“You’re a goddamned survivor”
- .. and more on workouts that make you FEEL that way!

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Dear Reader,

A couple of months or so ago (this was back when I wasn’t as active on the 0 Excuses fitness biz as I should have been – mea culpa, and all that) I spoke a good friend of mine regarding some biz issues I was facing.

Actually it wasn’t so much just business as a combination of business – and life. Plenty of things going on at that point in time, and as I told my friend about these things, he paused – looked at me – and then laughed.

“Oh, Rahul. You’re a goddamned survivor!”

“You’ll come out of all this just fine!” was his only conclusion and believe it or not – I laughed too.

This was my buddy from the Marines – an ex-Marine at this point, but once a Marine always a Marine – and that never say die spirit was there on FULL DISPLAY that night when we spoke – and so it should be.

Troubles only overcome us if we LET them.

And my friend was spot on about the survivor part. One may face temporary difficulty in terms of surmounting a certain obstacle, but as Napoleon Hill said, once you get acquainted with your other self “never permanent defeat”.

That above bit was taken from “Outwitting the Devil” – – a great little short Hill read by the way, for those of you interested.

And true to form, Houdini like, now that I sit back and look upon the last few months – my buddy was right -and so was my gut – which kept telling me it was “temporary”.

Temporary it was – and so are all troubles – unless we let them overcome us.

And as I sit here in a darkened room, with NO light other than good ole SUNLIGHT streaming in through the windows, I remembered that comment.

.. and thought I’d share it with ya. That’s another reason I love my workouts as much as I do, by the way – if there ever were “survivor” workouts – these workouts are IT, my friend.

Believe me, when you get to the point of pumping out 500 pushups per day, everything else will seem like a joke.

Ditto for 50 plus handstand pushups per workout – 500 squats – a 100 pull-ups – and so forth. Once you get to those levels, you’ll find that “obstacles” melt away and you do what you previously thought unthinkable.

You’ll “escape” situations you never thought you would. You’ll look troubles in the eye and LAUGH – just like my buddy did the other night. And you’ll surmount said troubles – with NO issues whatsoever.

Down the line, you’ll look back and wonder “why was I ever reacting the way I did initially”?

Hindsight is always 20/20, of course, but on that note, this “survivor” was talking to an old college friend this morning, and he asked me what I thought of the COVID-19 virus going around, and whether everyone was over reacting.

Now, normally I don’t get pulled into these discussions as it seems everyone is either “here or there”.

Either “with us or against us” if you recall a certain “personality” uttering those same words a few years ago, and the same polarized point of view seems to be the case when I chat about the virus – or pretty much anything going on these days with most folks.

Some equate it to flu and say it’s no big deal.

Others panic and say the world is coming to an end.

And neither party is willing to take a deep breath and “meet in the middle”, hehe.

My own opinion is as follows – the virus is obviously far deadlier than the flu in terms of mortality rates etc. However as I’ve said before (and this is a key point most people tend to ignore for whatever reason) – it COULD have probably been easily contained HAD the authorities reported it when it was first discovered in Wuhan, China.

Now I’m not going to get into the whys and wherefores of “why it wasn’t reported” – – obviously not on this blog – – but the point is this – all the containment measures after this are basically a case of “trying to shut the doors after the horse long done bolted”.

The travel etc during that period (right before the Lunar New year) pretty much ensured that whoever had the virus either knowingly or unknowingly probably spread it wherever they went – – hence the mess now.

Additionally remember that this virus can apparently be spread by people  not having any symptoms, so – and again – overreaction?

I don’t know, my friend. Seems to be pretty much the only thing one can do at this point to try and contain the spread, although we’ll only be able to tell how effective those measures are once this pandemic is brought under control – hopefully soon.

Anyway, that’s another reason I love my workouts – especially my 0 Excuses Fitness workouts.

It’s a well known fact that a STRONG immune system is the BEST defense against this and most viruses – and there are few, if any workouts that give your immune system a tone up from the inside out, my friend – especially when contained with the DEEP BREATHING involved.

These workouts don’t just make you strong externally – they make you strong INTERNALLY.

They improve your health from the inside out – and C-virus or no – if there was a choice between “pumping and toning” – and sweating up a gallon and DEEP BREATHING – and getting STRONG as an ox as I did so – I know which choice I’d make! Hehe.

And that, my friend, is that for now. Longish email today I know, but there was a lot I had to “get off my chest”!

Back again later!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – We’ve been having server issues again, and the site appears to be a bit slow at times. If you’ve paid for a product, and are unable to download it for whatever reason – or if it’s slower than usual – then please get back to me and I’ll have it looked at asap.

P.S # 2 – Also, and on that note- make sure to grab a copy of Pushup Central my friend – it’s “flying off the shelves” as quickly as we can “restock them”. Nah, just kidding, hehe. Unlimited supply – and thats what I love about my online business. Coronavirus doesn’t impact it and neither do we need to cut down good ole TREES – unless you so choose, hehe. Get on the stick NOW.

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