a variant, and a pretty effective one at that of Claude Bristol’s “tap tap repetition” technique which essentially states and rightly so that ANY matter – or topic – can literally be hammered into the subconscious if there is enough emotion behind the thought being put in.

And once your subconscious goes into action – well – WATCH out – the results will be a coming down the pike so quickly you’ll be left astounded – and they’ll come in ways that “wonders to perform”, as the saying goes.

And know this – what the Chinese were using was a VARIANT of what Bristol recommended, and successfully so (going by sheer results he obtained) in terms of increasing his sales people’s confidence – – both in HIS own organization and dozens of others in his experience.

In his book, the Magic of Believing, he talks about an EXCELLENT LITTLE technique – – which is in itself a variant on the visualization techniques I talk about in Zero to Hero – – and what others such as Napoleon Hill talk about – – but is indeed one of the most effective, and quickest ways in some cases to get your subconscious to “get the message”.

For some odd reason I’ve been neglecting this technique as of late with regard to my current goals, and I started back up yesterday with regard to ONE goal – and boy oh boy – I feel the self confidence literally COURSING through my veins with just – get this – ONE repetition of what he advises you to do in his book!

This goal is fitness related, and I’ll get into this more later, but for now – the technique.

It’s called the “Mirror Technique for releasing the subconscious“, and believe you me, this is one of the best, and most ultimate tips I can give you in this email newsletter – for free – so listen up.

Take a goal you’ve got. It can be fitness related, sales related, or life related – it doesnt matter. What matters is the goal is something that MEANS something to you!

Stand in front of a full length mirror, heels together, almost “at attention” as it were. Almost as if you were in the military with a Sergeant General in front of you.

If you don’t have a full length mirror, as I don’t – one where you can see yourself from the waist UP works just as well in this regard.

Look at yourself, and repeat the goal to yourself – and as you do so – do so with EMOTION – and PASSION!

This part of course is key to ALL visualizations, but why does it work so well in this case?

Well, its easier to drum up passion when you’re looking at yourself in the mirror.

The eyes are the window to the soul, and when you’re looking DEEP into your eyes and talking “to yourself” about a goal – it becomes VERY easy indeed to drum up INTENSE WHITE HOT DESIRE AND PASSION for said goal – infuse it into your words, and then literally HAMMER it into your subconscious via the words!

Believe me, it works. Way back in the day I used a variant of this as well before talking to clients (back when I was in sales) – and though I didn’t use a mirror, and though I did not know it, I was essentially doing using another one of Bristol’s techniques to increase sales, that being to talk it through to yourself before getting on the actual sales call.

And did it work? Well, it worked so well that I ended up penning a book on it …! 

So thats today’s tip. If you’re currently obese, and unable to lose weight – or drum up the motivation for whatever reason, then stand before a mirror, and look into your very SOUL – and ASK yourself – is this the real YOU?

Is this the REAL person hiding inside of you?

CAN you – WILL you become something better?

These questions sometimes don’t get posed forcefully enough to the subconscious when you’re using the regular techniques, but when you use a mirror? They’ll not only get forced through – they’ll get HAMMERED in as well – big time – and quickly!

Try it, and report back on the results!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Something that most folks do when they stand before the mirror is look at their waistlines and “pretend” they don’t have that extra flab hanging on to their “love” (hate??) handles. Or that the belly isn’t “really that big”. Or that “we’re just big guys!”. And so forth … And while all this is fine and dandy, the fact is that these weak affirmations won’t cut it, my friend.

Stand before the mirror, and literally DEMAND A NEW YOU – NOW! And after you do that, it’s time to get to action – and Corrugated Core offers you the perfect set of tools with which to chisel that lump of lard into a hard, solid, corrugated midsection. Grab it right here –

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