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Dear Reader,

Way, way back in the day yours truly was a callow 17 year old – who though he was interested in health, fitness and strength, got the absolute worst information in that regard at an age he didn’t know better.

He got advice along the lines of “lifting light dumbells” endlessly to “improve strength and stamina”, and somehow, “build muscle”.

He got some advice along the lines of “run for 15 minutes a day” to resemble the wrestlers he so “admired” (yes, I was a huge WWE junkie back in the day!).

He wanted to participate in sports – soccer being one of them, but was roundly “chastised” for “thinking he’s so strong” and of course pushed into doing the one thing he DID NOT want to do – that being too immerse himself in the worlds of Physics, Chemistry, Geography, and everything else they had us do in school back then.

Curiously enough the one thing he DID enjoy on that front – Math – was never really lauded as being something he should “get into” for the future. . . And when he spoke about “History”?

Well, that was for girls, doncha know? “There’s no jobs in it!”

And so forth.

So I bet you’ve figured out who the young laddie in the part above is – at least, those of you that have been on this list a while probably have!

This young laddie chose “Physical Education” as a field of study in the 12th grade.

Come the day when it was time to be “tested” – he had to throw a shot put a certain distance, and run a certain distance – both activities he “thought” he could do – but failed miserably at.

I still remember the SORE muscles after that run – and the comments my teacher at the time made.

“Girls can throw that further than you,  Rahul!”

Inwardly I seethed – but I still had NO idea how to build the strength and muscle I so desperately craved – and I certainly had nothing but useless advice on how to do in that regard as well – from folks that were themselves and still are the FARTHEST thing from being fit that you might imagine.

Never take sex advice from an eunuch – or learn “how to grow hair” from a bald “boy” (as they say in mainland China, hehe – everyone is “boy” there!) – or advice on fitness from someone who has never been fit himself or herself.

Many years later, I was introduced to the Hill – a story most of the old bunch on this list should be very familiar with, and a story the newbies can learn about right here.

And though I felt like a Mack truck ran over me the next day and for a few days later – and though I could still hear the giggles of the girls on the hill as I attempted to slog up that thing – I got the ONE piece of advice from my then girlfriend which stuck me with my entire life – and literally CHANGED my life.

Long story short, I started to climb that hill DAILY – and kept doing it – and the turnaround was nothing short of miraculous after that – and Ann Lee, if you’re reading this – my hats off to you – there would be NO “Fast and Furious Fitness” – or 0 Excuses Fitness – or the rest of the products – without that comment you made.

Thanks for brushing past all the objections I had in terms of “why I couldn’t climb daily”, or the weather – or the beer I drank the night before – or the fight I had with … Ah, but we’ll stop there! Hehe.

And that brings me to the central point of this email.

It’s often been said that you are the sum of the 5 (or perhaps 3) people you spend the most time with, and seldom were truer words spoken.

Surround yourself with the RIGHT people – people that KNOW what they’re talking about and KNOW what to do in order to achieve a goal – and you’ll find yourself achieving goals almost “effortlessly”.

Surround yourself with buffoons on the other hand, and you’ll achieve results along similar lines. I had no choice back in the day – but I certainly did at the age of 23 – and I’ll be forever grateful to both China and a certain “Ann Lee” for that.

Napoleon Hill speaks about the importance of a master mind group in his pathbreaking book Think and Grow Rich – – possibly the MOST important principle in the entire book, and possible the most ignored.

As he correctly states, when two or more minds are perfectly aligned and attuned for the purpose of achieving a certain goal – then BOTH minds operate on a higher plane.

BOTH minds tap into each other’s consciousness for ideas and inspiration – and BOTH open their minds to receiving input from Infinite knowledge – or the Universe, in other words.

And the more operating in tandem, the better.

And the SAME thing applies to fitness, my friend.

Now truth be told, creating a MasterMind group is anything but “easy”.

It’s of vital importance to make sure that ALL minds in the group are operating on the same wavelength – and that EVERYONE is attuned to the same goal mentally – else you might just take several steps backward instead of forward!!

And being it’s not often easy to find folks that are attuned to and in my line with my current biz goals, I often “create” the Mastermind in my mind – until I can find the right people to work with on a particular set of goals.

The above may sound esoteric, and I’ll get into it later – – but for now, rest assured that if you’re looking for like minded people in terms of fitness – – well, the very best place indeed to participate in that regard is the 0 Excuses SHIP, my friend.

In there you’ll find members that are ON the same wavelength as you are – including yours truly.

You’ll find ALL our products available – – GRATIS. That’s right – – all yours – – including future products – – for ONE yearly fee.

You’ll have access to information I’m not going to be putting out in these newsletters/emails – info that quite literally has the potential to change your life both fitness wise and LIFE wise. 

And much, much more.

So if you’re in any way, shape or form DETERMINED to break past all past barriers and achieving levels of health, strength and fitness you previously thought impossible – then here is where you need to be – –

I look forward to welcoming you aboard!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S.  Here is that link yet again – . Jump on NOW, my friend.

P.S #2 – For those of you on this list that haven’t yet taken advantage of the “freebie” offer I mentioned two or so days ago, here is the link again – – I believe today is the LAST day the page will be up, so if you’re interested in more free fitness tips, that page is where you need to go – – before you return to the above link, of course!

P.P.S #1 – By the way, I recently put a compilation of GRIP TIPS – A Gorilla Grip Compilation, in other words. It’s been going like gangbusters from where I can tell, so if you haven’t already – grab your copy now!

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