The toilet that overflowed, and the importance of GOOD MEMORIES . . .
- And no - I don't mean the former was a good one, hehe!

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A few emails back I wrote about the “magic power that got me into super shape” (or was responsible for doing so) … and how that “magic power”, or what I’d like to call my other self mysteriously and oh-so-effectively materialized (seemingly out of nowhere) in late 2015.

The power truly drove me to accomplish things I never thought I could, and without trying, seemingly … but it was preceded by one thing.

The occurrence in 2015, I hear you say, that you spoke about. What else?

Well, yes, that … but today as a friend of mine Percie sent me a message, something suddenly clicked in my mind, and words that were spoken years ago came flooding back as if they were yesterday …

“It may or may not last, but whatever happens, the memories will be good for both of us”

This said while I was sitting in a car driving to Guangxi province in Southern China (or was it Guizhou, hehe) – my FIRST drive in the mainland … and let me tell you right now, there is a LOT more to this that I’m NOT going to type here. Was quite the adventure for many reasons …

Anyway, those words were spoken in 2015, and at the time I didn’t think much of them, but they tie into what I keep saying about visualizing positive memories FIRST before visualizing your new goals for those of you that have a mind open enough to believe in this.

ALL of visualize, whether we know it or not. If we’re thinking in “words” – well – guess what. You’re visualizing even then, my friend.

Let’s take the case of the word “friend”.

Utter it to yourself several times.

Whats the feeling that comes over you?

A “friendly”  feeling I’m sure, and when you say “friend”, the first thing you think of “visually” is … well, a friend!

This might sound like an absurdly simple way of stating a fact, but it’s TRUE.

Visualization is what causes what we WANT in our life to materialize – and whether we do it consciously or not is not the point – the point here is that we all have to “picture” what we want repetitively before we finally do get it.

Anyway, it didn’t last way back in 2015 … but this morning, I saw a message in my Inbox from Percie who was asking for a video of a trip to Southern Florida WAY WAY back in the day … swimming with the manatees in Crystal Springs as it were.

Gentle giants if there ever were any, and it was a most enjoyable trip right down to the beer drinking … midnight snacking, early in the AM waking up and struggling to get my (then) corpulent self into a dive suit … and of course, most of all, the toilet that overflowed in the Indian-owned motel we stayed at for the night.

And when it overflowed, we reported it to the front desk, and what did the genial lady at reception do?

She handed us a plunger and told us “Oh, you can just use this”.

Words fail me, even now. LOL!

Anyway, point of me saying this …

With everything the world is going through right now, and the doom and gloom spread all around, the environment of fear and panic so thick you can almost feel it, the frustration levels so palpable all around us, that what WE ALL need MORE THAN ANYTING ELSE right now is to think of good things.

Good occurences.

To be GRATEFUL – for what we DO HAVE at this point in time, no matter how little or not.

And when crafting our own goals for the future, to bring POSITIVE memories and good memories into our minds so we light our brains up with happy vibes FIRST before we start visualizing the future!

Do this first thing in the day before you do your workout, my friend – ideally for a space of a quiet 10-15 minutes UNDISTURBED.

Then sit back and watch your day unfold …

I bet you my bottom “RMB” there’ll be plenty of surprises for you throughout the day … and all that are propelling you along the path to what you DO want as opposed to what you don’t!

Think good – FEEL good – and then, my friend- get after it!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Note too that physical exercise, and a regular dose of the same is integral to keeping your SPIRITS up – energy levels up – and most of all, keep the GOOD vibes going. And yes, getting in a great workout is easy even in 15 minutes or less. I teach you how to do so in the 0 Excuses Fitness System which you can grab right here – –

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