The hidden key to RAPID improvement in pull-ups

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Dear Reader,

Well, well, well! I just got done with a workout straight out of “Eat more – Weigh Less” – and though (by my own admission) I stuffed my gullet to the brim last night with some local “delicacies” (about the most unhealthy stuff you can eat) – I’m not feeling any worse for wear for it at all.

If anything, it made the sheer BURN – as well as the HEART pounding effect I got from my sprints today worth it – and on that note, let me give you another tip which is worth its weight not only in GOLD – but in spades, silver, moolah, knowledge, or “votes of confidence” –  and all of the above – whichever you prefer, hehe.

Now, it’s a well known fact that pull-ups are one of the toughest exercises for most adults to even DO – let alone start to master.

When I start talking about sets of 10 pull-ups casually to my clients, most of them goggle at me in amazement (especially those that are new to my style of training).

“Yes, I know that’s definitely possible with pushups – but pull-ups? No way, man!”

And therein lies one key – although not the key I’m going to talk about here – to improvement in pull-ups.

When it comes to pull-ups, don’t automatically settle into the mental groove of thinking “they’re tough, so I’ll never be able to do ’em for X number of reps”.

This is PRECISELY the mistake most folks make, despite me telling them – it takes about four to five times of telling people NOT to think that way before they START to change their mental patterns on the pull-ups and once that shift takes place – they’re one step ahead on the road to pull-up mastery at that point.

Remember, it’s just another exercise! Remember too, that I’ve outlined my OWN mental thought processes in terms of the pull-up back when I was desperately trying to get to the point I am now – and if you’re in any way, shape or form serious about this – you’d do well to mirror those exact processes as far as possible too.

Now, the hidden tip I’m talking about? 

It’s not about the pull-up itself, hard as it might sound to believe but it’ll get your pull-up performance to skyrocket like there’s no tomorrow.

For those that can’t do pull-ups, you’ll be doing ’em like a pro within a couple of months if you get better at this one other exercise.

And while there are plenty of other golden tips outlined in both the courses on pull-ups, what I’m going to tell you now might come across as silly – or even outrageous – or childish – but guess what – it WORKS!

And that tip is this- get better at pushups – in all their shapes, variations and guises BEFORE even attempting to do a pull-up!

If you can’t bang out a 100 push-ups in 12 minutes or so, chances are you suck at pull-ups.

And for those that believe “pull-ups are all about the biceps” so “how could pushups help” – well first, these people are dead wrong.

The pull-up done right taxes far more muscles than just the bicep – if anything, the bicep is reduced to a mere accessory during the movement, and yet, this one movement will build stronger and learner biceps than doing curls all day long at the gym.

Furthermore, the most important thing is this – pull-ups DO USE the triceps – contrary to what most people think.

And for those that disagree?

My goodness, just lift your arm in the air, clench your fist, and pull down. You’re using your triceps, aren’t you??

Ditto for the pectorals. Yes, the chest muscles are used in pull-ups – big time!

This is probably one of the most common fallacies on pull-ups and what I mentioned above i.e. getting  better at the pushups FIRST will make your path to mastering them pull-ups WAY easier than if you were to do ’em WITHOUT getting better at pull-ups.

Yet another reason why pushups are truly the best exercise there is. I’ve said this often in the 0 Excuses Fitness book, and it bears repeating here as well!

Last, but not least, know that I’ve put together a supplementary exercises section in “Pull-ups – from DUD to STUD” which shows you the EXACT variations on pushups you need to get better at before you attempt pull-ups.

Click on over, and find out which ones these are – and then – get CRACKING!

I look forward to hearing back about your pull-up mastery!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Along with the course mentioned above, it’s important to mention that the heavier you are around the midsection, the tougher pull-ups get. Sorry, “big guys”, but that is just how the cookie crumbles. Good news is this though – you don’t have to consign yourself to “big” status forever as I’ve got something that’ll strip away those pesky layers of fat around the midsection within a few days of starting to do the exercises. Click on over HERE to avail of this gem of a course –


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