The case AGAINST video
- ... marketing, or not!

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A lot of people have asked me about my thoughts on video marketing, and how to incorporate it into their selling … or marketing, and I’ve given them my thoughts.

But as I see this video crazed world – – really, give the average person a video and he’ll stop what he is doing just to watch a few seconds of some moronic (or perhaps NOT) video … and give that same person a book, or a paragraph to read, and despite his claims to the contrary guess what – that book will never get read.

Or written, for that matter!

Anyway as I see folks around me all going crazy for video – – as I see the “pundits” predict that by 2021, more than 95% of marketing will be video marketing … and as I see every Tom, Dick and Harry rack up followings on Youtube and so forth, my thought is this.


An old Chinese saying goes such, “A Strength overextended becomes a WEAKNESS”.

And when you look at the VAST MAJORITY of those that spend all their time on videos, you’ll notice this to be true. More than 99 percent of the time, once you get past the videos (IF they’re interesting and most ain’t) … there is NO product, or nothing good at any rate to sell.

In many cases there isn’t even a service. They’re “making it up as they go along”, and don’t get me wrong – if that works for some folks, well and good, but is it the best way in my opinion? NO.

I’ve been well known for having controversial opinions, saying it like it IS – and I’ll say something that will probably cause most of you to laugh.

That being this. Video marketing ain’t all it’s trumped up to be, and b) it will NOT become as important as the pundits claim it will.

I do believe that while a small fraction of us right now (like yours truly) will hardly ever watch a video (unless they really feel it has value) and would rather read everything under the sun .. that is right NOW.

Given the information overload we are all faced with, I believe that eventually, people will go back to doing what people did in the old days – actually READ – and start WRITING too, hehe.

If you can condense your thoughts into a video, or while SAYING something – great. Kudos.

But there is a skill to actually putting those thoughts down on PAPER in a way the reader can understand – and empathsize with – and that is what yours truly does my friend.

It’s a skill anyone can learn and it’s a skill I’ve used to make MONEY … and it’s a skill YOU CAN learn too, and use for whatever purpose you so desire.

Contact me here in case you’re interested, but one last thing before I “lop off”, hehe.

In terms of marketing, do what you’re BEST at.

Work to your STRENGTHS, not against it.

Lots of people aren’t comfortable making videos, and if that’s you, no problem. Do text. Audio. Or emails. Or even selling via CARTOONS (yes, that IS possible!) … or whatever media you so choose.

Do so in a way that YOU are comfortable with, and that play to your strengths – and you’ll quickly lern one old truism of marketing … that being the media doesn’t matter. YOU matter and how you PUT YOURSELF across matters.

And that’s about as bluntly as I can put it, hehe.

Last, but not least, do I watch videos? Rarely, if ever. Even if it’s something useful, I’d rather READ the transcript of the interview, and then move on to other things to apply what I learned.

Watching videos, unless it’s people I admire and like, is for me a massive ENERGY DRAIN, period. By the end of that 15 minute video all you’ve done is give the other person a like and perhaps a boost by following him or her, but for yourself?

Precisely ZERO, my friend.

My friends keep sending me YouTube videos etc to watch, and how many do I watch? Precisely NONE, my friend, because to me, there ain’t nothing that can be covered in a video that cannot be put down into paper – to be read in less time – so one can actually, God Forbid, DO something with that knowledge!

Anyway, you survivors out there know what I mean, hehe. You TRUE survivors I should say!

And on that note, it’s off with me. Back again soon!


Rahul  Mookerjee

P.S. – And don’t get me wrong. There are certain ventures in which pictures and videos do help a lot more – one of my OWN ventures so to speak, but WRITING is still KING even there, my friend. Trust me. End of the day, WRITTEN products ALONG with video are what sell the MOST, and the former is the most important. But yes, there ARE times I’ve deemed video necessary – and for one of those “unique” times – well – go ahead and grab the 0 Excuses Fitness System – and you’ll see why, hehe.

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