Breathe DEEP – incinerate FAT!
- The type of deep breathing that really, really burns fat off your frame at the speed of KNOTS

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Dear Reader,

So, I think I remember mentioning to you many a times that I’m in India at this point in time – – and away from my favorite Qi Feng Park in China – for now, that is.

I think I also remember mentioning to you that there isn’t a hill nearby, and while I dearly miss the workouts I had on that hill – my all time favorite workout park for that matter – and the LOOKS the people gave the foreign devil while he worked out, hehe – I make do just fine with the park I’ve got here.

What’s good about the park here is that while it’s not hilly in the least, it does have several “slopes” going up and down a few cliffs – – which while not hills are still slopes.

And being in India comes with it’s own set of unique problems – one being the FOOD – which is tasty as heck – but which for whatever reason piles the lard on if you eat too much of it – – and for those that don’t believe me, just visit the capital and take a look at the pot bellies “proudly” on display in this neck of the woods, hehe.

Yours truly is NO exception to this rule either in that while I do NOT have a pot belly (despite my location and other constraints) – – I AM prone to putting on weight around the midsection – perhaps way more so and way quicker than you, my dear reader.

I can thank my genes for that – and I honestly do thank the genes that despite their “hereditary” disadvantages ultimately allowed me to get the fittest I’ve ever been in my life – fitter than those with “better genes” and so forth – and STAY at that level!

And one of the secrets to staying lean and trim – and fat free – isn’t just the workouts I do.

It’s not so much WHAT I do – it’s HOW I do it. 

And it’s how I BREATHE when I’m doing it! 

In the 0 Excuses Fitness System I devote an entire section to deep breathing, and doing it the right way, and rightfully so. I also give you a little secret in the videos that will allow you to recover from being winded within a couple of secs at most – and this little tip alone is worth the entire “price of admission”, me thinks.

And as for “how to deep breathe” to really get the fat burners going?

“Why won’t jogging do the same thing? ”

“Why can’t I pound the pavement – or ogle the babes while on the treadmill – and get the same results?”

Well, simple.

If I were to do as the Chinese sometimes do, I’d simply tell you “no why”, hehe.

It’s just the way it is – but for the reason – well … here is the best way to explain it.

Take a look at how you’re breathing when  you pound the pavement, or do other traditional forms of cardio.

While it may or may not be “deep” – I’ll bet you’re never at a stage you can’t talk while doing it. Or even if you’re at a stage like that, it’s never really the DEEP, DEEP breathing that REALLY gets you out of breath.

The sort of  breathing – and this is important – that gets you sucking air like there’s no tomorrow – from the BELLY, much as a baby would!

When I’m out there doing my Eat More – Weigh Less routines –  I can barely get enough air into my System – let alone utter a word or so – and THAT sort of deep breathing effect – done straight from the belly is really what gets the lard burners GOING – and the effect lasts for long after your workouts.

You’ll have to do the exercises to truly understand what I’m saying here. And if you do it right, you’ll get much the same effect from the best darn exercise that I mention in the System – so if you haven’t gotten good at that one as yet – well – – start NOW!

Last, but not least, remember that while the “how I do things” is more important than “what I do” – you DO need to do the right things as well.

And the routines you need to start melting fat off your midsection asap are all outlined in Eat More – Weigh Less – – a nifty little course you MUST have if you’re serious about weight loss – quick.

In that course I mention the routines can be done anywhere. Yes, it’s great if you have a hill to do ’em on – but if you don’t – do as I do – improvise, adapt and OVERCOME – and do ’em where you can – and you’ll get much the same results as I am getting!

Alright, my friend. That is IT for now.

I’ll be back later!


Rahul Mookerjee

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