Gumption GALORE!

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Dear Reader,

Over the past few days, my dreams have been even more vivid than before.

Last night, I dreamt I was sitting next to a famous actress who was helping me (oddly enough, you might think) fill out a bank application.

A couple of nights ago, honeycombs mysteriously appeared in my dreams after a lot of “looking hither and thither”.

And this morning, I’ve been having another dream which sounds so mysterious that if I tell you what it is, you’ll claim I’ve gone off my rocker.

Wondrous are the ways of the subconscious, my friend, if you only know how to read ’em!

Now, where am I going with all this, you might ask?

Well, I’ll break it down.

First, I’ve been pondering my next project for a while now. While an idea had come into my brain almost as soon as I finished Corrugated Core (which you really need, by the way, if you’re in any way, shape or form interested in improving your fitness levels and losing them rolls of fat around your midsection) – I never quite considered it.

Or, should I say, my conscious mind knocked it around – and then put it on the “nah, maybe” list of things to do.

Yesterday, I spoke to my good friend Marc the African Silverback Gorilla – and he said something that along with the dreams I’ve been having in this regard finally SPURRED me to ACTION.

You know, you’re really good at motivating people! Why not put out a motivational product?

And then it hit me.

Although I give you a ton of motivation in my daily emails – value that cannot be measured in terms of either “money” or anything else – real world lessons and practical tips that are absolutely VITAL for anyone looking to achieve anything of note in ANY field –  until now, I’ve never quite put those tips together into an easy to read book.

More to the point, I found out that some people – even those that LOOKED FORWARD to my daily tips weren’t quite reading the tips in the detail and depth they should be.

And this is understandable, after all – we only have so much time in the day to scan through our emails, my friend.

We scan – we read – we like – and it then gets relegated to the “filing shelves” of your memory – but the opposite is true if you’ve got a BOOK sitting next to you.

Yes, it’s great to have ’em in your email Inbox and the blog – but nothing quite beats the value of putting it all together in “digest” format for you to read.

And I finally did it – and so was born Gumption GALORE!

And I’ve gone one better than my previous (and very well received) book “Zero to Hero“. That book gave you 25 practical tips that have got many a person off their asses and spurred them into ACTION – – but this book goes way above and beyond that.

For starters, I’m giving you not 25 – but FIFTY tips that are a must read for everyone either right after waking up in the morning, or before going to bed.

Scan EACH AND EVERY one of these tips minutely as you read them. Look in between the lines. This is a book you’ll want to read over and over again to get the true value of what I’m saying – and why do I say this?

Well, I did the SAME with Think and Grow Rich – and the Magic of Believing – and many others books I’ve read in the past.

Some books cannot be digested at one go, my friend, and THIS is one of those books – and whats more, it literally has the potential to turn your life around almost INSTANTLY if you read – and then apply the lessons/tips you’ll learn about in the book.

And hell, it’s the RIGHT time to do this – and apart from everything else, even my little girl (who normally delights in jumping into my lap just as Papa is about to start his work) woke up – and made the “lips sealed” sign as she made her way into my working area – and then back out again, hehe.

It truly IS the right time!

Man, I’m so excited that I did something I never do – which is to wake up before 10:30 A.M. – on a weekend, at that!

But so it goes in Rahul Mookerjee’s world. When I want to do something, I make a QUICK decision, and then just do it – regardless of time etc.

And so should you, my friend.

Napoleon Hill spoke about how the great achievers of the past made decisions QUICKLY – and changed them slowly, if at all.

It’s the same for you, my friend. Do you want to succeed?

It’s a simple yes – or no – and if you do – well, then my newest book is an absolute must grab.

Go right here, and grab your copy before they run out!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – My apologies for the relative silence yesterday. I was busy putting this together for you and didn’t get the chance to email until NOW – and whats more, I’ve got ANOTHER product in the wings – just a waiting as it were. It’s on pull-ups – – an add on to the ORIGINAL course as it were, and given all the interest in pull-ups, you will LOVE this one. Stay tuned!

P.S #2 – In the meantime, Corrugated Core is a must grab if you’re looking to shed them annoying “bingo wings”, “love handles”, and flab in general from your entire body. Grab your copy right here – 

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