Believe – have faith – and then just DO IT.
- The first two are key - backed up by the third - there is NOTHING you can't achieve!

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Dear Reader,

It never ceases to amaze me. My word, it sure doesnt … the number of people that seemingly “want to go places in life” – but are not willing to take even the most elementary of steps to actually attain those “places”!

I don’t care if you’re talking fitness or life – or even making money – or starting a new business – the same thing seems to apply for the vast majority of people out there.

What do I mean?

Well, this morning I was talking to a lady who has read Think and Grow Rich, the Magic of Believing, and probably every other self help book there is out there under the sun.

Her own life isn’t where she wants it to be – and yet – astoundingly enough – despite having read all these books, and despite wanting to read MORE of them – all she does is to “argue” the points made in the books (all very valid points) and attempt to disprove them with a cynical bent of mind.

Believe – and you will” – I told her in response to a certain question – which led to a flurry of “it doesn’t work” – and “how can it work” – and “this Universe stuff is all nonsense” – and other such “rhetorical responses”.

I then proceeded to give this lady a step by step PLAN as to how to achieve what she wanted.

Actually, it would be more accurate to say I pointed her to Chapter 2 in Think and Grow Rich – a suggestion which was roundly “pooh poohed”.

“Oh, that stuff! Those are just word that don’t really work!”

Now normally I don’t bother wasting my time trying to convince people of things that they are determined not to believe in from the get go.

If you’re a cynic, for example, and if you aren’t a DOER – then all the books and knowledge in the world – and all the help I give you, either through my coaching sessions, books or emails ain’t gonna help you.

As Napoleon Hill said, the state of mind has to be FAITH – backed up by an unwavering BELIEF!  It is only then that you hold the REAL key to accomplishing what you want – the golden passkey as it were.

Without that state of mind, you might as well forget about it. The Universe does no business by proxy – you either go direct – and the right way – or not at all! 

Anyway, I gave this lady a very practical suggestion that she could start implementing NOW – and guess what happened. I don’t think I need to spell it out, do I?!

This brings to mind something that happened a few months ago in India.

You’ll recall the case of the guy that wanted to get better at pull-ups. The guy that saw me hammering them out under a moonlit sky one night – and tried to do ’em – and I wrote about this as well before.

And though he did try that first day – it was apparently also the last day he tried ’em.

A few days later, he said he took up running (although I never actually saw him run).

After that it was a “gym membership” – which he did go to – but it didn’t quite bring him the results he wanted.

This is another classic case of accepting defeat before you even START!

And here it’s important to mention persistence. I’ll quote one of my favorite Napoleon Hill sayings here –

The word has no heroic connotations, but persistence is to the character of man what carbon is to steel. 

Truer words were never spoken, my friend.

If there is ONE quality that differentiates the Fords, Edisons, Steve Jobs, and other achievers from the ” rest of the pack” (in addition to what I’ve mentioned above) – it is PERSISTENCE – and the gumption to keep on keeping no matter what – – with a firm belief that the results WILL COME!

This SAME thing applies to fitness as well, my friend. The SAME thing.

If you want to do a 100 pull-ups per workout, and are currently unable to do ONE – chances are excellent and second to none you’ve already set yourself up for defeat – in your own MIND!

If you want to bang out 500 Hindu Squats in a row – dont keep questioning the ifs and buts. Get the System – and follow the instructions – and then just do it!

If you want to change your life – and attract GOOD things into your REALITY – then think about those good things at a deep level – – and BELIEVE that good things will happen – and they will!

The point I’m making is this – it’s real simple. Reading all the books in the world ain’t gonna matter if you don’t implement what the books tell you – and if you don’t back that up with BELIEF and bloody minded persistence.

Sure, some authors dont know their you know what from a hole in the ground – but for those that do – those that have solid RESULTS to back up what they say – well – you’d be silly to question what they’re saying, my friend.

If you want to lose weight – fast – and around the midsection specifically (and this is just an example, by the way) – then don’t “question” the techniques laid out in Eat More – Weigh Less – and the System.

Get both – read – absorb – read again – implement – make mistakes – try again – and in short – just do it!

Life’s too short to worry about endlessly debating the “what if’s”.

Rather than try and find a 1000 reasons as to why something wont work – why not spend that time BELIEVING that the way being SHOWN to you right now WILL work?

Ponder that as you sip your morning latte – afternoon cuppa – or evening brew, hehe.

In closing – have faith – believe – and then just do it!

There truly is no other way, my friend.


Rahul Mookerjee

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