On trying to get “something for nothing”
- There truly is NO such thing!

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Dear Reader,

Something I’ve written about extensively in the past is the value of  (and indeed, the necessity of “giving before receiving”).

Napoleon Hill wrote about this a lot in his bestselling books and manuals, most notably in Think and Grow Rich and it’s true, my friend. You give before you receive, and the more you give, the more you ultimately receive.

It holds true for fitness – or biz – or relationships – or life in general, and if there is any area of life where “lack” seems to be paramount right about now, chances are good and second to none that “not giving enough” or giving for the wrong reasons is one of them.

And I’ll talk about another of those reasons today – that being trying to get something – for nothing.

Sadly, although the very term “something for nothing” would appear to indicate there is no such thing – and although common sense would as well, the vast majority of folks out there are engaged in precisely this – that being to get something for nothing.

We see this in fitness all the time. Person (let’s call him A) starts out on an exercise program full of good intentions – ready to drop the excess 25 kgs he’s been carrying around – or perhaps ready to start cranking out a 100 pushups a day – or going for long walks a day.

Whatever it is, he invests in an exercise program – perhaps even the System – and he’s all happy about it, as he should be.

But then it comes time to actually DO the thing.

As I’ve said many a times before, visualization and feeling good are important indeed, but the rubber only really meets the road when you get down to brass tacks and start DOING – and in terms of fitness, this is where most people fail miserably.

Just look at the average person buying a gym membership, for instance. It’s rare that the person actually attends the gym for even close to half the term that he or she has paid for – and of course, the gyms know this too! 

Or lets say the person invests in the System.

The System tells you to do something daily without fail.

Person A does this for a few days, then “gets bored” of it, and pops on over to some other “latest” exercise System and tries that.

Then he tries something else. And all the while he’s really not getting better at any of the Systems he’s tried – and isn’t getting better or even trying to get better at the exercises.

And at the end of the month he sees he’s made nil progress, and done nothing but waste time – and promptly declares “all fitness gurus are a waste of time! They dont know what they are talking about!”

And he’s back to square zero, minus of course the time and effort he “invested” into wasting it!

And if this scenarios sounds familiar, well, you’re not alone. The above was a case of trying to get fit without GIVING.

Without doing the thing – and keeping at it long enough to want results – and in our dumb phone crazed instant gratification society, that is what most people want as well.

And this sort of thing doesn’t just extend to fitness either.  Let’s take for instance this list – there are quite a few folks on the list who have signed up “just to get the free tips” – and while that is all fine and dandy, remember that you never truly GET without giving first.

If you truly want to get fit, staying on the list is a great thing indeed – – but staying on the list and not getting a product is counter productive. And if your eventual goal was to get fit – and get fit the BEST and QUICKEST way, then simply getting the free tips just won’t cut it, my friend.

Now note that yours truly could care less about this.

If someone is happy enough to stay on the fence, and never take the plunge towards improving one’s life greatly as one should – then that’s fine by me.

That’s perfectly fine – but remember this – it won’t move you closer along the path towards your goals – that is for sure.

Ditto for the clamors on the Internet for “free ebooks” or “free manuals” or “free” information … and so forth. 

And on that note, if there’s ONE thing that I don’t understand about people  – it’s those complaining about high prices and the like.

A reader of my Gorilla Grip series wrote last year that “the exercise truly work”, but that “the book was too expensive”.

Huh?? Too expensive? Information that one has spent YEARS working upon and collecting – and then putting together into an easy to read format – – is too expensive?

$17 or thereabouts is too expensive for someone that claims they truly want to build a spectacular grip for the ages?

Well I’m sorry – but this person is either not serious enough – or he’s flat out NUTS. At that price, the book is a steal if anything else – and so is most of the rest of the stuff offered on the 0 Excuses Fitness Site.

In his book, Think and Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill states repeatedly that the “secret” to true success in ANY endeavor cannot be found – at ANY cost – and curiously enough, or not, even if the author were to TELL you what it is in plain English – without first “paying the price”.

As Hill correctly notes in his Laws of Success manual,

There is no such thing as something for nothing!

And the quicker you understand that – the sooner you’ll be on the road to ACCOMPLISHMENT – either life wise, or fitness wise.

Other hand, if you’re content to be part of the “herd” and NOT reach out to be a SUPER achiever and join the ranks of a select few – well, guess what – you’ll hear no complaint from me in that regard as well!

I’ll actually help you out in that case too.

How, you ask?

Well, there is a FREE giveaway of sorts I’ll alert you to – and it’s on this page right here – http://www.bodybuilding-programs.net/free-fitness-gifts.html.

You’ll find various fitness guys on that page – including yours truly, hehe, – offering you the chance to get some FREEE stuff – – and while I can’t vouch for the “bodybuilders” (or for what is being offered on that page, for that matter), there DOES appear to be some good stuff there.

Of course, that doesn’t negate the value of what I just told you above – for FREE, again.

Signing up for a list won’t cut it. You have to commit – – and take the plunge, but again – that is a choice only you can make!

All I can do is give you the link – and  NO, I do NOT get paid a cent if you sign up (or don’t) for any of the lists. I’m simply doing it to give YOU more options for free stuff (for those that want it) – here is that link again – http://www.bodybuilding-programs.net/free-fitness-gifts.html.

Ok, my friend. That is IT for today!  I’ll be back again later.


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Often times folks get pissed off at me for saying things the way I do. It’s a well known saying that the nail that sticks out gets hammered the first and the hardest – but hey, if saying it like it is – and calling a spade a spade annoys some fine folks, then thats just too bad – and that is just how it’s going to be. And if this particular email hits home in terms of fitness for you, the reader – and if you’re part of the group that realizes that getting down to BRASS TACKS is really what “rocks the boat” – – then the first step to ACTION is ordering the 0 Excuses Fitness System – – right here — https://0excusesfitness.com/0excusesfitnessystem/

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