Man caves, those that inhabit them and man BOOBS
- Do those that inhabit the first have the last? Find out!

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Well, well well.

I’ve been getting some interesting responses to my “wolf” emails – some funny, some “provoking” and some downright RETARDED.

One fine gentleman emailed me saying “you’re talking rubbish”.

Well, he didn’t word it that way – but that’s what he meant, hehe.

I haven’t yet made my response to him “public”, but I WILL – be on the outlook for this, but in the meantime …

…and more on the topic of my Uncle up in Connecticut (or wherever he may be now, hehe) …

Oh, and I just read that Donald Trump has “temporarily” barred immigration – – stressing the word in quotes.

I’m pretty sure this ain’t got squat to do with his re-election … despite what the naysayers NEIGH, hehe. I really think he had to buckle down under pressure – temporarily – and knowing ole Donald, a trick is ALWAYS up his sleeve – watch out for what happens NEXT, hehe.

Anyway, back to the “wolf like days”, and fast forward to a time in my life I was working in India – – and doing rather well apparently.

Yup, it was THAT job. You got it!

And after I quit that job due to reasons explained in the book (and reasons YOU TOO DO NEED TO READ if you’re a business owner of any sort that actually hires employees) … well, I was doing web development out of my bedroom on a full time basis.

Something that was not looked upon kindly by most people, family included (any surprise there?? I’ve often said that friends and family can indeed be the biggest energy leaks in your life, either willingly or unwillingly).

And my Uncle made this comment –

“Man, you really need to expand and go big”

He continued … “You have two choice here”.

“One, do this from your cave, and continue to do so.”

“And two, take it big. Open an office – and make more and more money as you do so!”

Now, before you jump up and down and “pre-guess” my response to him, hold on.

His #2 suggestion was actually a great one, not so much in practical terms, because being a WOLF is what I’m cut out for – not an office worker – – but in terms of making more money, and the intent behind what he said – – hey, I’ll all in agreement.

Many ways to skin a cat, and from what the rest of the family says, this dude has apparently made enough money to last not one, but THREE lifetimes, but he’s done it in a way reverse to what you or I (assuming we are WOLVES, hehe) would have – – and hey, that’s perfectly fine.

There are many ways to skin that cat, as I’ve always said.

Results count, and more power to Uncle for doing what he has, and suggesting what he did, but, and here is the point – – and I did NOT know this back then, or I would have said it (well, I knew it, and actually did have a blog even back then, but I was shy as a dormouse, and …)

(That blog done disappeared by now, I’m sure. IT’s NOT the old site … it was another domain, and it’s a pity, but I did not have the posts backed up either. Ah well, hindsight is always 20/20. Things happen for a reason. And so forth!)

Anyway, what I would have said, and what I’m saying now is this.

What if there were a way to marry the two?

Work out of your bedroom – – like a wolf in a CAVE – – a darkened one at that – – and make a ton of moolah while doing so?

Believe me, it’s very doable. It takes work yes initially, but it takes PATIENCE more than anything else to be honest – – and yes, anyone can do it if they just OPEN THEIR MINDS UP and just do it.

Trouble is, that is too much trouble for most people to do, certain wolves included, hehe.

Anyway, a common refrain amongst those working from home, or those forced to (remember Candice and her story of weight gain??) stay indoors is obviously weight gain … and for men, the MAN BOOBS are usually what happens the first along with an expanding bottom and obviously the mid section.

Good news though is it don’t have to be that way my friend.

You can get the best workouts of your life while in “wolf” mode – – in rapid quick time – – and for those that don’t believe me, I understand, and no, I ain’t gonna try and convince you otherwise either.

Can take a horse to water as it were, but can’t make it drink, hehe, and the same holds true for wolves most likely.

But I will say this – man CAVE does NOT equate to man BOOBS, and on that note – – well – – I’ll howl you be!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Candice actually ended up losing 3 kgs at home. Whether or not my pep talk helped or not I know NOT – but she did it with diet – – something I’ll talk about in the next email or so, and something I noticed right off the bat, hehe, along with the reason.

P.S #2 – Oh and you wolves that love pushups, we have got just the THING for you …

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