When the mind is calm …

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Dear Reader,

… Miracles can indeed and DO happen – with mind boggling frequency provided you do the right things!

Have you ever thought back to a time where you achieved something of note? A MAJOR success in your life – and it doesn’t have to be just financial, by the way – or even a small success that was MAJOR for YOU?

If you haven’t, think back to that success – – and think of your mindset in the days or weeks preceding said accomplishment.

I’ll bet that above all (along with focused and persistent – not to mention creative in a certain way) your mind was CALM – at least during those times you were working on your goal and probably the rest of the time too.

You didn’t have any self doubts about whether or not you could do it. You, as the 0 Excuses tagline goes – just went out there and DID IT!

When I made all those sales at the Company, the “fact” that I had little or next to no experience in previous sales didn’t even come to mind before that. It was so much of a non -issue that I could care less – despite having STRUGGLED in the company before that while making similar sales (but for a different reason!).

When I was overweight, not ONCE did the thought of “staying overweight” permeate my mind as I worked out – and eventually, well …

The key to all this though was, as you might imagine – visualizing what I wanted, and then just DOING it.

Many of my sales calls were made when I was “three sheets to the wind”.

Yes, that is a fact that might sound incredulous to some, but thats how I did it. Before going to bed, I made a mental note to myself “The payment will be in tomorrow morning” – and guess what – it WAS!

Compare this to other areas of my life where I visualized as well, and the results did NOT show up … for instance, the last company I mentioned.

Now, visualization as I’ve mentioned is VERY powerful tool for manifesting your TRUE (be honest here!) desires (what do you really, really want out of life?) – and I’ve spoken a LOT about it in the past.

But it only really works at the level it CAN – and it only really works as fast as possible if you achieve a CALM state of mind while visualizing! 

Much like meditating, you need to be CALM to experience the flow and resulting benefits that literally “flow” into your life.

You cannot think of this and that, be “harried” – or worried – or let any “earthly” concerns bother you while doing either one of the above, and while that sounds a bit like Shirley Mac Laine might have said it, it’s TRUE, my friend.

It’s true.

And that’s something most folks struggle with (in my experience) – and I did as well when I started.

So today I’ll give you a quick’n dirty tip on achieving the CALM, “feel good” state of vibration before you start to visualize.

Sit in a chair, with your SPINE STRAIGHT (do not slouch – another common mistake). Or you can sit cross legged in the meditative position if you so choose, but if you’re in an office, this might not be possible.

It may also not be possible if you’re obese or unfit to the extreme. I remember my own days when sitting in this position was not only uncomfortable – but painful as well, hehe. Nowadays I can “drop” into the position as a seasoned yogi might, but anyway, back to what I was saying.

Shut your eyes. Make sure you’re in an area where you wont be disturbed for at least five – preferably  more – minutes.

BREATHE deeply. Focus on each inhale, pulling the air up from your toes and exhaling it back the same way through the entire body.

As you inhale, imagine a brilliant white halo of light enveloping your entire body from the top.

Don’t just visualize it. SEE it in your mind’s eye – and most importantly, FEEL the “warmth” of said light!

Exhale, and repeat the process.

After about five to ten minutes of this, you’ll notice yourself feeling better automatically – and if you’re not – you are not doing it right.

And it’s when you’re in THIS feel good state that you start your visualizations – intense, EMOTIVE ones – and then stand back, express gratitude, and watch things FLOW.

There are many other ways of getting to this state, of course – other advanced ways. One of them being to focus on a certain part of the mystical Sri Yantra – a tool so powerful that if used right – will literally BOGGLE the imagination in terms of sheer RESULTS.

And other ways as well that I’ll share later – but for now, the above technique should work for you. Give it a solid try for a couple of weeks, and let me know how your visualization/manifestation improves!

In the meantime, and returning back to Planet Earth, hehe, always remember that physical exercise is another very important tool not just for overall health and fitness, but also to keep your mind sharp, CALM and focused.

The very best thing you can do for yourself after everything I’ve said above is to crack open a copy of the 0 Excuses Fitness System, and immerse yourself into a hard, hard workout – that won’t take long at all.

Do all the above, and you’ll be well on your way to kicking some major LEAGUE rumpus.


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – For more such motivation, be sure to check out Gumption Galore – – available right here – – https://0excusesfitness.com/gumption-galore/

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