The old man I met in China – part TWO
- Workouts are indeed immortal

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Dear Reader,

As I sit here at home, drinking a nice hot cup of Java, after a healthy, nutritious meal, I got to thinking.

Thinking about just about nothing,actually. Often times you’ll see me (those close to me, at least) staring off into space seemingly with or for no reason – or lying down on bed, seemingly completely and utterly relaxed … again, for no apparent reason.

Thomas Edison once famously remarked “Ideas come out of space” – and while I ain’t an inventor, or close to it, I couldn’t agree more.

Inspiration does strike “out of thin air” if you’re doing things right – and so it has been with me and my writing – all my life!

And suddenly, as the entire of China (currently) is still battling the dreaded Coronavirus, an image popped into my mind – that of an old man – an old man I met in China, of all places in 2013 I believe (perhaps 2014).

More than five years ago, but first memories – and impressions – much like the impression my good friend and former Marine made upon me the first time we met – LAST a lifetime – and likely longer!

I wrote about this old man before, and it was (until date) – one of the (by far) most popular posts for my daily list. For those interested – check it out here.

For those not particularly interested in clicking over, here’s a brief recap – at that period, my hill workout consisted mostly of the routes with steps galore as opposed to the long, winding path which I now take in conjunction with the routes containing the steps.

It is the same one showing in Eat More – Weigh Less (boy, did little did I know that the hustle and bustle on that hill during Lunar New Year 2018 would be the exact opposite just a coupla years later – how time flies huh?!).

And while climbing the final 30% of the steps that tie into the route I just mentioned and go to the top, I saw a sprightly old man noticing me.

There was something about the dude – something about the way he was walking, climbing etc and though I normally do not do so, I nodded at him. Just had to.

At the end of the climb, this old man wasn’t out of breath as you might imagine. He looks to be around 50 – – and is actually over 75 at the time of writing this as I soon found out.

He engaged in a “super stretch” that stretches everything out in the body from calves to neck, and damn near the head as well. And then as if on auto-pilot, he goes over to the nearby wall – and turns himself upside down into a letter perfect handstand – and holds for 60 seconds straight, come hell, high water or rain (or was it the other way around, hehe).

He’s been following this same routine for years, mind you. If it’s summer, you’ll see him walking up the hill barefoot, and in winter, he changes into long pants and an overall and shoes.

In the rainy season, you’ll see him “armed” with an umbrella.

But much like me, no matter what, he doesn’t miss his daily walk.

During those times I used to be climbing in the late afternoons, which is when he undertook his daily climb, and still DOES, my friend.

I still remember the first day I met this man, and shook his hand – a rock solid grip and shoulders like boulders if there ever were any.

I still remember meeting him at odd occasions throughout the years. Over the years, this man has advanced in age, but has NOT given up his daily workout. In fact, even with the virus lockdowns etc I’m pretty sure he’s still at it – with a face mask on hehe – or chafing at the bit to be ALLOWED to be at it!

During the period I was working on the 0 Excuses Fitness book and videos, I did NOT do ANY hiking, instead relying upon my own workouts to get me in even better shape – and they di.

(side note  – everything I claim is tested by me FIRST before I send it over to you!)

And I often used to visit nearby areas at the time in the afternoon for assorted business – and I would remember this same old man gamely crossing a busy road, on his way to the HILL. I’d be waving at him through the windows – not sure if he noticed or not.

Today, as I sit here, remembering my favorite hill – – HIS image comes to mind.

HIS workout – and HIS handshake comes to mind – and if there ever was a true warrior in the game of “life”, it is him, my friend.

I hope he is safe wherever he is – likely IS – and I hope to see him again once the lockdowns (both official and unofficial) ease up!

And why do I feel compelled to tell you all this, my friend?

Well, because from a fitness perspective, this old man could teach us all – and certainly you “young whippersnappers out there” a much needed lesson, hehe.

I could tell you what – but as Napoelon Hill famously said in Think and Grow Rich, if I did, it would deprive you of the benefits you would get it if you discovered it yourself!

And on that note – it’s goodbye for the nonce, my friend.

I’ll be back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – “Eat More- Weigh Less” may have been a product conceptualized and filmed during Lunar New Year 208, but the workouts therein have been tested for years. Get your paws on it now – and jump into MY world, my friend – my bubble-  MY favorite training area (and it’ll become yours too!) – right now –

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