She asked me if I could help her “enlarge her chest”
- .... and more on looking like a GORILLA

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Dear Reader,

So there I was talking to an ex-client of mine “Sophia” (I’ll let the last name slide in order to “protect the innocent”, if you get my drift, hehe).

Bear in mind that this conversation has context – – but I’m merely quoting the parts that apply to this email – and the topic being talked about in the title of the email – as well as subtitle, hehe.

“… arms, you mean? Strong arms?” I asked.

“Yes, strong arms. And strong, deep chest too”, replied Sophia.

“Kinda…Actually, you look more like a gorilla!” she continued.

“Gorilla???” (accompanied by a “laughing out loud” emoticon – remember – this conversation took place online since the C-virus has pretty much quarantined everyone unofficially).

“Yes, gorilla. You have black curly hair, and dark skin…”she trilled.

And the casual reader may or may not read “racism” into the dark skin comment. I’ve heard it so many times in mainland China of course that it’s ceased to bother me – but then again – I wouldn’t be surprised if it bothered you, my dear reader, hehe.

But such is life in China, where skin color is paramount and pretty much takes priority over everything else – but again – back to the topic itself!

“I once wrote a book called Gorilla Grip”, I said, laughing.

“What is it about”, she asked.

“Grip. Developing a cast iron, rock, solid, GORILLA like grip”, I said, laughing a bit more. Call me thick skinned, my friend, but those above comments and then the “gorilla” bit made me laugh – especially since this girl is anything BUT racist – it was just an honest observation.

“Actually, yes, my chest and arms – and grip is strong”, I went on. “But my legs are the strongest part“.

“That is where my physical development comes from”.

“Really”, she asked, in an interested “tone of voice”.

“Yes, really. The legs are the seat of power. Strong legs = Strong body”.

“I see….”

And then a pregnant pause, and then something that made me almost spit out my tea.

“I wanna enlarge my chest”, she went on.

“Huh??” I responded confused for a minute.

And then I got it.

“You mean, you want bigger b-oh-oob-s”? (sorry folks, censoring it a bit so the emails go through)


She then suggested a way of doing it that to be honest might have made its way to an X rated mag, so I’m not going to mention it here.

“But I don’t want to do that”, she went on.

“Uh, OK”, I said. “Get surgery done. You know breasts implants and …”

“I don’t want silicone!”

And so went the conversation.

So, two things to take away from the above conversation methinks.

First off, 0 Excuses Fitness does not deal in “increasing breast size”, hehe. The best we can do is to advise you to find a good surgeon dealing with implants etc if you’re interested in that.

Other than this, what I could tell any lady that wants this sort of thing – or Sophia actually (though I didnt tell her this, as the advice would be nigh ignored) is this – work the LEGS hard.

Build up your overall health and do lots of leg work on a heavy basis. In Sophia’s case, she’s way too skinny – and as soon as she packs some good weight on – that “chest” will naturally grow larger.

Second, if you’re interested in looking like a bonafide GORILLA – and being as strong as one – I have two things to tell you.

In terms of #1, work the legs hard, hard, hard – and you’ll start to look like a gorilla before you know it.

I’m not saying neglect your upper body – no – not in the least, but what I AM saying and HAVE BEEN saying is that the legs are the true SEAT OF POWER, my friend.

Strong legs = Strong body. Thats alll there is to it.

And as far as strength, you may never have upper body strength near what the average silverback gorilla does – but you CAN build amazing levels of upper body strength and a vice like “kung fu” grip that will have folks shaking their head when they shake your hand.

If that’s your thing, we’ve got just the TWO courses that will do it : –

  1. Shoulders like Boulders
  2. Gorilla Grip (The compilation)

Lots of two’s in today’s email, huh? Hehe …

So that, my friend, is that for today’s email. We can’t help you in terms of increasing breast sizes – but we sure CAN help you get as strong as gorilla (or as close as you can get, hehe)- and in the best shape of your life!

Get on it!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Squatting is one of the best ways to build the legs up, period. And the Hindu Squats mentioned in the 0 Excuses Fitness System are something everyone, male, female, or “in between”, hehe should get good – VERY GOOD – at.  Rumble on over HERE to learn how – –

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