Am I a “T.V. personality”?
- Well, that was about the only thing remaining that I haven't been called ... until now!

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Dear Reader,

My oh  my.

So as y’all “0 Excuses Faithful” no doubt know, I’ve been called everything from Jesus – to a modern day Gandhi – to a movie star – to someone that “looks like he’s goes to the gym” – and everything in between.

Back in college, the “brothers” used to call me Habib for whatever reason – though I had never ever once stepped foot in the sands of the Middle East until then.

Bib, bib, they’d go as they saw me … don’t ask me, haha.

Anyway, yesterday I wrote a post about CONFIDENCE – and how having a rock solid, corrugated core – and an iron midsection adds to the feeling of sheer CONFIDENCE when walking around – or doing anything in general.

Way back in the day I remember being constantly “conscious” on a certain level about  my “stomach fat”, love handles and the like. Although these weren’t ever humungous by today’s standards, they were very much there – despite my regular exercise program – and I was nigh conscious of them to be honest.

And that showed, I suppose in my dealings with others.

We can’t change who we are at our very cores,  my friend. That is something I’ve said plenty of times – and neither can we change the VIBES emanating from us – unless we consciously focus on changing the picture of the “man within” if I might put it that way.

Anyway, so I just got done with a smashing workout of pull-ups, pushups, bear crawls and a few other movements – and capped it all off with a 100 Hindu squats.

Come to think of it I started with 50 squats as well, like I do in the Videos in the  System – so that makes it 150 squats, 100 pull-ups, 150 pushups and everything else in between.

Not a bad “little” workout, methinks, and as I headed on to the school nearby to pick my daughter up, an elderly geezer hunched over his cane stopped me.

“Excuse me”.

“Um, hey”, I said. I was a bit preoccupied at the time with some thoughts, but I must have been beaming both internally and externally as the old badger gave me a huge smile.

I smiled back.

“Are you a T.V. personality”?

It floored me, I must say. Although you’ve seen what I’ve been called many a times above, THIS was new – and given my much vaunted dislike of the boob tube, that surprised me to say the least.

“No I’m not. I don’t even have a T.V …”, I proceeded to say, but I was shushed in no uncertain terms.

“Oh, but look at you! Your personality …. you look like you belong on a T.V. show!”

Now, lest you think I was dolled up, manicured, slicked back and what not – think AGAIN. I’ve got on my old blue T-shirt – the same one that I’ve been wearing to my workouts for YEARS – and the same darn T-shirt that I wear in the intro to the 0 Excuses Fitness videos.

And a pair of track pants. And I was soaked in sweat despite it being winter out there.

So believe me, it wasnt looks – or dress sense – or anything like that.

It was the VIBE emanating from deep down within – something you simply cannot conceal no matter how much you try, my friend. 

Ever think of the days when you bound out of bed, feeling on TOP of the world, expecting good things to happen – and they do?

Conversely, think of when you’re feeling shitty and down in the dumps – and you just want to be left by your lonesome, and … first thing you know, the very thing you do NOT want happens i.e. folks start bothering you, and your day starts to go from bad to worse.

We truly do attract things – and people –  circumstances – results – what have you – based upon how we FEEL – there are no two ways around it!

Anyway, I had a bit of an interesting discussion with the old gentleman, who by the way was nigh shocked to hear that I live in China for the most part – and that YES, if you have money in China – you CAN buy property – and you are NOT “harassed” day in and day out as the popular misconception goes.

It amazes me how despite the rapid strides China has made, folks outside know very little about it – and that holds true for folks here as well – giant neighbors they might be, but they know very little about each other!

Anyway, I think one of my friends from the Marines said it the best when he said “you’re a chameleon. You can blend in anywhere!”

Truer words were never spoken, and thats perhaps a reason I love Bourne sprints that much, hehe – the original “chameleon” as it were, created by the great Robert Ludlum of course.

My philosophy in life – and fitness as well is simple. 

Do what works – and keep improvising and reinventing yourself and your routines your whole life. The minute you rest on your laurels is the minute you start to go downhill – and fast!

Anyway, this little email contains plenty of tips – see if you can find ’em! In the meantime, remember that as I said yesterday, NOTHING can replace feeling good – really, really good from the inside out.

And the way you get this good feeling going, and KEEP it going the entire day – and attracting desirable RESULTS as well, both in terms of fitness and life – are to do the right EXERCISES that give your entire system a tune up from the inside out.

Get on the stick today, my friend. You’ll know what I mean once you start cranking the reps out!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Oh, and by the way, Corrugated Core is flying off dem shelves as we speak. Grab it while stocks last –

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