How “reasonable” is your “reason”?

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Dear Reader,

Back in the day, when I was fresh out of college, as I noted before I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life – except that I wanted it to be something fresh – something new – on a darn near daily basis.

This, of course, as I’ve mentioned before was anathema to some of my family members, all of which who advised me to “take the path well trodden”, or in other words, “the safe path”.

And I’m not down on them for suggesting this. Although that’s not me, and has never been me – and will never ever be, they had their reasons for saying this, but anyway, so back to “back in the day”.

Though jobs were tough at that point (it was the year after 9/11), and though I had completed an internship at one of the biggest multi national companies in the world, I still found it tough as heck to land a decent position.

I finally landed two positions.

One being at a small company where I was pretty much the only “software engineer” (as they put it).

The other at a large, large multinational corporation where I’d be doing what dozens of other coders did on a regular basis – which was to CODE, code, code, and then some.

The first was a risk if you looked at it rationally.

“You’ll never learn anything” scoffed those who were against it (that being pretty much anyone and everyone I told).

And the second was something darn near everyone near me at the time advised me to do. “Oh, it’s a huge company, that has to be the right choice!”

And yet, I went with the first, and it was by far one of the very best decisions I’ve made in my entire life.

Though there was plenty of opposition to the idea, I went ahead and did it anyway – and I followed my gut feeling in doing so.

The main reason for me accepting the job wasn’t because that was the job that ultimately took me to China. Heck, I didn’t even know they had a China operation. All I knew was the company was based out of Florida and needed a tech support guy, and that’s about it.

My reason told me NOT to take that job, and yet, like I’ve done most my life, I ignored my reason and went with my gut, and it turned out to be the very best decision in terms of  career that I could have taken at that point.

Oh, and for those of you that think “small companies are worthless with regard to learning anything”, think again.

I’ve been on both ends of the spectrum, and I can happily tell you that the LARGE companies are where you basically learn ZERO, or close to it, or even less.

The LARGE companies are where you’re a fly on the wall – – a cog in the wheel – – unless “you know someone that knows someone” – – as opposed to smaller companies where you hit the ground running.

It’s kind of like the test of success that I mentioned in an earlier email and that Napoleon Hill wrote about.

As he correctly said, the GUARDIAN to the GATES OF SUCCESS does NOT give up the keys easily. Those that don’t make the grade just don’t make it! It’s that simple.

And that is how it is when you’re working at these smaller companies. You either sink – or swim, as a former employer of mine – – THAT employer where I had tremendous sales success put it.

After I joined that job, not only did they NOT expect the resounding successes we had over the coming months – but I found out that hiring me was an “on the spot” decision made by the boss.

My co-workers at the time were “rationally” ambivalent about it, yet the boss had no hesitation, despite there being no rationale for hiring me at the time!

Last, but NOT least, I can also tell you this – I’ve never achieved more than I have in the SMALLER companies I’ve worked at – – as opposed to the larger companies where I hated literally every minute.

Anyhow, the reason behind me telling you this?

… Is that if you look at any success story over the years – – or any successful person – – or anything that has accomplished anything of any note – – you’ll see two common threads.

First, these people reach decisions QUICKLY – – and change ‘em SLOWLY, if at all.

Second, the vast majority of these decisions are made based upon GUT feeling for the most part as opposed to reason, and they’re usually the RIGHT choice!

As Napoleon Hill notes in “Think and Grow Rich”, do not trust your reason when it comes to making plans to accumulate money. The subconscious gives us plans which may sound incredulous, mind boggling and astounding at the time, but these plans usually trump “rationally thought out plans” each and every time!

Claude Bristol wrote about this as well in his book the “Magic of Believing”, where he repeatedly stresses that decisions made by the subconscious are far, far more powerful and have far wider reaching impact than those made “rationally” – and he’s right.

Now, what does all this mean?

Am I suggesting you cast all caution to the winds? Am I suggesting, for instance, that you jump from a lifelong perch on the ole COUCHOLA to running hill sprints in one bound?

Not at all, my friend.

It’s a matter of considered intuition, and going with your gut once the correct processes and visualizations have been done – – and you’ll know what I mean once you get into flow with all this!

More to the point, think about this for a minute.

Ever been at the point where you were dog tired from long workouts, and yet felt “it was the thing to do” the next day as well despite your reason telling you not to?

You think about it some. And some. And some more. And finally reason wins out, and then you look outside later and think “Gee, that would actually have been the perfect day for a workout!”

This experience is more common than most care to admit, and I’ll tell you this again – always, always trust your gut over your “reason”.  It’ll stand you in good stead throughout your life!

Other hand, there have been times (rare, but they’ve happened) when I was not even a little tired, and yet – – I just knew it was a day for a LIGHT workout.

That doesn’t mean I didn’t do anything. That doesn’t mean I didn’t go for a walk, or a longish walk. I still did it – – but I didn’t push myself as hard, and guess what. I returned back to my regular ball busters the next day, and I ALWAYS surpassed previous bests in those workouts!

So that’s the tale for today. If you “feel” something is right, if you KNOW DEEP DOWN within you that something you are doing is RIGHT – right for YOU – and right for your future goals – then go ahead and just do it.

FEEL it – and then just do it! THAT is really all there is to it, my friend!


Rahul Mookerjee

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