Eye of the TIGER!

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Dear Reader,

If you’ve watched Rocky III, the “Eye of the Tiger” hit single is no doubt familiar to you.

Who can forget the inspirational scenes at the beginning of the movie – and twenty or so minutes into the movie?

The first being when “Clubber Lang” does his roadwork – looking lean, mean and yet as muscular a fighting machine as there ever was – and running mile after mile with that LOOK in the eye – that HUNGRY look – that speaks VOLUMES?

I’m reminded of something at this point that an Editor that I work with on another venture told me once about a few books that weren’t moving at the rate I’d have liked ’em to.

“Sorry the books haven’t moved as yet, Rahul, but there’s still time – if your hungry enough!”

Those are his words, and while that is a different biz, and while the reasons for the books not moving have got nothing to do with “hunger” or lack thereof, the point he made STANDS.

If one is hungry enough for anything – one usually eventually gets there. From Edwin Barnes to Napoleon Hill to Henry Ford to Jack Ma – they all have ONE (if not many) thing in common – that being they were hungry – and REMAINED hungry until they obtained that which they were seeking.

But back to the motivation.

If you’ve seen the movie, you’ve likely seen the contrast in the ways Rocky and Clubber train.

Rocky turns it into a glorified autograph session at the local chrome’n’fern palace, showing off his wealth to all and sundry. The training was replete with bands playing music and women kissing him as he “pumped and toned” his biceps on some sort of a machine – and thus forth.

And all the time, Clubber was sweating it out in his home basement. Old school, HARD STYLE training – sit ups – hitting the heavy bag – and most of all, and what stands out to me (as do Mr. T’s back muscles!) doing TWO FINGER pull-ups – and the way in which he was doing ’em!

He literally POWERS himself through high rep pull-ups – – done hammer grip style with two fingers, and as someone whose done that before, I can attest to just how difficult that sort of training is – especially at a bodyweight that Lang had for the movie!

And when the actual fight came – Clubber made mincemeat of Rocky – and therein itself lies the tale and the contrast between the two fighters.

To close, let me just say this.

A tiger in the wild doesnt rest on it’s laurels after capturing an especially large prey.

It might slack off for a while, but soon enough it’s HUNGRY again – and is hunting again and if you’ve ever been to India and literally seen – nay, FELT the eye of the world’s most powerful cat, the Bengal tiger, and a stalker el supremo LOOKING at you through the bushes, you KNOW what I mean.

Jim Corbett wrote a lot about these magnificent beasts in his writing, and rightfully so! So did Kipling and other nature enthusiasts in the Indian subcontinent at that time, and their works are all gems – highly worth a read, and highly recommended!

And the thing that strikes about the tiger the most isn’t it’s lithe powerful build – or the muscles themselves, or the amazing agility these cats have.

It’s the LOOK in the eye – and anyone that’s ever seen a tiger or other big cat in the WILD knows what I mean.

And that hunger, that look is ultimately what you, my friend, need as well to accomplish your fitness – as well as life goals.

Always stay hungry, and always want MORE.

I can do a 100 pull-ups in a workout easily, for instance – but that doesnt mean I rest on my laurels. I’m currently doing over 150 per workout – and the bar will continue to be set higher and higher – and higher – for as long as I live or can physically do these!

And so forth for my goals in life – or anything else for that matter.

If there’s one tip I can give you which is literally worth it’s weight in gold, my friend – it is this. Think about it as you sip your Java – or cold beverage of choice, and then incorporate it in your life – and write back about the results.

I’ll bet you anything they’re life changing!


Rahul Mookerjee

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