2 tips on completing high rep workouts

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Dear Reader,

Today I’ll touch upon something which I’ve been asked often, and with good reason.

Often times, when I talk about my high rep pushup – and especially pull-up workouts to clients, trainees and folks in general – I can see their eyes open wide in amazement at the sheer numbers.

While I don’t consider the number of reps I do per workout to be astronomically high (at least not when compared to guys like Herschel Walker – yes – there’s a good reason I mention him in the 0 Excuses Fitness system!) — ’tis what it seems like to the average person.

And I understand.

When you can barely do a pull-up – or 20 squats – the idea of 500 or more squats per workout might sound terrifying and “way out there”.

If you’ve been raised on the standard diet of “10 reps of the lat pulldown machine plus greasing/oiling with the bros, followed with preening and posing and a few more sets this way” – – then doing more than a 100 pull-ups per workout probably doesn’t just seem insane to you – it seems IMPOSSIBLE as well (although I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t something people secretly DO aspire to!).

And so I’ll talk about this a bit today.

First off, my 250 rep pushup workout that you see in the video (was a total of 500 for the day actually) is NOT by any means something you cannot achieve, my friend – if you go for it and do the right things.

The Marines and special forces all over the world routinely bang out 500 pushups a day as part of their training – perhaps more.

As for pull-ups, even my buddy Vincent once told me that “100 pull-ups in a workout are hard for anyone” – and while I agree, you CAN get there.

And how?

Well, my books tell you how – but I’ll give you two tips right here.

First being this – do NOT focus so much on the end number as you do each rep and each set.

Believe me, if I started each workout with a “Oh God, I’ve gotta do 200 pull-ups (yes, that is NOT a misprint) – I’d probably never get there with the regularity that I do.

I tell myself I have a certain goal – or number – in mind, sure, but once I start DOING ’em, I don’t worry about this goal.

I just go out there and do it – and let things happen – and happen they do!

It’s the same way with life. If I’ve got a financial goal, I might have the number in mind as I go about my work – but I sure don’t obsess about it WHILE doing my work.

I’ll hit that goal – so long as I keep hitting smaller goals and milestones along the way.

Even the seemingly insignificant gains ADD up – and make a huge difference. Eat a bear at a time, as the saying goes!

And tip #2?

Well, it might sound amazing, but BREATHING the right way can get you through these workouts a lot quicker – and with a lot more ease!

I show you an example of this in the “workout” video I created for 0 Excuses Fitness, and tell you how exactly both in the video and the book.

And yes – the same thing holds true for pull-ups as well – or dips – or any exercise you can think of.

You literally BREATHE life into the movement – and if you do this correctly, chances are you’ll speed past your rep count – or goal – and not even notice it – you’ll literally have too much “fun” along the way!

Alright, my friend. That’s it for now. If you’re going to partake of a high rep pushup workout today – and you should! – keep the following tips in mind as you do so.

I’ll bet you’ll have one of the very best, if not the best, workout of your life!


Rahul Mookerjee

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