The #1 reason you’re not losing belly fat

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Dear Reader,

Many people have a strange problem – they workout for hours on end, and while this does them some amount of good (obviously something is better than NOTHING) – they are seemingly unable to reach their target weights – and levels of fitness.

Most of us workout to achieve that “lean, ripped” look – – and lets face it, even those of us that are more into it for the STRENGTH benefits want that washboard abdomen – along with the requisite set of ripped abs etc.

And yet, one of the most common complaints folks TODAY have (as well as folks that have come to me for training in the past have had) is THIS – “I’m not being able to lose weight despite doing all the right things”.

The scales don’t budge. While the love handles may jiggle and wiggle during your workout, they seem not to ever go away in totality – which can be REAL frustrating.

Now, you might think this would be the perfect place to plug my Corrugated Core course – and truth be told, it is, but truth ALSO be told, the real and #1 reason you’re not losing weight despite “doing all the right things” isn’t necessarily what you think.

YES – you DO need to follow the right exercise program, and YES, you DO need to watch your diet.

YES – you do need to do something daily.

YES – you do need to … ah, but you get the drift, I’m sure, and you’ve been doing all that, and yet …

Well, the real reason you’re not losing weight is something so simple – and yet oft ignored – that if you “blink” you’ll miss it.

Yes, that’s right.One minor tweak to your routine will help you lose ALL the weight you want assuming you’re doing the right things in all other regards (and if you’re following Eat More – Weigh less, well, you can even get away with a less than splendid diet for a while).

What is this, you ask?

Well, when you see the 0 Excuses Fitness VIDEOS – you’ll see that one of the videos includes an actual workout.

That’s right – I decided to have an entire workout filmed, not so much so you could see me doing the actual exercises (the other videos take care of the instructional part) – but pretty much so you could see HOW I do the exercises.

YES – it all boils down to doing a thing a “certain way”, and in this way the cadence is what I’m talking about.

The WORST mistake you can make, and what most people make is to treat bodyweight workouts as if they were lifting weights.

So a person will do 10 pushups or 20 – and then rest for a few minutes.

Then he’s back on the stick and does another 20 – and then rests again.

Or, he may jump rope for X amount of time, and when he’s out of breath he pauses. He waits to get his breath back. And then re-starts.

And so forth.

And herein lies the mistake most people make!

Folks – when you’re doing this sort of thing – you move QUICKLY from one exercise to the other!

Along with this, you follow the CORRECT breathing patterns – – as well as the right way on how to recover when you’re out of breath (both of which are detailed in the 0 Excuses Fitness System) – – and THAT along with the actual exercises are key to burning lard off your frame more than anything else.

You don’t, for instance, rest for five or ten minutes in between sets!

You don’t do an exercise, and “wait” to get your breath back – you catch your breath and move on to the next exercise!

It’s NOT weights – and that is the biggest mistake most people make in this regard.

Now, for the million dollar question – HOW exactly does this help?

Well, because your internal fat burner is cranked up to max while you’re doing say 25 pushups – or 50 depending upon your fitness levels – and then it goes down a notch or two while you recover – but if you get right back on the stick, it shoots right back up to MAX – and it STAYS there if you do enough of this.

And that, my friend is really the key to burning fat off your frame within record amounts of time, and keeping it off.

Incorporate this little tip into your workouts, and let me know how you do!

Well, my friend, I’ve got tasks to accomplish and places to GO, so thats it for now. I can barely lift up my shoulders after the scintillating workout I had today – and I’ve still got writing galore to do.

All in a day’s work!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Don’t forget – I’m going to put up an addition to the initial course on pull-ups – – a “FAQ” section as it were, well worth it’s weight in gold by itself. Plenty of trainees have asked me questions on this mighty exercise, and I finally decided it was time to devote a manual specifically towards these questions – which if you’re interested in pull-ups will certainly help YOU too. Be on the outlook for it!

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