Burn fat – around the clock!

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Dear Reader,

What if I told you one exercise that you could do – that would literally burn fat off your frame in an “around the clock” manner?

The “around the clock” analogy is a great, great one by the way – one that I have used in MANY areas of my life.

Fitness wise, I’ve often thought of staying fit no matter what “around the clock”. Sales and biz wise, a great metaphor to bear in mind as you go about your daily biz is “sales around the clock”.

And that last bit holds especially true if you’ve got an online biz where you can quite literally sell “around the clock” – and “around the globe”, if I  might say so.

Second, I love the “clock” analogy for another reason – because clocks are (traditionally) circular.

The circle shape represents “fullness” and fulfillment in spiritual terms – and on the “earthly” (physical, hehe) plane you’ll often notice that I end off with an exercise that I STARTED my routine off with – and for good reason.

It’s sort of like “coming full circle”, which I spoke about in an earlier email. Not quite, but very close!

Anyway, enough of this – what exact fat burner am I referring to that literally a) builds your body from the inside out – and b) quite literally burns fat in an “around the clock manner”?

Well, there’s many actually that’ll burn fat for long after you’ve stopped exercising. What I’ve given you in Eat More – Weigh LESS WILL quite literally burn fat off your frame for not just hours – but DAYS after you do the routines – but I’m not referring to those here.

Neither am I referring to long drawn out cardio sessions – or the treadmill – or swimming- or even hiking (although that is an excellent means of reducing fat) here.

No -what I’m referring to here is a “bestselling” exercise found in the Advanced Exercises section of my new trailblazer “Corrugated Core”.

I call this a bestselling exercise because folks are immediately entranced by this exercise when they see it – and if you see the pictures I’ve posted in the book, you’ll know what I mean – you’ll literally see the crowd goggling on as I do the exercise.

In fact, the teenage guy taking the picture was so overawed by this ONE exercise that he ended up not just taking pictures – but a short video as well (which I’ll post in the 0 Excuses Ship area for those interested – gratis, by the way, if you’ve signed up for it) – and ended up forgetting to “end” the video before his phone ran out of space!

I also call it a bestseller because anyone that has done it – or attempted to do it is well aware of the FAT BURNING effects of this exercise – as well as the sheer IRON it builds around your core and oblique area.

What is it, you ask?

Well – it’s a variation on the leg raise – itself done in an advanced manner.

And it’s simple enough.

You do the leg raise -except once you reach the “top” position – you move your legs SLOWLY “around the clock” and you literally FEEL the fat melting off – and the muscles BURNING as you do this in a slow, methodical fashion.

Most folks are unable to even get into a “L” raise – let alone do full length leg raises – let alone the advanced version – and this includes those who consider themselves “super fit” already. Give the leg raise a try, and you’ll quickly find out just  how hard it hits the entire body.

And the version I spoke about?

Let me just tell you this – – if you can do more than ONE rep of this in a slow manner – over the course of a minute – you’re already at “stud” level, my friend. Bonafide stud!

Other hand, what if you aren’t there – or close to it already?

Well, simple – you crack open Corrugated Core – and get cracking on some of the very best 50 exercises that will give you the shredded abs and rock solid core you’ve always desired, my friend.

50 exercises, each of them a bonafide BUTT kicker in their own regard. Can’t ask for more than that, eh?


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Don’t forget – if you need personalized advice, or coaching – or if “things just aren’t working out the way you want ’em to” – then I’m right here for you. ALL super achievers (me included at a certain point in life) have had or DO have coaches – and if you want to fit into this elite bracket of folks, well, personal coaching from someone that has been there and done that is the way to go. Apply right here – – https://0excusesfitness.com/coaching/

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