“Trumper to the core” … and more!
- .. and what I ain't, lol.

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So in response to one of my last posts (I believe it was a while ago though) I received the following response.

“Trumper to the core”, for sure!

I think we were discussing the … ah, I remember now – the current COVID madness going on.

And while all I was really posting about was “precautions not panic” and in support of opening businesses up rather than let economies around the globe stagnate, this dude wasn’t in favor of that, and launched a rebuttal.

Most of the rebuttal didn’t really contain any facts … none pertinent to the discussion at any rate. And the discussion finished off in a private conversation, being that for whatever reason I broke one of my cardinal rules and actually GOT into a social media discussion contest (or you could say “semi pissing” contest, hehe).

And it just goes to show that one can have different political views and still be civil to each other. Dude still takes digs at me daily from what I notice, but all good, hehe – he’s a good man and plus as I said in the last email … ?

But anyway, more than click bait which is probably what some people will accuse the headline of this HERE email being, pause and think about it for a minute.

Yes, I love Donald Trump, but the reason isn’t what you, or most people might think.

It ain’t so much his politics or his brash style – yes, I DO support his politics (to me its just plain ole common sense, amazingly lacking all around the globe apparently in terms of leadership with the notable exception of Australia and a few other nations such as Germany) and his style – – close to my own heart as it were, but that ain’t the only reason.

I still remember what my buddy King Kong … OK, not King Kong, but the closest human equivalent to King kong out there, hehe, him from the Marines once told me over a coupla beers while we were discussing politics.

And Donald’s brash, brutally honest style.

“Donald Trump would probably trump me hands down in a “say like it is” contest”, I think I remember saying.

“Not so fast”, laughed my friend. “It would be tight, and a contest for sure!”

I’ll try to find the exact blog post detailing that (for a few chuckles), but back to it … NO, that is NOT the main reason I love Trump.

Two main reasons actually.

One being that his heart is indeed in the right place. It shows, my friend – and two … he truly is a MASTER of the game – the MARKETING game as it were, and take this to the bank when I say it – that is NOT an accolade I give out easily, or at all!

I can probably count on the fingers of one hand people that would even begin to qualify for said accolade, and while MASTERY is something that doesn’t just extend to politics, ‘tis true.

In 0 Excuses Fitness I devote an entire Chapter to MASTERY of a certain exercise, and how most men (you ladies out there ain’t exempt either, hehe) do NOT master any exercise in its entirety – or even close.

I wrote about how even mastering the REGULAR ole pushup can take a lifetime, and even then …

And ole Donald would likely be the first to admit that he isn’t a Master of the Game as well. I don’t know the man obviously, but I bet you my bottom dollar or RMB, hehe, that’s what he’d say, and it’s a fact that we are ALL always in learning mode – or should be.

Anyway, enough of being a proud “Trumper”.

Let’s go over a few things I’m NOT (at the core!) –

  • I’m NOT a puffer and buffer at the core
  • Neither am I a buffet molester
  • I ain’t no pansy ass “preener and weener” (sp!) at the local meatheads Central, hehe.
  • I ain’t a pumper and toner. Never was, never will be.
  • I ain’t a movie star to the core, and certainly not a T.V star (was that the other way around?)
  • I aint’ an A-hole at the core (surprise, surprise!)

And more.

Did I piss most of you off as yet? LOL.


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Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Learn, grasshopper, LEARN … when someone is a Master of the Game so much that he managed to get elected as President of the nation despite half of his own party being against him – well – he’s got something going – I’ll give him that much!

P.S #2 – If you’re into puffing, buffing, looking pretty, measuring your waist to see how “slim” it looks, extreme dieting, fad diets, the ridiculous lat pulldown machine at the gym etc etc – well, 0 Excuses Fitness ain’t for you. No way, Jose. For those of you interested in the real deal though – interested in REAL strength that’ll have the average puffer and buffer’s eyes GOGGLING within the space of a few seconds – well – check out Shoulders like Boulders right here – – https://0excusesfitness.com/shoulders-like-boulders/

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