Which one are YOU, my friend.
- Only YOU can decide!

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Oh boy! You’d think I started a tsunami or something … and based upon my recent predictions coming true, I best not say it, hehe.

But yeah, my last email.

About “Actions speaking louder than mere WORDS” … That email literally caused more than a FEW people to unsubscribe from this here list, and that’s why I’m writing to you – hehe.

Now bear in mind people join up and jump ship all the time. That ain’t my point – but the flood was what I did NOT expect, hehe, and yet, it’s a good thing – – and why?

Most of the people (actually, now that I check ALL) that unsubscribed have NEVER bought a product from me – and don’t plan on doing so either.

And a few “added to cart” and then never followed through – – a perfect example of what my last email told you NOT to do ,hehe, at least if you’re serious about FITNESS – and success – and success sin anything, to be honest.

Fortune doesn’t favor the BRAVE, my friend.

It favors the DOERS – – not the “on the fence” sitters – – or the “know it all’s” – – or the do nothing’s.

Fortune favors those that TAKE ACTION. That STEP up and take ACTION, should I say … much like a LOT OF YOU do both on this list and elsewhere, and for that I applaud you.

But again, and back to the question.

In terms of fitness, which one are YOU?

The one that claims “those books are too expensive” (and no, I’m NOT talking about buyers making rational decisions before purchasing here either).

The one that claims “I will buy your product” – but never does it?

The one that claims “Sure, we need to get fit”, but never bother actually following through?

Hey, it’s ok, my friend. People get ticked off for me saying it like it IS – – but the fact is this – – the vast MAJORITY of people  in this WORLD are NOT the doers.

They are the “sit on the sidelines” kind of people – – those that watch as life passes them by, and I’m sure that if you’re on this list – – you do NOT want to be counted on that list – – either in terms of fitness – or otherwise!

And that’s a good thing if so.

Last, but not least, check out what prior customers have said about VALUE when it comes to 0 Excuses Fitness products.

I’ve said in the past that I believe in overdelivering – – and UNDER promising – something which I advise everyone to do, and something which I believe in “practicing (what I “preach”)” as well.

People get great value from our products – and I’ve been told on occasion that for years and year of “brain picking” that goes into said products – the products are literally a STEAL for the price at which I’m offering them, hehe.

And again – back to the original question.

Which one are YOU, my friend?

Which side of the fence are YOU on?

Only you can decide – – but if I were you, I know what decision I’d take – pronto!

Rise – UP!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – The books on pushups and pull-ups are (amongst others) that have been getting rave reviews as of late – check ‘em out!

P.S #2 – The best investment you can make in life is your health and fitness. ‘nuff said, and I’ll have more on this subject in another missive – – stay tuned!

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