“Once you start pushing – you never go BACK!”
- - and more on the power of pushups!

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Dear Reader,

Way, way back in the day when I was a young lad, I was desperately looking for any and all measures to increase my upper body strength and overall levels of stamina.

I was given all sorts of “ways” to accomplish this goal (remember, this was before the Internet, and remember too I’m from a family where exercise isn’t quite “the norm”, if I might say so, hehe).

Some were OK in a certain sense, but didn’t really work. Such as when I was told to “run for 15 minutes a day”, which didn’t make much sense to me in the sense I was told back then – and which doesn’t make sense to me NOW either.

Some were downright ridiculous. I once remember being told to “lift 5kg dumbbells in each hand” for extended periods of time – and supposedly that would build increased levels of strength and muscle.

I did that for a coupla weeks, and nothing happened, of course. HA!

Not ONCE was I told about pushups – pull-ups and the like. Despite there being a pull-up bar installed at home, I as a child wasn’t ever instructed on how to use it – – and it served more as a clothes hanger than the actual workout tool it is, hehe.

The real wake up call for me came when I was in P.E. class at the age of 17, and some of the girls (yes) threw the shot put father than me in a competition.

Oh come on Rahul, I still remember the taunts. Even these girls are throwing the ball further than you are!

And that, along with another incident that occurred in terms of my right wrist (an injury, and I’ve spoken about that in the past too) really got me going on my quest for information on REAL physical training.

In college I swam a lot, which did a lot for my upper body – but as I started to research how sportsperson trained (and by extension martial arts professionals, the military and so forth) – the REAL key started to appear.

There was one common denominator everywhere – PUSHUPS!

And so I started doing pushups – not all the variants I know and teach today, of course. I just did about three variants or so (and a half ass variant of the handstand pushup), but I started doing them regularly, and the results were nothing short of astounding – and these results just got amplified years later when I discovered the power of the handstand pushup.

But amidst all this positivity, there was ONE thing missing – that being how to get an entire body workout with just the pushup alone.

And after a lot of “hand wringing” – time spent “in the trenches” – and trial and error – I found the answer, my friend, and how.

The answer of course being pushups – done in all their variants, shapes and forms if  I might say so, and pushups, my friend were 95% of the reason I got down to 60 kgs from my formerly (some say big, but I say corpulent, hehe) 120 or thereabouts kilos.

And the results were so stunning that I shared them with the world in my training sessions, blog posts and emails – and people started raving about the effects pushups had on their overall health and fitness levels as well.

And now, I’ve decided to put all that knowledge into one course – – that being “Pushup Central” – – which will cover not one – not two – not three – but no less than 51 different ways of working the mighty pushup, my friend.

Contained in that “there” little manual will be MORE than enough information to keep even the most advanced of you trainees out there busy for a lifetime – – and I don’t just teach you how to do the exercises. I even include sample workouts at the end of the book – workouts that have been put through the GRINDER, literally speaking, by yours truly.

Workouts containing nothing other than the pushup – – workouts that build muscle and burn fat at the same time – and most of all – workouts that leave you feeling like a bazillion bucks at the end of it all.

This course should be out within the next couple of days – so be on the outlook for it!

And that, my friend is the heads up for now. If you workout today – make sure and do some pushups too.

As they say , once you …. you’ll never go back, hehe (NO pun intended in terms of the “pushes”!).


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. -By the way, I referred to “Gorilla Grip – TIPS!” in an email before, and THAT course is out now – – here is where you can grab it – – https://0excusesfitness.com/gorilla-grip-tips/

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