“That’s great! Are you in the military?”
- Indeed one of those comments that rang TRUE!

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An email or so ago I believe I wrote about a lady I was recently chatting with, and her approach to her (very well planned) day.

Written goals for the day, and all chalked out in terms of TIME (one hour blocks) – she’s a lawyer though, which explains the methodical approach in part.

Mine is different, of course, but that’s not what I want to talk about today!

Years ago, in 2004 I believe (and I said this in my last comm to you as well) I used to hike a hill – – but do so LATE at night.

During a period there even did it at the heat of NOON – when the sun was at it’s ZENITH – and I still remember my heart literally trying to pound its way out of my chest, and it felt like I was “breathing fire” – – quite literally!

Anyway, at that point I worked a full time job from which I’d get home rather late on occasion.

I’d get home at 7 – sip a cup of green tea – which was a change I made back then (I used to drink a ton of coffee when in the U.S., but switched to green tea after being posted to China, and never looked back), and then head on to the hill for my workout.

I’d take the steps up one way – – and I’d take the “long sloping” path down.

This seemed to give me the best workout back then – – note, of course, that was before I started to climb it twice – and then thrice – and then more – at which point it literally stopped being a challenging workout, hehe.

It would be about 9 or so by the time I got back home.

Remember, this hill was a 10-15 walk back and forth, so you gotta factor that in too, along with the 25-30 minutes or so it took to climb the hill, and then the 12-15 it took to descend.

The lights would be on full blast, of course at that time, so there was no need to bring my old trusty Nokia phone along, hehe. Note those were the days before dumbphones were all the rage …

Upon getting back home I’d drink a bottle of water straight up.

Remember, this is Southern China we are referring to, and it was HOT AND HUMID (we actually HAD four seasons back then as opposed to NOW) … and the sweat would POUR off me as I climbed.

In fact I wouldn’t be lying to tell you I was SOAKED in sweat by the end of that hike – all over – as if I had got drenched in a torrential downpour (which often happened too – but that’s another story!).

And then I’d do bear crawls, pushups, pull-ups (I had a chinning bar at home) – – and finally call it a day- – before settling down to a … well, NOT so healthy meal in many regards – – pizza, if I recall right, but I’d have a bit more green tea before that (and beer on occasion as well!).

And that was as real as it got – – and when I mentioned this routine to Brooks Kubik, he of the bench press drug free (was it the other way around, hehe) RECORD – he had this to say.

“That’s great! Are you in the military?”

And shortly thereafter, my workout was featured in his newsletter – – and the rest, as they say, was history, hehe.

So that was my workout back in the day – – and a very pleasant trip down memory lane as well.

Note too that that was the time SARS was spreading like wildfire across the globe, but did we see the PANIC we see today?

Not a chance, my friend. Not a chance, and on that note – and getting back to it – if you have an inspirational workout like this to share with me – – let me know – – and I’ll “return the favor” if I might say so – – and feature YOU in my newsletter all these years later!

And that’s that for now. Be back soon!

Rahul Mookerjee

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