“Rahul, what is the best exercise to reduce belly fat?”
- ... and then he went SILENT ....

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So this morning, I was talking to a dude who I first met way back in 2018.

A dude who saw me doing pull-ups out in the park, and a dude that seemed pretty friendly (well but to be honest I was my usual cranky self right off the bat when I was interrupted mid workout, hehe).

He asked me something about pull-ups – I can’t quite remember, and my blunt response was “why”, as it immediately brought back memories of Chinese badgering me for selfies and other inane requests during my workouts.

I’ve written about it here, I believe … so those interested can check it out, but long story short, this dude is a friendly enough guy, and I often gave him tips etc on how to improve his pull-ups when I was working out.

He tried for a couple of days, but then GAVE up, and I wrote about it here too.

And no, this ain’t about calling him a quitter or anything – ‘tis just sad though that people don’t STICK with what they start both life wise, business wise and fitness wis.

I’ve written about this before, but persistence is key, my friend – – and never more so than during the initial stages of anything when you’re still forming a daily HABIT.

Do something for 21 days straight whether you like it or NOT, and you’ll find yourself automatically gravitating to said thing, and getting better at it.

Amazingly simple. FREE advice too, for those of you that choose to TAKE IT and IMPLEMENT it, and yet, I’m positive the majority of people reading this will “ho hum” their way through this. Some might even hit “unsubscribe” for me saying it like it is, hehe.

And while this dude is a great guy, I’ve been asking him some questions as of late, and he never seems to give me a direct answer.

Again, all good – but he asked me today about the best exercises to reduce belly fat.

“My answer would be to buy Corrugated Core”, I responded, and with good reason.

“And of course, drink less. Which during the lockdown in India shouldn’t be an issue. Hell, you should have lost weight anyway during the lockdown. I heard they’re not even allowing shops selling NON-VEGETARIAN items to open!”

And at this point, remember we’re talking about the India lockdown that I’ve spoken so often about.

Four hours (or less according to this dude) for a complete and total lockdown. No alcohol sales. No sale of non-vegetarian food. As I sit here typing the above two, I’m shaking my head in disbelief.

I’ve traveled all over the world, and cannot for the life of me FATHOM what good either one of the above two would do. I mean, if you want folks to stay at home – at least give them a good incentive to do so!

Sure, I’d give people the incentive of EXERCISE. Losing WEIGHT, specially around the BELLY. And midsection.

But being people are LAZY in general, exercise is the last thing they’ll want to do during the lockdown.

They’ll piss and moan, complain about Facebook, do everything EXCEPT make PRODUCTIVE use of the time they’ve been given, and that ain’t just me saying it – it’s a fact.

And so .. makes no sense, not to me at least. If it does to you, write back and let me know, hehe.

Anyway, so then I went on.

“Actually, you should buy the 0 Excuses Fitness System first. Basic system” (this upon “crickets” after I asked him to purchase the initial product).

Hey, he asked me what exercises to do to reduce belly fat!

Crickets – – again. When I last checked, I can no longer see his profile picture, so I can only assume he blocked me, hehe.

And so it goes, my friend. It’s no wonder that this person hasn’t either lost weight or gotten better at pull-ups – and on that note, he ain’t the only one. Tons of people have the same mentality, and hey, if that’s you- fair enough. I ain’t gonna try and change it, but I will tell you this …

… 0 Excuses Fitness is NOT for you in that case.

If you ask me questions about fitness, then I WILL ask you to invest in my System, because that is the RIGHT THING TO DO!

And that’s about as simple as it gets, my friends.

For those interested, here is where you can go

Watch the fat FLY off, hehe.

And that’s it for now. Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Those in the know that I’m perfectly willing to bend over backwards for CUSTOMERS that DO THE THING … but if you’re not willing to take the first step – then sorry, I can’t help you pally. And no, no freebies either, hehe. Just thought I’d say that once again.

P.S #2 – Oh, as for Corrugated Core – here is the link for this splendid, FAT BURNER of a course INCARNATE …

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