It felt like I was “breathing fire”
- Quite literally!

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So in this last (for now, at least, until I think of some more to share with you!) installment of “trips down memory lane, I’ll share with you another memory of the HILL I climbed daily.

And this time, I’ll share with you a memory that stuck in my mind – quite literally so – even though I only did this particular workout (or should I say, at this time) for a few months.

It was during summer in 2005 in China, and it was HOT back then.

Boy oh boy, I remember the A/C running all day – that was back when we actually HAD four seasons as opposed to the mess things have become NOW …

The sun would literally show up in all its fury starting around 830 or so, and around 11 or thereabouts – – you’d find the parks, and indeed streets etc – – all deserted, so hot was it.

In fact, a short and simple walk – – on plain ground – – would leave you drenched in sweat – – so hot was it outdoors!

And one man – – a “crazy foreign devil”, as the Chinese put it, hehe would step outside to get a workout in.

Yes, a workout. At that time of the day.

I’d start off from home around 11, and I’d reach the park around 11:15. Now bear in mind, the park had trees, as did the hill, but that didn’t necessarily make things easier.

I still remember my rental agent asking me “Isn’t it cooler there in the park with that many trees”?

Well in theory – maybe. In reality – especially when you were exercising out there – NO!

I’d take the steps up .. .and as I’d go up, believe me, it would be painful at times in that heat.

I remember a good friend of mine Rueben once tell me “Be careful! You might get sunstroke out there, or worse!”

And as I’d approach THAT massive, IMPOSING row of STEEP STAIRS I’d speak about so often, it was CRUNCH TIME.

I’d pause a minute.

I’d take a deep breath.

I’d psyche myself up, as if I were preparing for a world lift.

And off I’d go .. UP the stairs and I still remember the ladies that worked in the convenience store (at the time, there was one little bitty store) at the top of the hill, or near it, at any rate giggle as they saw the foreign devil struggle up the stairs from the relative “comfort” of their storefront.

Was it pleasant while I did it?

Heck no.

Was the walk back easier, you ask?

Hell no – – because it was around noon when I made my way back home – – and you have NOT felt “real sun” as yet if you haven’t felt what sub tropical sun at that time felt like, hehe.

It was so hot and muggy that I’d literally feel like I was “breathing in hot coals and fire” with each breath. Literally!

I can still feel the heat in my chest as I type this out, all those years later!!

But it got me in great, great shape – – and again, the feeling of accomplishment when I arrived back home – – well, it was INDESCRIBABLE.

As I turned on the A/C, and took a shower – well – I was AWARE – very AWARE – that it was another great one in the books – done in a style that few would ever think possible, let alone actually DO, hehe.

And that, my friend – is what it’s really all about!

Maybe I’ll write more about the hill in these daily musings. Or maybe I’ll write about my SWIM workouts back in college – that while they didn’t quite get me in the GREAT shape I wanted – DID give me the six pack I wanted back then, hehe.

Stay tuned for that one!

In the meantime, don’t forget to crack off your pushups and squats, my friend – – and if you’re reading this – – well INSPIRATION to do ‘em shouldn’t be an issue whatsoever!

I’ll see you on the “other side”!

Rahul Mookerjee

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